Within Your Eyes

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It was yet another weekend. At a day like this, Yu Lei Entertainment officially hung their signboard on their building in a low-profile manner, right opposite Yu Lei International’s main building at the city centre of Zhonghai.

Even when done this way, it was highly reported in the press. During the press conference, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie showed their faces, while only Yang Chen’s name appeared as the director of the company.

In the press conference, Wang Jie briefly explained the company’s future developments, and announced the signing of several well-known models from the modeling department of Yu Lei International. In the future, they’d participate in variety shows and video making as artists.

From start to finish, Yang Chen, the theoretical leader hadn’t shown himself up, making the outside world extremely curious. Most employees in Yu Lei International knew who Yang Chen was, they found it unbelievable that the legendary unproductive fellow managed to become the director of the new company. The position was even higher than department heads in the company.

However, Yang Chen himself hadn’t had the slightest reaction, so everything developed in a monotonous manner in the awkward situation.

Saturday morning, Yang Chen had a good appetite as usual, he ate more than half the table of foods that Wang Ma prepared, making Wang Ma so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth. At the same time, Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes.

“Are you a pig? Won’t you get indigestion eating this much?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“If I’m a pig, you’d be a sow,” Yang Chen replied.

Ignoring Yang Chen’s statement, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Have you thought about the company’s development yet? The actual project will be carried out soon.”

“Are you nervous now? If you knew this would happen, why did you insist on doing it back then?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“I, Lin Ruoxi, never do anything that I’d regret. I’m only asking you a simple question as your superior,” Lin Ruoxi said as she frowned.

“In the short term, I’ll maybe get other companies to partner up and invest in us before planning some projects. However, I heard from Wang Jie that we’d need to sign some artists to expand the company’s resources and fame. So I guess we’re not in a rush,” Yang Chen said.

“You heard from Wang Jie? How about your own thoughts?” Lin Ruoxi asked, dissatisfied.

“My intention is to avoid losing money,” Yang Chen answered.

Clenching her teeth, Lin Ruoxi’s delicate face showed tolerance. After drinking the last mouthful of porridge in the bowl, she stood up before turning around, wanting to go upstairs.

Yang Chen sighed. “Are you going to the study room again?”

“Can’t I do that?” Lin Ruoxi stopped walking.

“It’s Saturday today. Look outside, although it’s rather cold, the sky is so sunny. Why bother staying in a room to work? There’s much more in life than work,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi smiled coldly. “I’m not free like you. I need to review lots of documents and analyse various reports. You are welcome to enjoy life yourself!”

“It’s really harmful to your body this way. You’re fine now since you’re still young. In the future, you’ll start to feel the consequences,” Yang Chen said with a serious expression.

Lin Ruoxi stopped replying as she turned around and proceeded upstairs.

Pouting, Yang Chen left his seat and rushed up the stairs, passing Lin Ruoxi and arriving at the study room. He blocked Lin Ruoxi from entering the room.

“What are you doing? Go away!” Lin Ruoxi shouted.

“Babe Ruoxi, I think you shouldn’t work now. I ate a lot of food just now and feel very full. Go to the gym with me, training can make your body look more perfect,” Yang Chen said before winking at her.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stair. “Not interested, go away.”

Yang Chen sighed. “If you don’t listen to my advice, I’ll have to take action.”

Lin Ruoxi said angrily, “Are you going to beat me?!”

“Why would I beat you…” Yang Chen let out a naughty laugh. Suddenly turning around, his hands reached out to Lin Ruoxi’s back and thighs, instantly lifting her up horizontally!

Lin Ruoxi got stunned as she subconsciously wrapped Yang Chen’s neck with her arms to get stability. However, she felt that this position was too intimate after a short while. Her face was so near to Yang Chen’s cheek that they almost touched. When Yang Chen lowered his head, the two pairs of eyes looked into each other!

“You... You…” Lin Ruoxi got frightened. Since they got married, Yang Chen hadn’t touched her without permission before. Now that they got so intimate out of the blue, she stammered and couldn’t say anything.

Carrying Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen strode to the gym. In this huge bungalow, there had been a gym and a swimming pool since the start, which no one ever used.

“You should’ve listened to me obediently, but you wanted me to carry you over so badly,” Yang Chen said as he shook his head.

Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks reddened. She wanted to resist but she was afraid of falling onto the ground. Shutting her alluring eyes, her heart was pounding as she felt Yang Chen’s pair of burning-hot hands wrapped around her body. A weird feeling started to appear, causing her mind to fall into chaos. She didn’t know what happened to herself.

Upon entering the gym, Yang Chen placed the stiff Lin Ruoxi down. Lin Ruoxi slightly staggered as she almost lost balance and fell.

Locking the gym, Yang Chen guarded the door with his arms crossed as he looked at Lin Ruoxi who was still unconscious. “Look for an equipment and train obediently. When I feel like the volume is enough, you’ll be allowed to leave by then.”

Lin Ruoxi finally recovered from trance. Irritated, she shouted, “How can you treat me this way? This is my house! Why should I listen to you?!”

Yang Chen pouted. “You seem like you haven’t learned your lesson. Do you possibly want me to carry you again?”

Lin Ruoxi immediately took three steps back as she looked at Yang Chen cautiously. Her reflective eyes showed grievance and objection as well as helplessness. Since she was raised exceptionally well, Lin Ruoxi didn’t know how she was supposed to scold Yang Chen though she was extremely pissed. She could only pant out of anger as she stared at him.

“My great wife, I’m not forcing you to drink poison. It’s just a simple training for your body. Look, there’s so many equipment here, more than enough to train from head to toe. Isn’t it a waste if nobody uses them?” Yang Chen said smilingly. “Dear, are you possibly clueless on how to use these equipment? Do you want me to teach you hand-by-hand?”

When Lin Ruoxi heard ‘hand-by-hand’, her heart shook as her cheeks reddened once again.

Is this bad guy going to do something more embarrassing than hugging me?!

Lin Ruoxi got frightened. Pouting, she walked to a treadmill nearby angrily like a little girl.

“Yang Chen, you’ll regret treating me this way…” Lin Ruoxi felt like she was too embarrassed. She couldn’t help but to say something back.

Yang Chen didn’t put it in his heart at all. Walking to Lin Ruoxi’s side, he reached out to press the ‘Add Speed’ button a few times.

The speed of the treadmill got really fast soon, forcing Lin Ruoxi to start jogging.

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