The Strongest Organism

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It definitely wasn’t easy to arrange shelter, food and work for the 12 Sea Eagles members. Although all of them were very adaptable, Rose as the host felt she had to try her best to make them feel at home.

So, after Molin and the others placed their luggages in their own rooms, they started talking to Rose about their needs in detail.

Yang Chen looked at Rose who was chatting with the teammates happily. Although she often required translation, the result was surprisingly well. Very quickly, Rose started getting comfortable with the bunch of people.

When they almost finished their conversation, a member of Red Thorns Society rushed up from downstairs to make a report, saying that there was a self-proclaimed mineral water truck parked outside the building, and they required manpower to move the items.

Such late at night, who would believe that the truck was here to deliver mineral water?

Molin and the others glanced at each other and nodded, indicating acknowledgement. Molin said, “Your Majesty Pluto, seems like our equipment is delivered here.”

Yang Chen smiled, satisfied. Turning to Rose, he said, “Dear, help me arrange a hidden basement for them to work in. The place needs to be rather wide, so that those equipment can be put inside.”

“Equipment? What equipment?” Rose asked, confused.

“Oh, the ‘mineral water’ in the truck. I asked someone ship them here from overseas using some special channel. With them, only can our members of the Sea Eagles truly perform,” Yang Chen said.

“Is it possibly the most advanced firearms…” Rose asked as her eyes shone. The violence in her body seemed like it started burning.

Molin and the others quickly waved their hands. “Miss Rose, we don’t plan to use firepower in China this time. We’re just following His Majesty’s order, for some investigation and detection work.”

“Oh…” Rose said, disappointed.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Isn’t this important? It was fortunate that you informed me on time earlier, otherwise the troublesome fellows would’ve harmed my family members. I summoned Sea Eagles over to prevent something like that from happening again. With their professional skills, we can nicely control the entire situation. At the very least, no one would be allowed to take advantage of the circumstances. We’d notice every minor action in Zhonghai.”

Pouting, Rose gave Yang Chen a sour look. “So everything’s done for the queen in the palace. The people you asked over… are all taken care by me.”

Ashamed, Yang Chen said, “This… Babe, these people will be under your control from now on. They’ll also be responsible of giving you protection and help you train elites, pushing your men to have the power of a top-notch army in the special forces. What do you think?”

Rose pouted as she rolled her eyes. “For real?”

“Of course.” Yang Chen nodded.

Rose finally smiled happily. If it wasn’t for the presence of this many people, she would’ve pulled Yang Chen’s neck and given him a kiss.

After settling the arrangements, Yang Chen and Rose bade farewell to Molin and the others. Starting tomorrow, Molin’s team would officially start working.

Having this small team stay in Zhonghai, Yang Chen could feel much at ease.

Arriving at ground floor, Rose looked at Yang Chen with her reflective, big eyes. “Are you still going back to sleep?”

“Back to where?” Yang Chen asked with an evil smile.

“What do you think?”

“I won’t be going back tonight, it’s rather late already,” Yang Chen said before looking at the half moon. “I’ll just go to your place and rest for a while.”

“Yeah, I feel so too,” Rose said with a smile. “If you went back this late, you would be exhausted.”

After around half an hour, Yang Chen and Rose returned to the large bedroom behind Rose Bar.

Since he hadn’t been intimate with Rose for quite a while, Yang Chen had been feeling a fire burning within since he drove. Now that the air was filled with the thick fragrance, he couldn’t hold back anymore and hugged Rose quickly as his hands rubbed her back and her raised hip before starting to kiss intensely.

Rose choked before breaking away from Yang Chen’s hug. With her face reddened, she said, “Bathe first. You need to bathe as well.”

“Why do you need to care so much during winter?” Yang Chen felt like some steps could be skipped.

“No, we have to clean ourselves first!” Women all prefered cleanliness as compared to men.

Yang Chen didn’t say much and rushed into the bathroom. After simply running his body with water, he wore a white bathrobe and quickly jumped onto the bed. Feeling energetic, he waited Rose to finish bathing.

Before long, Rose came out from the steaming-hot bathroom as she wiped her hair. Her body was wrapped with a white towel, revealing two hemispheres of her firm bosom. The cleavage in between seemed like an abyss that tempted people to sin.

Yang Chen gulped as he stared at Rose rubbing her black hair with her pair of white and smooth arms extended to the back. She walked over with an elegant posture, immediately making Yang Chen’s little junior stand up to pay respect.

Rose acted like she saw nothing. Slowly, she climbed up the bed and gently lied on Yang Chen’s chest. Her body exerted the fragrance from the bath combined with her natural scent. The mixed, sweet taste heavily stimulated Yang Chen’s nerves, causing him to lose control over the violent blaze.

“Can we start now?” Yang Chen reached out to touch Rose’s pink and delicate face. The texture made him unwilling to let go.

Rose acted like she didn’t understand. “Start what?” she asked with a naive expression.

Yang Chen smiled weirdly. “Start doing what you love doing of course…”

“Humph,” Rose hummed charmingly. Flipping around, she laid her soft fineness on Yang Chen’s belly and touched his thigh with her palm before drawing circles with a finger on his flesh.

“What do I love to do…”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “You love…”

“Stupid!” Rose scolded smilingly before raising her head. Using the tip of her pink tongue, she left a wet trail on Yang Chen’s chest.

Yang Chen’s excitement peaked. Turning around, he pressed Rose down.

The two recklessly got into heat in the bedroom, releasing the long-accumulated yearning and desire altogether.

Drenched in sweat, they finally stopped moving after quite a while. Rose’s sore and soft body lay on Yang Chen’s chest. During the final spurt, although Yang Chen was below while Rose was on top, Rose acted basically like a doll as she got thrusted into the sky. After reaching climax unwillingly, she couldn’t move anymore as she got worn-out.

“I’m too tired, let me rest for a while…” Rose said as she panted.

Yang Chen pulled her into his hug before rubbing the ball of soft flesh with one hand, reluctant to let go. Feeling energetic, he said, “I’ll be more free during my working hours in the future. I’ll spend more time to keep you company at that time.”

Confused, Rose asked, “Why?”

“Because I just got promoted…” Yang Chen explained what happened between him and Lin Ruoxi this morning to Rose from beginning to end.

After pondering for a while, Rose said, “Hubby, since you’ll be the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, will you have the authority to take care of the company’s future projects?”

“That’s right, but I plan to delegate my tasks to the two fellows. Asking me to sit in the office to form meetings for them and modify documents would sadden me more than bombing The Pentagon,” Yang Chen said sadly.

Rose suddenly smiled. “Hubby, partner up with me for a project, can you?”

“Partner up with you? What do you mean?” Yang Chen asked.

“Haven’t I said this before? Our Red Thorns Society will not be like the old West Union Society or Dongxing, both of which relied on smuggling, selling drugs and firearms, and illegal immigration to bring in huge amounts of funds. We don’t do any of those, only some traditional trading in the underworld. Actually, a small portion of our funds come from legal businesses, but we haven’t been able to expand them sustainably and we couldn’t find any business partner in the legal world… So, I think I can actually get some return if I invest the cash and resources I have into Yu Lei’s new company. Since you’re the director, I don’t need to worry about interest disputes,” Rose said.

Yang Chen got shocked. He didn’t expect Rose to think of seizing opportunities at this situation. It was evident that there was a similarity between the boss of a gang and the headmaster of a world-famous school—constantly thinking of ways to earn money!

“Do you really want to invest?” Yang Chen wasn’t against the idea. Rose wanted to become a shareholder of Yu Lei Entertainment, which would only bring good to the company instead of harm. Judging from the long-term perspective, Rose gave Yang Chen a big help by becoming a financing partner.

“Yeah… The music industry is having a downturn now, but you can organize a singer’s talent show. Based on Yu Lei’s golden brand name, it would undoubtedly attract lots of advertisers and businesses to join. You can also invest in movies or TV series, but this has to wait until the company is established where the capability of the human resources can be determined,” Rose said with a serious expression.

Yang Chen scratched Rose’s nose lovingly. “Your judgements are really well-reasoned. It seems like my Babe Rose will be a female entrepreneur in the future as well.”

“Humph!” Rose wrinkled her nose, dissatisfied. Pouting, she said, “Stop talking about it. I want to have a hundred rounds of war with you!”

Yang Chen pitifully slapped Rose’s backside which was extremely springy. He advised, “Just give up already. You have already tried it so many times. You won’t be able to ‘defeat’ me alone.”

Rose climbed up from Yang Chen’s body and used her butt to roll on Yang Chen’s crotch. As she moved her firm buttocks which pleasured Yang Chen, his little junior immediately got a reaction.

“Hubby, do you know what the strongest organism in the world is?” Rose asked with a smile.

“What is it?”

“It’s women, because we bleed every month, but still have to live strong!” Rose said happily. “So I won’t surrender so easily!”

Yang Chen laughed. “Babe Rose, you need to know that your man isn’t any ordinary man. Other men guard the door so that everyone can’t enter, while I guard the bed so that every woman can’t resist!”

“I don’t know about that, but I know you’re absolutely shameless!” Rose said with a smile. Straightening her back like a queen, she looked down disdainfully before starting yet another round of tenacious ‘counter war’... Copyright 2016 - 2023