Within Your Eyes

It was Yang Chen’s first time seeing Lin Ruoxi run. Since it was rather warm at home, she wore a rather loose white cotton t-shirt. As she jogged, her black hair bounced up and down while leaving a small gap in her lips to breathe. Following the rhythm, the two abundance of flesh quivered as well, making Yang Chen feel like his blood slowly heated up.

Yang Chen usually wouldn’t have such a thought, or he wasn’t ever given such an opportunity to think that way. In actuality, the most beautiful woman around here was this person that he met almost every day—his legal wife.

However, due to various reasons, Yang Chen would constrain himself to avoid paying attention to Lin Ruoxi’s look and body, ever since the incident happened when both of them got drunk. At this moment, Yang Chen got rather lost when he looked at Lin Ruoxi run at such a short distance.

Lin Ruoxi noticed that Yang Chen was staring at her for a long time, while her heart got rather pleased for unknown reasons. In fact, no matter how she got disgusted by this man, and how she would get angry for him, she had silently treated this man as her husband. Being a woman, it was torturing to not get her own husband’s recognition. When she was young, Lin Ruoxi knew how breathtaking she looked to men, and it was the same case now. However, despite the countless looks she got outside, she hadn’t been able to catch the attention of this fellow’s eyeballs at home. Furthermore, this fellow would openly look for women outside.

To the confident Lin Ruoxi, these would undoubtedly cause dissatisfaction and sorrow. However, she definitely wouldn’t voice out thoughts like these, and would only act indifferent. Since deep down her heart, Lin Ruoxi still couldn’t fully accept Yang Chen, not to mention various unhappy incidents happened between them, making her unable to think with an open mind so quickly. She needed time to think and feel.

Currently, Yang Chen was still staring at her. Looking for a short while was fine, but Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand it anymore when he continued gazing at her. Finally, she could only act like she knew nothing as she jogged. Her face slowly turned pink, which could be caused by the exercise or the shyness.

After running for a mile, Lin Ruoxi panted as beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Smiling, Yang Chen stopped the treadmill. “You’re so obedient. It’s my turn to exercise now. Dear, I need your help.”

Lin Ruoxi got tired and blurry by now. When Yang Chen said he needed help, she responded softly. It was rare for her to be this obedient, like a well-behaved lovely wife.

“What exercise are you doing?” Lin Ruoxi asked softly.

Yang Chen sat down on a yoga mat on the ground. “I’ll be doing sit-ups. Help me support my feet, you can just simply press on them. You should’ve done this before during physical education classes in primary school, right?”

“Yeah,” Lin Ruoxi said. She knew what a sit-up was, as graduating university required a passing grade for sports. She wasn’t completely a princess from a wealthy family.

However, Lin Ruoxi felt embarrassed to use her hands or knees to stabilize Yang Chen’s feet. She hesitated for very long as she didn’t dare to take action.

Yang Chen who lay down on the ground saw that Lin Ruoxi was standing still. He smiled in his heart as he felt that this frightened woman looked exceptionally cute at this moment. He said, “Babe Ruoxi, if you don’t want to cooperate, I’ll do it for you. Do you want me to carry your legs?”


Lin Ruoxi instantly kneeled down before reaching her hands out to wrap Yang Chen’s calves and placing her knees on his feet. Her pink cheeks blushed further. Shy, she lowered her head and said, “You… you do it. I don’t want to do it…”

Yang Chen held back his laughter. Actually, he didn’t have to exercise at all. He simply wanted to tease Lin Ruoxi and make her happy. Doing this would make the lady workaholic have a taste at life and improve their relationship. Why wouldn’t he do this?

“I’ll start now .”


Yang Chen’s sit-ups weren’t very fast. He got up, lay down, got up, lay down…

Every time he got up, his forehead would almost stick together with Lin Ruoxi’s. Facing each other, the two could breathe in each other’s breaths.

Lin Ruoxi felt the warmth. Slightly raising her head, she could meet Yang Chen’s eyes. They could look at themselves from each other’s pupils.

Following Yang Chen’s rises and falls, the two met each other and left repeatedly…

After a while, the more Yang Chen did the exercise, the slower he got. The time he took to look into Lin Ruoxi’s eyes slowly increased. Lin Ruoxi turned from being shy to getting inattentive. Inside her clear eyes, highly dense emotions could be found, including sweetness, annoyance, bitterness and helplessness...

When Yang Chen himself forgot how many times he did the exercise, he stopped at the top of the movement. Their cheeks were very close to each other. Within their eyes, the opposite side’s eyes clearly reflected their faces.

“How great, within your eyes, there’s only me,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

Startled, Lin Ruoxi immediately moved her face away as her heartbeat quickened. “Are you done now?”

“Not yet,” Yang Chen replied.

Lin Ruoxi looked back, “Then you…”

A warm breath flooded Lin Ruoxi’s unsaid words. Her ice-cold flowery, thin lips got engulfed by Yang Chen’s sudden kiss!

Yang Chen very much wanted to extend his tongue to explore Lin Ruoxi’s fragrant boudoir and kiss intensely for the entire morning, to make the special woman in front of his nose submerge his soul. However, he didn’t stay there for long. After the affectionate kiss, he quickly let go of Lin Ruoxi’s small lips.

Lin Ruoxi stunned as her brain went blank. Emptiness appeared in her eyes. Everything got really messy.

Without any preparation, her kiss got stolen once again.

The last time was at a coffee shop, this time was in the gym, where would the next time be?


Without any warning, Lin Ruoxi violently slapped Yang Chen’s face!

A light, red mark appeared.

Yang Chen smiled silently. He expected this consequence, so he had never thought of dodging.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes got rather wet. Standing up slowly, she suppressed her complex emotions and recovered coldness on her face. “Do you think that teasing me is fun? Do you think that doing this is very interesting?”

“It’s not exactly the case,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Then what is it?”

“It’s because—”

“I don’t want to listen!” Lin Ruoxi turned around forcefully and ran to the gym’s exit before unlocking the door and leaving.

Listening to how hard Lin Ruoxi slammed the door, Yang Chen sighed out of helplessness. “Stupid Girl, what is there to be shy about when a married couple kiss? You should’ve slapped me lighter…”

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