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When Yang Chen finished speaking, a few people appeared in the small channel between the piles of containers.

The first one who walked out was a middle-aged white guy with maroon curly hair, and a height of 1.8 meters. He looked rather strong, wore a casual leather coat, dark-blue jeans, and held a small travel luggage. He didn’t look any different from a foreign tourist in China, and didn’t look any dangerous.

“Your Majesty Pluto, it’s my honor to meet you. I’m Molin Klaus, the leader of Third Sea Eagles,” Molin said politely. It could be seen that he was very excited when he saw Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shook his hand. “Molin, I like how you guys are dressed.”

Behind Molin, there were eleven other members with different skin colors, eight men and three women, some were black while some were yellow. All of them wore casual clothing and either held a small travel luggage or a backpack. None of them looked like a mercenary.

“Your Majesty Pluto, the people from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade are so troublesome. We haven’t dared to come out until now. Fortunately, you arrived here on time,” Molin said and laughed with his teammates happily.

Yang Chen looked at his teammates who got all excited seeing him, as he felt warmth up his heart. The people Sauron sent were indeed respectable. If Yang Chen met them on the streets, he himself wouldn’t able to tell that they were mercenaries.

“Have you guys had dinner?” Yang Chen asked.

A white lady with a tall nose and sharp facial features cheerfully spoke in Italian, “Is our idol Pluto going to treat us for dinner?”

“Adeline, haven’t you just had three German meat floss bread?” asked another lady who looked relatively petite. Smiling, she said, “Your diet plans will fail this way.”

“Oh, Fanny, thanks for reminding me. I’ll just have fruit juice later,” Adeline said sadly.

Very quickly, Sea Eagles started talking about the famous foods in China, and asked what Yang Chen would bring them to eat. They didn’t put the armed special forces and a few members from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade in their eyes, even if they were defenseless against them.

Yang Chen asked them to keep quiet with a bitter smile. “I know that you all are very proud, but I suggest you to calm yourselves down if you want to have nice foods earlier. The people who came out late at night pointing guns at you guys probably haven’t eaten as well.”

Molin chuckled and let his teammates keep quiet, so everyone immediately stopped talking.

Yang Chen asked them to follow behind. When passing by Water Dragon, everyone was in silence when they saw Yang Chen bringing the group of people away.

Yong Ye who just stood up looked really dull. Anger could be seen in his eyes, but he didn’t dare to do anything.

Looking at Yang Chen and the 12 Sea Eagles members walk further away, Yong Ye clenched his teeth as he questioned Gray Robe, “Why didn’t you stop them?! Are you possibly afraid?!”

“There wasn’t killing aura on them,” Gray Robe said calmly.

“Reserved killing aura is more terrifying than the special forces!” Yong Ye exclaimed angrily. “How can you leave people like them in Zhonghai?!”

Gray Robe stared at him coldly, saying, “Yong Ye, your parents are both influential people in the government and the military. You can be considered coming out from a famous sect as well. But don’t think that you’re superior just because of those. I’m afraid? That’s right. I admit that I can do nothing to go against Yang Chen’s ability. But aren’t you yourself afraid?”

Yong Ye stopped talking. He couldn’t speak a word anymore.

Flower Rain said softly, “The fact that they didn’t bring any weapons into Zhonghai indicates they don’t have any intention to be our enemies. We mustn’t do anything reckless for now.”

Yong Ye turned to look at the cold Flower Rain as an abnormal brilliance started appearing in his eyes. “Alright, since Ning’er opened her mouth already, we’ll let them go at the moment.”

Frowning, Flower Rain said, “Yong Ye, you better pay attention to your phrases. We’re working now.”

“Ah… Okay, Ning—Oh, Flower Rain, I won’t repeat my mistake,” Yong Ye said. His temper suddenly calmed down, he even smiled rather happily.

A few members from Dragon Group showed a helpless expression. It was evident that they felt pathetic for their leader’s one-sided love.

After ten minutes, the bus that Yang Chen asked Rose to prepare arrived at the harbor. The 12 Sea Eagles members boarded the bus, with Yang Chen being their leader. They then left the harbor and proceeded to the city area of Zhonghai.

Naturally, Yang Chen wouldn’t bring the bunch of people to some sort of high-class restaurant. Parking the bus by the river near food stalls, he brought the bunch of foreign visitors to a street full of food stalls.

It had been quite a while since he last came to this place with Mo Qianni. Although the environment was rather poor, lots of people were having supper there due to the cold during winter. Furthermore, there were constantly hot dishes being served around, making the street relatively warm.

Molin and the others hadn’t seen such an array before. They turned from the initial shock to the later served rough but fresh dishes and eventually started devouring away.

When Yang Chen told them that it was the most basic place to eat in China, Molin and the others immediately fell in love with the land!

Growing up in other countries, Yang Chen knew that the foods in China were much superior. So their reactions were totally expected.

After filling up their stomachs, Yang Chen brought them to Red Thorns Society’s apartment complex that Rose prepared. There were secret bases of Red Thorns Society at that place, which meant their elites all lived there.

Coming into a nicely renovated hotel-like apartment, Rose was already in there with a few of her right hands.

Seeing the ten or so foreigners that Yang Chen brought over, Rose immediately felt that this group of people weren’t anyone ordinary. So she brought her men to greet Molin and the others respectfully.

When Molin saw Rose, his eyes shone. He asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, is she possibly your legendary wife Queen Persephone?

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Who told you guys that we were married?”

Molin chuckled. “When Miss Jane came over to our headquarters a while ago to meet Leader. She said that Your Majesty Pluto had picked a queen. However, Your Majesty should be more generous and show us how Her Majesty looks like, since she’s everyone’s queen.”

“This is Rose, also my woman. But she’s not the queen,” Yang Chen said helplessly. This chick Jane is so stupid. Telling the big mouth Sauron would mean my friends all know about it already. I need to prepare myself for some trouble…

Molin and his teammates nodded quickly, but still showed a strong interest and respect as they greeted Rose using jerky Mandarin.

Rose said, “You made me do so many things this late at night. Aren’t you going to introduce your distant friends to me?”

“This is Molin, and these are his teammates. Erm… it’s actually my first time seeing them as well. My friend sent them to take care of some issues for me, and they’re naturally my friends,” Yang Chen said. He really didn’t know the names of the others.

The female teammate called Fanny said smilingly, “Miss Rose, you’re really beautiful. It’s really rare to see someone this beautiful from the east.”

“Stop embarrassing yourself, Fanny. You’ve spent eighty percent of your life living in North America. How many ladies from the east have you seen?” another teammate asked and laughed.

Fanny’s face reddened and kicked the guy’s butt. “I’ll kick you with my heels next time!”

Since Rose didn’t understand foreign languages much, she relied on Yang Chen to translate their messages. “Thank you,” she said after listening to Yang Chen’s explanation, before getting distressed of how she could communicate.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “My Babe Rose doesn’t understand foreign languages. Starting from today, all of you will rely on Rose during your time here. So I advise you all to start putting in effort to learn Mandarin from now on.”

With a strong accent, Molin spoke using Mandarin, “Miss Rose, we’re really sorry. But Mandarin is far too difficult for us, but we’ll try our best since this is His Majesty Pluto’s request.”

Listening to the weird tone, Rose snickered. “You can speak slowly. You guys will live in this building starting today, every floor belongs to you. If you have any request, voice them out for me. I’ll be responsible for taking care of you, since you’re my lover’s friends.”

“Then can we eat at the food stalls every day?” Molin asked out of curiosity.

“Food stalls?” Rose got shocked.

Yang Chen coughed a few times before awkwardly explaining what happened a while ago.

Rose laughed so hard that her head lowered before rolling her eyes to Yang Chen. Only this fellow would bring foreign friends to roadside food stalls upon arriving. However, these people seemed to have fallen in love with the food there.

“I’ll let you guys have even nicer food,” Rose said as she tried her best to stop laughing.

The members of Sea Eagles all looked at Rose with their eyes widened. “I guess Mother of Jesus, Mary looks something like you, Miss Rose…”

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