You're Very Annoying

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After getting such an absurd position, Yang Chen went back to the public relations office which looked just like a working day. Under his request to handle the formalities in a low-profile manner, not everyone in the company was informed of his new position.

He had made a decision, to pass the job to Zhao Teng and Wang Jie. He would only sit in his new office occasionally, and spend most of his time staying at the public relations office, as looking at this bunch of eye-itching ladies was much better than sitting in a plain and boring office.

Following the company’s development, it was only a matter of time before other people knew about his position. However, if he sat in the public relations office all day, it wouldn’t cause too severe of a commotion when others were used to seeing him there.

As Yang Chen got off work, he went home in time for dinner, but his eating speed was significantly faster than usual.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen devour two bowls of rice as she frowned. “You’ve been playing games all day. Are you this hungry?”

Yang Chen didn’t explain much. He replied, “I need to go out to take care of an urgent matter. I may not be able to come home today. You don’t need to wait for me.”

Lin Ruoxi immediately blushed as she recalled how she waited for Yang Chen until dawn. As she thought of the conversation on that day, she felt more and more embarrassed. She wondered how those words came out of her mouth, making her really look like a dissatisfied wife.

“Who’s gonna wait for you? Leave whenever you want,” Lin Ruoxi said intentionally.

“I’ll remember what I promised, to report to you whenever necessary,” Yang Chen said honestly before going out of the door.

It was indeed a busy night. Welcoming the 12 ‘Sea Eagles’ members to land on Zhonghai and arranging a place for them to stay were troublesome enough, let alone other tasks.

Yang Chen sped in his car all the way to the southeast harbor in Zhonghai. At the same time, he made a phone call to Rose, to ask for a medium-sized bus to be sent to the harbor immediately, in addition to a hidden shelter from Red Thorns Society which could accommodate around 20 people.

Rose didn’t ask why he asked them for, she handled the tasks personally without hesitation.

Upon arriving at the southeast harbor, Yang Chen stopped at a broad land surface. At this moment, there wasn’t half a person at the harbor. Under the ink-like sky, Yang Chen’s white BMW appeared particularly eye-catching.

He took out his handphone and made a phone call.

After a long time, the call still wasn’t connected while sounds of distortion echoed.

Yang Chen frowned. I still came late after all. Looks like Sea Eagles got stopped by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade as their contact signal got cut off. I wonder if they disembarked yet or not.

As he pondered for a while more, Yang Chen felt it was unlikely that Sea Eagles hadn’t landed yet. If they had a conflict on the ocean, the ships of Sea Eagles and the military would clash and cause a huge disturbance. Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would undoubtedly pick a safer route.

After analyzing the situation, the Sea Eagles team must’ve landed somewhere near the harbor, but their situation shouldn’t be too well.

Yang Chen turned on the car engine once again and drove along the coastline as he started to look for their trails quickly.

After driving for five minutes, Yang Chen finally discovered an abnormal situation at the end of the southeast harbor.

Three amphibious vehicles surrounded an area at the port where containers were stacked. In the dark, the angular vehicles had their headlights turned on, shining the entire place into brightness.

Around thirty armies dressed in uniforms of special forces all held heavy firearms as they aimed at the place with containers.

Male and female included, seven or eight people dressed in different uniforms stood in front of the special forces. It was evident that they were the leaders of this armed action.

As Yang Chen’s car entered everyone’s sight, he got starred upon strictly. Two assault rifles even locked their targets on him.

Red lasers pointed at the car’s fuel tank. Yang Chen knew that if he continued advancing forward, his car would undoubtedly explode as a result of bullet penetration. He didn’t want to make such an unappealing deal, so he stopped his car when he reached 200 meters away.

Opening the door, Yang Chen stood up and welcomed the bone-spiking, cold winter air. Taking out a poor-quality cigarette, he ignited his lighter a few times before finally lighting the cigarette up. Blowing white smoke slowly, Yang Chen walked towards the imposing and solemn team of special forces.

As Yang Chen walked nearer, the two armies pointed their muzzles at his forehead. The formidable killing aura could be felt tens of meters away.

Yang Chen was very used to an aura like this. He walked carefreely to the place ten meters away from the special forces.

Wrapped in darkness entirely, the special forces moved slightly around the centre, to make way for the few people wearing different uniforms.

What shocked Yang Chen was that the people who walked out included Flower Rain and Gray Robe from Group of Eight, while he could recognize all other seven members—Cannon, Bigfoot and other members from Dragon Group. They all imposed a stronger aura compared to the last time Yang Chen met them.

Looking at Yang Chen walk over, Gray Robe smiled politely and said, “Pluto, you’re causing too large of a movement this time. We find it difficult to handle this situation.”

When Flower Rain saw Yang Chen, entanglement of emotions appeared in her eyes, which she quickly covered up.

“Senior Gray Robe, is he Pluto?” a good-looking guy who seemed younger than thirty years old asked. Looking majestic, the guy’s face displayed arrogance. “You don’t look too impressive, do you? Pluto, I’m Yong Ye, the leader of Second Dragon Group. I heard about the deeds you’ve done in the past, I can’t lie but to say you look disappointing in real life.”

Yang Chen ignored Yong Ye completely. He said to Gray Robe,” Rest assured, I won’t make you do anything absurd. They’re here to solve some of my personal problems. Help me this time, and I’ll treat you Grandpa next time for a meal. What do you think?”

Being neglected, Yong Ye’s expression turned dull. “Pluto, you mustn’t be this arrogant! We’re the boss of the situation. Are you trying to provoke us?!”

Indifferent, Yang Chen looked at the group of silent soldiers from the special forces, all of which emitted a strong killin aura. Smiling, he said, “Excluding the seven major military regions, this must be the hidden team of Water Dragon. Seems like they’ve slain quite a lot of people in Nanhai. This killing aura isn’t simply accumulated in one or two days.”

“Humph! Are you finally afraid now?” Yong Ye asked coldly.

Frowning, Gray Robe glanced at Yong Ye. He said, “Pluto, send them back. In China, we don’t allow mercenaries as strong as Sea Eagles to step into the country.”

“Senior Gray Robe, what do you mean now? Are we possibly scared of them? Can’t you see the so-called ‘Sea Eagles’ got trapped by our ‘Water Dragon’?” Yong Ye said in despise.

Yang Chen took two breaths from his cigarette before pinching the cigarette butt. “You really can’t make way?”

“No!” Yong Ye answered on behalf of Gray Robe. Having been ignored the entire time, his self-esteem couldn’t tolerate anymore as he got mad. “I don’t care if you’re Pluto or the most influential man on Earth. Don’t even think about bringing them away with you. Since they’re here already, they mustn’t leave to where they came from as well!”

Yang Chen who had his head lowered suddenly looked up. In the dark, his eyes got dyed in a layer of blood light. His frozen aura felt like thousand-year-old ice.

When Gray Robe and the others who stood ten meters away felt like something wasn’t right, Yang Chen disappeared from his original position!

“You’re very annoying…”

The sound felt like milling gears. When Yang Chen appeared once again, he mysteriously moved towards Yong Ye who was speaking earlier!

Yong Ye didn’t get a chance to react. His neck got grabbed by Yang Chen using one arm as his throat got clasped!

Being alone, Yang Chen publicly subdued Yong Ye under the sight of ten or so pairs of eyes!

Every special forces team lost a trace of imposing manner, while the members of Second Dragon Group got dumbstruck when they saw their leader somehow got into the edge of dying!

This man… how did he do it?!

Yong Ye didn’t dare to even swallow his saliva. He felt the aura that Yang Chen exerted which was darker than darkness, making his goosebumps appear. The blood in his entire body got so cold that it almost froze!

Being able to become the leader of Second Dragon Group, excluding his reliance on his family background, he had to be particularly skilled in fighting strategies and combat. His position was definitely not something any top-notch special agent could take over. However at this moment, his psychological qualities and fighting skills, all got demolished!

Was he this flimsy… in front of this man?!

Everyone dared not act rashly, since no one knew what Yang Chen was truly capable of. However, they were very sure that killing Yong Ye could be done in an instant.

“I don’t care who your father is, who your mother is, or who you are. You better shut the hell up when I’m speaking. In my eyes, your power is just like your clasped throat. It’ll be crushed into pieces when I lightly pinch my fingers…”

As Yang Chen finished speaking, he threw Yong Ye to seven or eight meters away, who rolled on the ground for quite a few rounds before finally stopping!

The members of Water Dragon all pointed their guns at Yang Chen, but no one dared to open fire, despite the fact that Yang Chen wasn’t holding any hostage, and he was that close to them.

When everyone stared at him with a struggling and hesitating expression, Yang Chen walked towards the back to the containers. In utter darkness, this bland back view exerted terrifying pressure which shocked everyone!

Gray Robe sighed and turned around to look at Yong Ye who hadn’t stood up with disappointment. Looking at Water Dragon, he ordered, “Keep your weapons. Don’t aim anymore.”

Flower Rain turned around and looked at Gray Robe who looked like he used up all his energy. Complex emotions appeared in her eyes.

At this moment, Yang Chen arrived at the huge containers. He looked through a slit at the centre before coughing twice. Using English, he said, “Come out. When do you guys plan to stop watching this scene like a movie?” Copyright 2016 - 2024