Chasing a Duck into the Stove

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The next morning, Yang Chen carried a whole bunch of breakfast foods into the public relations department. He saw the ladies with different types of make-up gathered together, discussing about something happily.

As he got ignored once again, Yang Chen placed the breakfast on his desk before squeezing into the group of ladies, attracting sounds of cute complaints.

“You’re taking advantage of others such early in the morning. Yang Chen, you’re too shameless!” a lady said as she blushed.

Yang Chen snickered. His arms ‘accidentally’ rubbed some soft breasts, but he acted like he didn’t know what was happening.

Looking at the surrounded computer screen, it was a PDF file, with the title ‘Yu Lei International Entertainment Culture Company Draft’.

Curious, Yang Chen looked at Zhao Hongyan who seemed excited and asked, “Hongyan, what is this?”

Zhao Hongyan rolled her eyes. “Can’t you read? It’s the draft for the new company.”

“New company?”

“Yeah, Yu Lei only has a model agency company. Next month, we’re officially investing into an entertainment culture company. I heard that there’d be quite a lot of well-known agents, singers and actors!” another lady said happily.

“What does it have to do with you all?” Yang Chen asked.

“How is it not related to us? If the stars I like get signed, they’d be our colleagues. Everything would be different by then!” a lady said.

Yang Chen said smilingly, “Isn’t it a separately built company? Even if they’re signed, they’d be working elsewhere and not come to the public relations department.”

“Humph, can’t you let us imagine all we want?” the lady replied, displeased.

Listening to the young female colleagues who were arguing who they were going to sign like they were the ones who would be running the new company, Yang Chen sighed helplessly as he shook his head.

Zhang Cai was surprisingly realistic. She blinked when she saw Yang Chen came and immediately went over to take a few steamed stuffed buns before going back to chat with the ladies as she chewed. A married woman indeed had a stronger immunity towards handsome superstars.

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to set up a company so quickly after defeating Xu family and Changlin Media recently, using the leading economic benefits gained by the future of the new material. Operating such a company required a considerable amount of funds. Lin Ruoxi must’ve placed her faith in it.

However, now that Xu family got attacked by Yuan family, they completely died off although their name still existed. There wasn’t any company in the country that could compete with Yu Lei. It was rather understandable for Lin Ruoxi to open up new areas

Based on Yu Lei’s reputation in the fashion industry of China or even the world, investing and forming an entertainment would form a gold signboard. It was almost impossible that for the company to lose money. It was only the matter of how much and in what way they could maximize profits.

Entrepreneurs would always invest after forming their companies, only to invest again. It was evident that Lin Ruoxi understood this principle.

When the office was filled with noise, a thin figure walked in from the entrance before coughing coldly to the ladies who were having much fun.

The female colleagues acted like they heard a police siren as they quickly ran back to their seats.

Yang Chen turned around to have a look. It was Lin Ruoxi’s assistant Wu Yue. The flat body and ice-cold expression never failed to stand out in the crowd.

Wu Yue frowned as she saw Yang Chen who looked particularly calm. “Yang Chen, follow me.”

“Where to?” Yang Chen asked.

“The CEO’s office,” Wu Yue answered coldly.

Yang Chen didn’t ask further questions, as he knew the lady wouldn’t answer them anyway. So he followed Wu Yue upstairs as he chewed some steamed bread.

When he arrived at the entrance of Lin Ruoxi’s office, Yang Chen managed to finish the steamed bread. He then followed Wu Yue into the office.

Yang Chen got upset. Can’t you talk to me at home if you need to tell me something? You’re making me come to your office during working hours, and delaying my game time! he thought.

As he entered, Lin Ruoxi was sitting beside the giant table and writing something quickly. She looked really serious, and didn’t even raise her head while the two entered.

Wu Yue stood respectfully. She said, “Boss Lin, Yang Chen is here.”

Lin Ruoxi placed the stack of signed documents aside before finally looking up. Without any expression, she said, “Alright, you may go out now.”

Wu Yue bowed before silently walking out of the office and carefully shutting the door.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly stood up and looked at Yang Chen as she pointed at the sofa beside the large windows. A guy and a lady were seated long ago. At this moment when they saw Lin Ruoxi pointing at them, they immediately stood up smilingly and nodded at Yang Chen in a friendly manner.

The guy looked like he was around thirty years old. Wearing golden framed spectacles, he looked gentle with his short hair. The lady was about thirty years old as well, she looked elegant in her pink business suit.

“This is Zhao Teng and this is Wang Jie. They’ll be your assistants starting today,” Lin Ruoxi said, introducing the two to Yang Chen.

Shocked, Yang Chen had a bad feeling. “What do you mean?” he asked with a stiff smile.

“You should’ve seen Yu Lei International Entertainment Culture company draft this morning,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen nodded. “I took a glance at it earlier.”

“This will be the highlight of Yu Lei in the next few years. We’re mainly getting into music, television, advertisements, etc to utilize our resources, advantages and fame, to create a first class entertainment culture conglomerate in the country, or even the world,” Lin Ruoxi explained.

“Oh… this is a good thing, but what does this have to do with them being my assistants? Erm… Boss Lin, are you possibly…”

Before Yang Chen finished talking, Lin Ruoxi nodded. “That’s right, you’ll be the director of this company, to take charge of core decision-making in Yu Lei Entertainment. Zhao Teng and Wang Jie will be your effective assistants, being executive manager and business manager respectively.”

Yang Chen wailed deep down his heart. It was just like a bolt from the blue. He had a severe-enough headache when he went to Hong Kong for the negotiation. This time, a newly set up company got thrown into his hands!

“Boss Lin, it’s not that I’m humble, but I really don’t know how to do this,” Yang Chen said as he made various facial gestures, hoping that Lin Ruoxi would realize her kindness and let him go.

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she saw nothing. She turned to Zhao Teng and Wang Jie with a faint smile, saying, “You two are considered the elders in the company. Bearing enough working experience, I assign you to be Yang Chen’s assistants. I hope that you can give him guidance and opinions. Although he has good potential, he lacks working experience when it comes to practicality. You guys may need to put in more effort for this.”

“Rest assured, Boss Lin. Your arrangements naturally have your reasons. We know what to do,” Zhao Teng said humbly.

Wang Jie smiled kindly as well. “Since Director Yang can gain Boss Lin’s recognition at his age, he must be unique in some ways. I hope that we can learn from each other in the future, and improve the company from its already good condition.”

Yang Chen grieved in silence. Unique? What’s so unique about me? It’d be much easier if you ask me to terminate a director from America’s CIA, than to take charge of an entertainment company!

It was obvious that Zhao Teng and Wang Jie had blind idolatry towards Lin Ruoxi. Yang Chen couldn’t stand how the two would accept whatever task given!

However, Yang Chen wasn’t aware of something. Not only did Lin Ruoxi use her prestige, she also told them about Yang Chen’s secret journey to Hong Kong where he negotiated with Muyun Corporation.

As the rookie executives Zhao Teng and Wang Jie were highly regarded by Lin Ruoxi, they naturally knew about the new material technology that Yu Lei International acquired, which would make huge profits to the company. However, they didn’t expect that this humongous portion of profits was seized by the unknown employee in the company, Yang Chen.

From their point of view, Li Muhua from Muyun Corporation was undoubtedly the superstar of the business world. Since Yang Chen was able to hook a chunk of meat from Li Muhua’s mouth, Yang Chen must be extremely capable!

When Yang Chen tried to push the offer away by voicing out his incompetence, they felt that it was the authentic humble attitude that only a truly capable person would have. This made them start to sincerely admire Yang Chen.

If Yang Chen knew what they were thinking about at the moment, he would’ve vomited fresh blood on-the-spot.

After the matter was informed, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie left the office to make preparations for the launch of the new company next week.

Yang Chen didn’t leave. He went forward to Lin Ruoxi before saying softly, “Great Obedient Wife, please have mercy on me. I really don’t have any interest in being a director.”


“I understand nothing about it, how do I become a director?” Yang Chen asked.

Looking indifferent, Lin Ruoxi said, “You can always learn. Since you managed to learn so many foreign languages, it mustn’t be an issue for you to manage human resources and administration. Furthermore, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie are definitely capable enough to do most of the work. You just need to look through some documents sitting in your office, and make some big decisions. You can completely ignore almost everything else.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. It sounded like a good job, but he still shook his head. “I’m still used to my working life in the public relations department after all,” he said.

“Gaming life, you meant?” Lin Ruoxi asked as she frowned.

“Hehe… Babe Ruoxi, you know me really well,” Yang Chen said happily.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth, looking decisive. “If you don’t go according to my will to become the director, I’ll sack every single one of the employees that you like from the company!” she said fearlessly.

“What?” Yang Chen got shocked.

Lin Ruoxi continued speaking. “Except Zhao Hongyan, Liu Mingyu and Zhang Cai appear to be really close to you. If they get fired because you reject the job promotion, what do you think the consequence would be?”

This woman is really merciless…

“Do you have to go to this extent… How can you simply discharge employees?” Yang Chen asked in despair.

“I believe you know me well enough. I can do more ridiculous things. I will do whatever it takes to make you accept my offer. Furthermore, more than 90% of Yu Lei International’s shares are in my hands. Is there anything I can’t do?” Lin Ruoxi asked coldly.

Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi with deep emotions. He said, “You put in so much effort for my work. Have you possibly decided to live with me forever?”

Anxiety appeared in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, which she quickly quickly covered. “I’m just utilizing my resources. Regarding other things, I have to see how you perform.”

Yang Chen smiled as he lowered his head. When he raised his head again, he said, “Alright, if you aren’t afraid of losing money, I’ll become the director.”

“Rest assured, I’ll pay close attention to it. You may do it without any concern,” Lin Ruoxi said. She seemed like she just had a rock removed from her heart. “The new office will be located at the building opposite. I’ve bought the top ten floors already.”

“I have a request,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Say it quickly.” Lin Ruoxi started getting worried.

“Can I still work at my seat in the public relations department? I’d feel sad to leave the ladies,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

Lin Ruoxi felt that he was really hopeless, and wished that he would change. However, to avoid getting nightmares, she agreed. “Alright, I promise you. Except the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, the officer worker of public relations department…” Copyright 2016 - 2023