Chapter 34: Who’s The Crude One?

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Finally, they finished eating. Thanks to Yang Chen’s huge appetite, they had to prepare another 3 servings of steak before he was satisfied.

Xu Zhihong could only feel his blood dripping out of his heart. Before his eyes, was a content and burping mutton skewer seller who from the start, had been minding himself the whole time. For him, this extra loss of money did not amount to anything, but Yang Chen’s rascal-like appearance, made Xu Zhihong lose the strength to fight back. Every verbal attack only felt like punching at cotton, a waste of strength.

“Thank you for the hospitality Boss Xu, I believe we should get going now.” said Lin Ruoxi as she wiped her mouth in a refined manner, and stood up.

At this moment, Xu Zhihong, who was already exhausted, smiled and said, “Ruoxi, it’s already this late, wouldn’t it be better for me to allow Hairy Ball to drive you back? Driving at night is not safe.”

“No need, no need”, Yang Chen responded, “Doesn’t she have me? After eating 4 steaks, my strength is at its peak. Boss Xu, your steaks are impressive, it’s like taking Viagra! It guarantees that I can be vigorous the whole night!”

Upon hearing such vulgar words, the waiters in the private room all couldn’t help but burst out laughing. They gazed at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi with dubious expressions, but even an idiot could realize what they were thinking about.

Lin Ruoxi blushed, and secretly pinched Yang Chen’s arm. She felt too embarrassed from the loss of face!

Inside Xu Zhihong’s heart, curses such as “brute”, “country bumpkin”, and “beast” could be heard, yet on the outside, his face was rigid and unmoving as he had to force his mouth to talk: “You’re too polite Mister Yang, it should be a given. Hairy Ball, please see them out….”

Not waiting to stay in the private room any longer, Lin Ruoxi dragged Yang Chen’s hand and quickly left from there. Being in the room full of waiters, and getting strange gazes from them made her face turn scorching hot.

Only when he finished seeing those two out did Hairy Ball adopt a sloppy appearance as he went back into the private room. Xu Zhihong had already relaxed his body and was sitting on the big sofa letting a waitress from the Blue Bay Hotel massage his shoulders.

“Finished seeing them off?” Xu Zhihong asked with his eyes half closed, his voice downcast.

Fishing a cigarette from his pocket, he lit it up and fiercely took a couple of breaths. He naively smiled and showed a mouth full of yellow teeth, “I’ve seen them out, Miss Lin drove pretty quickly, leaving behind only a wisp of exhaust smoke from her car before disappearing into the distance.”

“Hmph…” Xu Zhihong coldly laughed, “This stupid woman, she thinks she can get away from me just because she brought a man to hinder me? She is underestimating me way too much.”

“Boss, do you want me to find this man surnamed Yang and get rid of him? Once this little youngster realizes who he is dealing with, he won’t dare to act this cocky.” Hairy Ball said, swinging his arm in a slicing motion.

“You need not do anything for now. I only need to send out a couple of capable people, but I first need to gain knowledge of his bottom line. I do not believe that a mutton skewer seller can know anything about Nebbiolo. Furthermore, even if he is a bit vulgar, he doesn’t seem like an idiot.”

“Boss, you are thinking too much, in this day and age, you can find out everything about a person online, nothing can be hidden. If he truly is such a big shot, why is he selling mutton skewers on the streets?” Hairy Ball scoffed.

“Even a dam, a thousand miles long, can be broken down by an ant nest, so if you are to do something, do it with caution. This is why you are the subordinate while I am the boss.” Xu Zhihong responded faintly with his eyes half-closed.

“Yes. Yes, Whatever boss says goes. Tomorrow, I ought to go on the streets and find people to rough him up. Even if he ends up dead, he can only blame himself.” Hairy Ball then scratched his head and asked, “Boss, why do you tie yourself down like this? Miss Lin is really beautiful, but in Zhong Hai City, there are countless beauties for your taking. Unlike me, with my looks, if I don’t wave a couple of big bills around, even a prostitute wouldn’t look at me.” said Hairy Ball while playing with his beard.

“What do you know?”, Xu Zhihong responded, “A woman’s beauty is only secondary. Lin Ruoxi’s appearance, although there may not be many who can match her in Zhong Hai, but what about the whole nation? What about the whole world? The world is so big, beauties can be counted by the millions.”

“Then why do you so stubbornly chase Miss Lin, Boss?” Hairy Ball didn’t seem to understand.

“Hairy Ball, do you think that a single woman, especially a woman who was beautiful at an early age, who managed to take total control of Yu Lei International is only a pretty face? Her temperament, in Zhong Hai’s high society circle, is famous for its coldness, with almost no friends, she managed to pass through all hurdles. In these past years, Yu Lei’s stock did nothing but rise, do you think it is that easy to do?

“Is it possible that Boss wants to find a woman to help with the business?”

“She is a management genius, but that doesn’t mean the I am any worse than her. It is only that at Yu Lei, in the hearts of all employees, her existence has a certain kind of prestige. That is why they are able to achieve such results there.” Xu Zhihong composedly said, “The reason why I want to obtain her, besides the fact that she is worthy enough to be conquered, is that I believe she is the only woman able to be with me. There is another reason, but you would not understand…”

“I truly don’t understand,” Hairy Ball smiled back, “Boss is definitely smarter than I am, or else why would I follow you?”

Xu Zhihong hummed in agreement: “You don’t have to act like this, that other woman that you like, Mo Qianni also works at Yu Lei International. If I manage to get Lin Ruoxi, it would be synonymous with taking over Yu Lei. Upon taking over Yu Lei International, the women there of Yu Lei, would be close to your grasp.

Upon hearing the name “Mo Qianni”, Hairy Ball’s two eyes immediately brightened up. Licking his lips, he released a breath of cold air, “Boss, how can you mention that woman again, I dream of Mo Qianni’s ass and boobs even when I sleep. If we can manage to get her in bed, that would be amazing, I would be wrung dry! It would have been fine if you didn’t mention her, but now, tonight, I have to go out to a nightclub and find a chicken!”

(TL: In chinese, the word ‘鸡’ ‘ji’ means chicken, but sometimes refers to a prostitute)

“Go! It seems that you are even more crude than that mutton skewer seller!” Xu Zhihong narrowed his eyes at Hairy Ball for a second, while cursing without restraint.

Hairy Ball didn’t mind what he had heard and quickly left the private room.

Not long after Hairy Ball left, Xu Zhihong slowly extended his hand and in one move grabbed the wrist of the waitress who was giving him a massage. Expressionlessly, he asked, “How much money?”

The waitress distractedly starred and the flirtatious face with large amounts of foundation blushed with bashfulness. She hesitated a bit, then responded, “Five… five thousand… this is my first time doing this….”

“Hmph”, Xu Zhihong coldly laughed, “Only 5 thousand, sluts will be sluts, as cheap as a bitch. Come to the front, take off your clothes, and start by giving me head.

The woman, upon hearing these insults, nearly started crying. However, upon thinking of the 5 thousand at stake, she endured those words. Putting out an enchanting smile, she walked in front of Xu Zhihong and slowly started to take off her clothes.

Not a long time passed until a woman’s miserable moans could be heard accompanied by a man’s unrestrained insults.

Smoking in front of the door, Hairy Ball had already drove away all other waiters guaranteeing that there was no one around them. Only he was there laughing to himself, “Boss was calling me crude, yet he even found a chicken quicker than I did…those with money sure like to show off….” Copyright 2016 - 2024