Chapter 35: Wait For Me Tonight

Whilst returning back to their villa at Dragon Garden, Yang Chen attempted to speak to Lin Ruoxi, but she had driven the whole way back cold-faced and unwavering. She just simply ignored anything Yang Chen said, as if he did not exist.

Facing a snow goddess such as Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen helplessly closed his eyes and proceeded to rest for a bit. In actuality, Yang Chen was pretty clear, his words that he said at the Blue Bay hotel had already provoked his sensitive wife. However, at that time, in order to repel Xu Zhihong away, she did not say anything, but upon the end of the play, her resentment towards him finally erupted.

Only when they finally arrived at the villa’s entrance, did Lin Ruoxi coldly say the words, “Get off the car.”

“Are you not coming as well?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

“I still have things to do, you get off first.”

“Oh…” Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi with a profound smile, “So it turns out that even CEO Lin needs a nightlife, why didn’t you say so earlier? Haha, I am very generous, and won’t get jealous.”

Although she felt there wasn’t any need to explain to this repulsive rascal, Lin Ruoxi felt that if she let him indulge in his flights of fancy, it would be too much injustice to her. Therefore, wrinkling her brows, she answered, “I have something on, it isn’t like you think.”

With a knowing expression, very slowly, he walked out of the car and waved towards Lin Ruoxi: “Hope you have fun.”

Too lazy to continue dealing with him, Lin Ruoxi reversed her car and quickly departed the villa.

Looking towards the rapidly disappearing tail lights from the car, Yang Chen had an expression of deep thought. Naturally, he wouldn’t believe that a woman like Lin Ruoxi would rashly decide to go to a nightclub. At that time, when he was at the bar and met Lin Ruoxi, come to think of it, it was probably one of the only times she had visited such a place. It’s so late now, where could she be going?

Arriving back at his room, Wang Ma caringly delivered a plate of watermelon to him. Towards this “fake” Young Master, she took care of him with great care and love.

After taking a cold shower, Yang Chen planned on sleeping, but unexpectedly, at this time, his phone rang.

Yang Chen did not know that many people. Upon receiving this phone from Lin Ruoxi, the only people who knew Yang Chen’s number, aside from Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma, was Rose and the Li Family.

As expected, glancing at the caller ID, sure enough, it was Li Jingjing.

Upon thinking of that gentle temperament, how she was so quiet and shy, a burst of warmth flowed through Yang Chen’s heart. Answering the call, he softly responded “Jingjing”.

“Big brother Yang…” from the phone, Li Jingjing’s voice seemed to be trembling a bit as if it was difficult for her to speak.

“I’m here, What’s up?”

“Have…Have I interrupted your sleep?” Li Jingjing apprehensively asked.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh, then responded: “Yes, just now, I was in a dream where I was with you when you called me.”

The other side went silent for a moment, finally, Li Jingjing made a “Pu-Chi” chuckle, and said: “Big brother Yang sure knows how to joke around. Be careful, don’t let sister-in-law hear that.”

Hearing Li Jingjing laugh from her heart, Yang Chen also relaxed. He was afraid that Li Jingjing might have taken the news too hard and as a result, became depressed. It seemed that although she was feeling a little down, she still remained strong.

“Hehe, there is nothing to be afraid of. Instead, with you calling me this late, there must be something urgent……”

Li Jingjing once again became silent for a while before finally whispering: “Big brother Yang, I…I’m scared…”

“Scared? Scared of what?” Yang Chen doubtfully asked.

“It’s Chen Feng. Today, that person came to our house. He demanded that I become his girlfriend, or else he would tear down my father’s stall.” Li Jingjing said at last, with a sobbing voice. It appeared that she had already cried before calling him, which was why her voice was slightly trembling.

Yang Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits, his voice turning somewhat deep, “Jingjing, speak clearly, what was the cause and how did it come to this?”

Upon feeling the change in Yang Chen’s emotions, Li Jingjing started to calm down as she intermittently told him the whole story.

The cause of this event happened on the morning the day before yesterday. That day, Li Jingjing accompanied Old Li to the market, Old Li set up his stall, while Li Jingjing proceeded to purchase groceries. In the past, Li Jingjing was either at university studying, or away for internships. It could be said that she only truly returned to Zhong Hai recently. Therefore, when Li Jingjing went to the market, Old Li introduced her to everybody for the first time. It was the first time meeting Li Jingjing for most of them.

Coincidentally, having nothing to do, Chen Feng brought his hoodlums out at that moment. Upon meeting the pretty and pure Li Jingjing, it only took one look for Chen Feng to want her as a girlfriend. Chen Feng was also cunning, he did not deal with Li Jingjing directly, but instead said, if she did not agree, then there would be no need to open Old Li’s stall. Their whole family better not think of having a good life in the West District.

Being the commoners that they were, how can Old Li’s family dare go against Chen Feng? After all, his father, Chen Dehai walks the path of both clean and dirty. His father was an elder in Western Union and was considered a major figure.

Therefore, Old Li couldn’t set up his stall these past two days. Even when teaching at school, Li Jingjing noticed people following her. Upon returning home, Chen Feng came again, urging her to quickly make a decision.

The whole Li family was comparable to a cicada in the wintertime. Sending their only child to the tiger’s den which was the Chen family was obviously out of the picture. However, once their friends and relatives heard that they had got into trouble with the Western Union’s Chen family, they too did not dare to help. As for going to the police, the Li Family had no guts to. Afterall, once they reported to the police, wasn’t it the same as going against to the Chen family?

Hearing Li Jingjing’s words, a difficult to suppress flame was burning in his heart. Originally, he had planned to wait a few more days before taking care of the matter with West District’s underworld, then deal with the Chen father and son at the same time, but now, it seemed like things would go the other way. He would first get rid of the Chen family.

“Don’t cry Jingjing, everything will be alright. Trust your big brother Yang.” said Yang Chen, consoling her.

Li Jingjing was still sobbing a bit. When a girl from an ordinary family encounters an event like this, aside from shedding tears, there was simply nothing else she could do. If Li Jingjing was not at the end of her rope, she wouldn’t have called Yang Chen for help, because despite knowing that Yang Chen was pretty capable, she was not sure if he could help solve her problem.

“Big brother Yang, you mustn’t do anything stupid. I heard that the Chen family even has quite a number of guns!” Li Jingjing abruptly remembered, anxiously reminding Yang Chen.

“Hehe, don’t worry, in a few days, I still plan on visiting you at Zhong Hai Yi Zhong. When that moment comes, you can just check if I am missing an arm or a leg.” Yang Chen laughed, “It’s not early, Jingjing, hurry up and get some sleep. I will help you settle these problems, you don’t even need to tell to your parents about this. By tomorrow, everything will be settled.”

“Really?” Li Jingjing was pleasantly surprised.

“Has your big brother Yang ever lied to you?”

“Then…be careful big brother Yang.” Although Li Jingjing did not know what he was going to do, she still warned him softly.

Ending the call, Yang Chen made a deep hum, then dialed another number on his phone.

On the other end of the phone was a lazy, flirtatious woman’s voice, “Hubby…..why did you suddenly remember to give me a call at such a time…” The only person capable of seductively calling “hubby” like that was naturally Rose.

Yang Chen inhaled a breath of cold air. Upon remembering Rose’s flexible, soft and well-rounded body, he immediately thought of flying to her bed before doing anything else. However, upon remembering Li Jingjing’s predicament, it was better to dismiss such dirty thoughts. Straightforwardly, he asked, “I need information about Chen Dehai and his address. The more detailed the better.

When dealing with Chen Dehai, naturally, it would be in one’s best interest to first find information on him. As West Union Society’s arch-enemy, the Red Thorn Society’s leader Rose was the person most familiar with Chen Dehai.

Rose was a woman who knew how to make men happy, and upon hearing Yang Chen’s tone, she did not ask any further questions. After a while, she simply responded, “Alright, I’ll immediately send it to your inbox.”

Satisfied, Yang Chen laughed: “My darling Rose, you are too caring. Wait for me tonight. After finishing my task, I’ll come and find you.”

“You’ve said it, you mustn’t go back on your words.” Rose gladly laughed. Whether Yang Chen’s task was dangerous, she didn’t even bother asking. It was as if she had already confirmed that the Chen father and son had received the death sentence! Copyright 2016 - 2024