Chapter 33: Truly Too Caring

Although Xu Zhihong said that to please Lin Ruoxi, once the discussions actually started, it would become a tug of war. Things that ought to be yielded should be, and things that ought to be fought for should be as well.

In actuality, Xu Zhihong was very clear, dealing with women like Lin Ruoxi, the art of sweet talk does not work at all. As both of them were businessmen, he must utilize methods to convince the other party, if a man gives up his career for a woman, how will this sort of man win the heart of a strong woman like Lin Ruoxi?

Just like Xu Zhihong, once the official talks began, Lin Ruoxi’s words started increasing as well. Her interpersonal relationship skills may not be that great, but once she started talking, this ridiculously beautiful girl also displayed a somewhat “bitchy” demeanor. Once she started to argue, she wouldn’t give up until she reaped the maximum amount of benefits.

So, when an hour passed, Yang Chen, who was bored to death, couldn’t help but to stare just like what Hairy Ball was doing.

It was evident that Hairy Ball was interested in Yang Chen throughout the discussion, he sized him up and attempted to provoke him by glaring at him.

Towards these types of men who didn’t care about their appearance, Yang Chen expressed his dislike. Although he could measure Hairy Ball’s strength with a single glance, which was comparable to an average “elite international mercenary”, in his division, it could be comparable to an instructor for the Marines. However, in the eyes of Yang Chen, these people could not be called “fighters/soldiers…”, and were only viewed as “average people”.

And so, while Hairy Ball was provoking Yang Chen, with loathsome eyes, Yang Chen had the urge to give him a slap. But, after thinking how he was a white-collar worker now, it would be wise to not create extra trouble and take into account his wife’s business.

Therefore, Yang Chen could only sit in his chair, take out the phone Lin Ruoxi gifted him, download the game ‘Puzzle Bobble’, and seriously focus on ‘popping bubbles’.

[TL: The popping bubbles is a joke on shooting the gun, you know which gun.]

“Yes, I hope Boss Xu can stick to his promises, this year’s Autumn Fashion Show, with your company’s stage desgins and our company’s Fall wear, it is certain that we will capture a wider market.” Lin Ruoxi finally said as she signed the contract. Due to speaking for an extended amount of time, her cheeks were flushed displaying her hard to come by supple beauty.

While looking at this scene, Xu Zhihong’s eyes dulled for a moment before nodding: “Of course, I hope that our partnership goes smoothly.”

Only when the two swapped the documents could this long-winded discussion which lasted till 7PM be considered over.

“Since business is concluded, I expect that you are now hungry Ruoxi, let’s have the food served now.”

Lin Ruoxi was actually quite hungry, just like other women, in order to maintain her figure, Lin Ruoxi only ate a small sandwich for lunch. She was working till now, and her stomach was rumbling from hunger as she lightly nodded her head.

Xu Zhihong clapped, and the waiters near the door immediately started to get busy.

The dinner was of formal western cuisine. While the dinnerware was being set on the table, Lin Ruoxi glanced towards Yang Chen with worry in her eyes. Obviously, the sudden switch to western cuisine was to embarrass Yang Chen.

“This mister is named?” Xu Zhihong asked with an insincere smile towards Yang Chen.

“Surnamed Yang, named Chen.” Yang Chen yawned. He was both too hungry and sleepy. Upon seeing that it was western cuisine, he whispered in his heart, this is not even as filling as a bowl of noodles.

“Even though it’s my first time meeting Yang Chen, I did not prepare a proper gift. I specially ordered a bottle of Nebbiolo from the year 1992, and I hope that Mister Yang can evaluate it for me.” As he finished saying that, he signaled a waiter to bring over the bottle of beautifully packaged red wine.

In his heart, Yang Chen couldn’t help but sneer while staying silent. Using three fingers, he lightly raised the glass, allowing the waiter to pour wine in it.

The waiter only poured a bit before stopping.

Yang Chen didn’t feel anything out of place and he lightly swirled the liquid around the glass, smelt the wine, placed the tilted glass to his lips, and slowly savoured a sip.

Upon seeing this action, the once tense Lin Ruoxi slowly relaxed. Having obtained some relief, she remembered that this hoodlum grew up in the United States. He must have had traditional western cuisine before but she didn’t know if he had tasted a famous red wine like Nebbiolo. Hopefully he doesn’t speak drivel, even losing a little face is fine.

Xu Zhihong’s eyes flashed with a tinge of worry, smiling, he asked, “Mister Yang, what do you think?”

“The ingredients of Nebbiolo, mainly comes from Italy’s Piedmont region’s Barolo and Barbaresco municipalities. If it is of the highest grade, it can only match an ordinary French Margaux Bordeaux red wine, it’s actually not particularly good. However, this type of wine brings with it a tinge of lilac, pepper, apricot, dried plum and rose, more importantly it has the feeling of bitter chocolate, which is why it can still considered avant-garde.” Yang Chen replied nonchalantly, as if this wine was made by him.

From this, Xu Zhihong felt a bit of surprise. In actuality, even though he drank these types of wines on a regular basis, he could not give out such a detailed description. He would not believe that Yang Chen only guessed all these by luck, as all his other movements regarding western cuisine were all in accordance with the manners of an educated gentleman from high society.

“True enough, it seems that Mr. Yang Chen is truly not ordinary, it’s no wonder that Ruoxi wanted you to accompany her.” Xu Zhihong fakely smiled with his skin but not his flesh.

“Just a bit.” Yang Chen did not have any interest in accompanying this hypocritical man for a conversation. He straightforwardly says, “Without a trick or two up my sleeves, how can I manage to become the husband of my family’s little Ruoxi? Isn’t that right, my wife?” With that said, he looked towards Lin Ruoxi with a questioning expression.

Lin Ruoxi’s lovable dimples suddenly flashed red. Although she knew Yang Chen did this in order to help her obstruct Xu Zhihong attempts, but being called ‘wife’ in this situation, her heart almost couldn’t bear it. ‘Badum badum’ her heart nearly jumped up to her throat, she rigidly nodded her head, gave a thin voice of agreement, quickly lowered her head and started sipping at her cup to cover her embarrassment.

Xu Zhihong could not believe that this mutton skewer selling man would actually dare to flirt directly in his face, and jointly put on a play with Lin Ruoxi to ward himself away. With one hand gripping tightly onto the crystal clear wine glass, even his veins were visible, his complexion was a little green from the anger as he forced a laugh and said: “So the two of you have already tied the knot, I am truly sorry……. I have been rude. “

“No no”, Yang Chen didn’t mind and magnanimously smiled: “I am aware, with my standards, for me to have married my family’s little Ruoxi is like sticking a fresh flower in a mound of cow dung. For director Xu to not realize is not surprising, as a person, I’m not too bothered by things like this.

Originally, I had been worried that with the little cash in my pocket, how could I bring my wife to eat a good meal? I never thought that Boss Xu would invite us out, you are truly too caring.” What Yang Chen implied was, you are merely a money sending idiot.

Resisting his anger, Xu Zhihong pursed his lips and took a sip of red wine. Finally speaking, he smiled: “Mr. Yang, must be joking, to be able to obtain Ruoxi’s eye, how could one’s pocket lack money? On that note, let’s start eating.”

“Great, bring in the food.” Yang Chen said as if he didn’t notice Xu Zhihong’s fire-emitting glare. All smiles, he picked up his cutlery to allow the waiter behind him to place the appetizer in front of him. Minding his own business, he started to eat.

After hearing Xu Zhihong’s words which were full of anger, Lin Ruoxi started to feel apprehensive. However, upon seeing Yang Chen fully focused on eating and drinking like a country bumpkin, her heart lightened up.

This person simply can’t stay upright, he is obviously very proficient in eating western-style food and western dining etiquette to the point even she is surprised, yet he eats like a slob on purpose. He is really unfathomable……

Gradually, Lin Ruoxi’s worries seemed to have dissipated into thin air. Who cares about him? Things have already gotten like this, I could only take one step at a time. With this thought, Lin Ruoxi felt hungry and she too started to move her fork and knife. Copyright 2016 - 2023