Chapter 219-2: Childhood sweethearts

“What!?” Yang Chen was angered, he turned around and pinched Tangtang’s tender face, dragging it towards him, “How can you recklessly say such a thing? Why else would I call you a brat, look at how insensible you are!”

Tangtang pleaded till Yang Chen let go, but she still hid at the back laughing.

Yuan Ye looked at his rear view mirror, and saw how cute she was as she kept laughing. He helplessly shook his head and asked, “Tangtang, Auntie isn’t going?”

Tangtang nodded, “Yep, Mom told me to send her regards to Uncle Yuan and the others for her, she had gone to see the leader who came from Yanjing this morning.”

“That’s such a pity, Secretary Fang would also be present.” Yuan Ye sighed and said.

“So that is the case……” Tangtang pouted with disappointment and said, “I think Mom knew that Dad would be going, that’s why she decided not to go. I was just thinking why she had to meet that official, isn’t it the same whether she meets them or not? No matter how high ranking the official is, could they even be a match for Aunt Yuan’s family?”

“Who is Aunt Yuan?” Yang Chen curiously asked, “Yuan Ye’s mom?”

“Yeah. Let me tell you this, Uncle. In Yuan Ye-ge’s family, Aunt Yuan is the most powerful. Although Yuan Ye-ge’s father is the Yuan Group’s chairman, at home, his mom is has the final say.” Tangtang giggled as she spoke, “Aunt Yuan had always treated me well since I was a child, so when Yuan Ye-ge snatched fun things away from me, Aunt Yuan always helped me to beat him up, while Uncle Yuan never dared to say a thing.”

“What, is she very fierce?” The image of a female T-rex surfaced in Yang Chen’s mind.

Tangtang shook her head, “That’s not the case at all, Aunt Yuan is very gentle, she also treats people kindly. It’s because Aunt Yuan’s family is one of the most powerful families in Yanjing and also the whole of Huaxia. What I know is just what my Mom told me, so I can’t get any more specific. Yuan Ye-ge is also unwilling to tell me.”

Yuan Ye shyly smiled, “You’re exaggerating it.”

“How is this exaggerating at all? Therefore, with Aunt protecting me, Yuan Ye-ge had no opportunity to bully me at all when we were younger. It was also I who bullied him till he cried……”

Hearing Tangtang blab out all the awkward incidents Yuan Ye had as a child, Yang Chen couldn’t help laughing, but he sighed with sorrow inside. Although Tangtang had a rather special childhood due to her parents and definitely had bad times, there were quite a lot of adults who showed her care.

In comparison, his youth was filled with battling like a trapped beast, it wasn’t something they could even imagine.

Yuan Ye’s face turned flush due to the information Tangtang divulged. He coughed and said, “Tangtang, it’s enough that you said till things where I was eight. There’s no need to speak of matters where I was five. You were only three years old when I was five, how could you even remember?”

“I don’t really remember, but Aunt Yuan told me all this. Are you embarrassed, Yuan Ye-ge?” Tangtang reacted as if she had a small victory.

Yuan Ye forced a smile, then said to Yang Chen, “Did you hear that? I occasionally wonder if Tangtang is actually my mother’s child, she only ever sides with Tangtang and not me.”

Looking at these two who seemed like sweethearts, he said, “Are the two of you considered childhood sweethearts then? Aye… this is how the phrase is used, right?”

Tangtang blushed, while Yuan Ye had an awkward expression but smiled.

The car became silent, the atmosphere was rather ambiguous. Yang Chen looked at Tangtang and Yuan Ye playfully, and suddenly felt old. The two of them who were eighteen and twenty respectively were considered brimming in youth.

Although he was only about four years older than Yuan Ye, he felt like there was a huge generation gap between him and them. At the very least, he wouldn’t bashfully smile at the women he likes and be too shy to look straight at them. He might instead already have hugged them and given them a kiss.

Right as this time, the BMW drove into a narrow street, and a huge truck suddenly swerved towards them from the intersection ahead!

Yuan Ye quickly braked and angrily pressed on the horn, this sudden swerve was honestly too dangerous!

However, the situation didn’t seem to be so simple, because from the road behind, a large GMC truck had appeared as well. It stuck to the back of the BMW. Furthermore, from the two trucks, eight men carrying submachine guns jumped out. They all wore large sunglasses, black shirt and jeans.

This sudden development made pedestrians and other road users panic. They all fled in a crazed manner, and it was a chaotic scene.

Four men pointed their guns at the BMW, and one of them who wore metal spike gloves smashed the window!


The car’s glass window shattered, frightening Tangtang to the point where she screamed.

“Drive the car in!” The man’s voice was as apathetic as a machine.

The man who had a long chin pointed at the large truck. There was already a container being opened and a slope prepared. The car only needed to drive into the dark container.

Although Yuan Ye was appalled, he didn’t lose his mind. He glanced at the expressionless and taciturn Yang Chen, sighed, then moved the car into the container.

Once the car was driven into the container, the metal doors were immediately closed. The inside of the container was completely dark, one wouldn’t even be able to see one’s own hands inside.

The interior lights of the BMW were turned on. Yuan Ye turned to check on Tangtang, and saw that she had a pale face from fright, but he was relieved that she wasn’t hurt.

“Yuan Ye-ge, why did this happen? Uncle, aren’t you very strong? Please think of a way! Are they here to kidnap us!?” Tangtang asked with a sobbing tone.

Yuan Ye’s brows furrowed, but he didn’t speak a word. He too seemed to have endless unanswered questions in his head.

Yang Chen sighed and shrugged, then smile at them, “I bumped into something like this just from attending a birthday party, how could I know what they’re thinking? Since we’re already in this metal container, let’s wait till we get out and see what happens.” Copyright 2016 - 2024