Chapter 220-1: Block bullets

The American GMC container truck drove at frightening speeds that ordinary trucks couldn’t contend with. The huge truck had an additional steel bumper, and after charging out of the street, it quickly got onto the expressway.

When the people on the streets called the police to inform them of armed criminals, the police asked for a number plate, but the one who called realized that the two trucks didn’t actually have number plates!

They could only conduct a search based on the appearance of the truck, and the efficiency of this was incredibly low. After all, blockading the expressway which surrounded the city wasn’t something that could be done in a minute or two. Furthermore, the economic losses and traffic jams that would be caused weren’t things that the police department could easily handle.

Inside the large container, Yang Chen and the other two took out their cellphones, and realized that there was no reception at all. This meant that these criminals were well prepared, and had used some way to seal off the cellphone signals.

“What do we do, where are they bringing us? They wouldn’t bring us to to the suburbs just to kill us, right?” Tangtang was after all a young lady, no matter how naughty she was usually, she was still afraid when put in such a situation.

Yuan Ye caringly consoled her, “Don’t worry Tangtang, I will protect you, I definitely won’t let them harm you.”

“How are you going to protect me? Didn’t you see that they have guns? Are you going to take a shot for me like in Martyrs of the Revolution?” Tangtang dejectedly asked.

Under the dim light, Yuan Ye paused for a while, then with a resolute gaze he said, “I will. If they really point a gun at you, I will protect you. If they want to shoot you, they will have to pierce through my body first!”

Yuan Ye’s words were incomparably sincere, every word was resounding, like a promise with his life as a price. He was also this generous whenever Tangtang asked for something.

Tangtang looked at Yuan Ye in a daze, and was out of it for quite some time before she broke into laughter. All of the fear in her were swept away, “Yuan Ye-ge, you’re too much, how wants you to block bullets? Besides, how could they be so silly as to only shoot you? Can’t they just shoot me from the back?”

“I… I’m being serious.” Yuan Ye’s face was a little red, but in a moment of desperation, he didn’t know how to express how he truly felt.

Tangtang reached out her fair little hand and pressed it against Yuan Ye’s mouth, then made a “quiet” gesture, “Don’t say such things, it’s hurts for me to hear.”

Yuan Ye was stunned by Tangtang’s sudden gentle tone, then agreed to her request.

Hearing these innocent youngsters saying such touching words, Yang Chen felt like sighing. His relationship with Lin Ruoxi seemed less like a married couple than theirs.

“If they really intend to have us get off the car then shoot us, I’d think that they’re merciful. I’m afraid that the way they want to kill us may not be by guns.” Said Yang Chen.

Yuan Ye and Tangtang were both bewildered, and asked, “What are they going to do then?”

“For example, they might throw the whole container into the middle of the sea, along with us and the car in it, or they might throw some grenades into the container, blowing us up inside here.” Yang Chen casually brought out two examples, and said, “That way, it’d be more effective than using guns as it’d be harder to trace.”

Hearing this made their scalps go numb. Yuan Ye slapped his own thigh, “If I knew this was going to happen I’d bring some bodyguards out. I originally thought that by driving an ordinary car like this, nobody would notice.

“This won’t happen, we won’t die so easily. They must have some motive for capturing us. Besides, once we’re missing, your family will definitely look for us, they won’t have their way so easily!” Tangtang had calmed down quite a bit.

Yang Chen asked, “Just how many enemies do your families have? I have already bumped into two kidnapping attempts on Tangtang, could it be that your Yuan Family has this problem as well?”

“Yuan Ye shook his head, then frowned and said, “If it’s about enemies, then there are quite a number. Uncle Fang’s Fang Family and my Yuan Family do have many people who hate us to the bone. There are also many families in other provinces who have enmity with us, but there are very few who dare to do it so brazenly, for once they do this either family would fight to the death. Which is why I don’t understand just who is it that is so impatient as to use such a method to kidnap us.”

“As expected, it isn’t easy living as a wealthy person……” Yang Chen nodded in understanding.

While the three conversed, the truck seemed to have come to a stop. The container’s doors were then opened, and the armed men commanded the three to get off.

With guns pointed at them, they naturally didn’t delay and obediently got off the truck. Only then did they realize that they were at a small empty pier.

On a coastal city like Zhonghai, piers like these were innumerable even if those directly by the sea were excluded. Most of them were no longer in use, but the government hadn’t torn them down yet.

“Where are we?” Yuan Ye asked Yang Chen.

“How would I know? It hasn’t even been a year since I returned.” Said Yang Chen.

A man carrying a gun pressed the gun’s barrel against Yuan Ye’s back, “Why are you chatting!? Move!”

Under the supervision of the eight gunmen, the three could only follow them into the cargo warehouse by the pier. On the waters, there were several small speedboats anchored, it was evident that they were well-prepared to flee by sea.

The warehouse’s huge metal door was pushed open from within by a robust man who also held a gun, and once they all entered, the door was immediately closed. No one was left outside to guard, and there was nothing noteworthy of the warehouse if one looked at it from the outside.

Inside the considerably large warehouse, it looked rather decrepit and had a moldy smell. The beams were all coated in rust, and gave off the feeling as if the whole structure could fall at any time.

Yang Chen noticed that there were over twenty of these criminals in the warehouse, and they were all completely silent like a well organized terrorist group. They stood spaced apart and monitored all around the warehouse.

The three were led into a corner of the warehouse, and one of the men who seemed be a leader pointed at three stools.

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