Chapter 219-1: Childhood sweethearts

The next day, Yang Chen was still lying in his bed when he received a phone call from Yuan Ye, the youngster who couldn’t hold back his loneliness.

“Yang Chen, are you awake?” Yuan Ye was in a good mood, it seemed like his twentieth birthday was a wonderful thing to him, and he hasn’t started feeling the dejection of his upcoming thirties.

Yang Chen yawned, “How can I pick up your call if I’m asleep?”

“That’s good then, I’ll come and pick you later. I reckon that you wouldn’t be able to find my home’s address even if you tried.” Said Yuan ye.

Yang Chen was indeed unfamiliar with many roads. Since Lin Ruoxi labelled the Yuan Family as the strongest in Zhonghai, he could understand that the address of their residence was a little different.

“Do you know where I stay?” Asked Yang Chen.

“I don’t, that’s why I’m calling to ask.”

“Dragon Garden number 89. Give me a call once you arrive, I’m going to lie down for a little longer.” Saying that Yang Chen was about to hang up.

“Hold on!” Yuan Ye happily said, “I’ve already arrived. Actually, I’m just calling to confirm that.”

Yang Chen’s jaw dropped. Thinking for a moment, he said, “It must be that brat Tangtang who told you my address.”

“Hehe, you guessed correctly. I’ll be picking up Tangtang after you. Her mother is very strict, if no ones goes to pick her up, it’d be difficult for her to leave house.” Yuan Ye seemed joyful in her misery.

“You seem very happy, is it because you’re relieved that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to be with other men?” Yang Chen laughed and asked.

“You guessed correctly, haha. Quickly come down.”

Although he didn’t meet Yuan Ye much in real life, after playing games and chatting online, the two had become familiar with each other, so he could loosen up when speaking to Yuan Ye. This was something Yang Chen enjoyed, for it was pretty rare for him to have a younger male friend.

After putting on his clothes, Yang Chen shaved his beard so that he wouldn’t appear too unkempt, then went downstairs.

Downstairs, Wang Ma had already prepared breakfast. There were western sandwiches, ham, and milk. Yang Chen casually picked up three sandwiches, then told Wang Ma that he’s going out.

Wang Ma quickly stopped Yang Chen, “Young Master wait, are you going to the Yuan Family member’s birthday party?”

“That’s right, is something the matter?”

Wang Ma was beaming as she walked over to the staircase and picked up a beautiful red gift bag. She passed it to Yang Chen, “This is something Miss asked to be prepared yesterday. It was delivered today, and it’s for you to gift, Young Master. Things that the important people in the Yuan Family likes are all inside.”

Setting aside how Lin Ruoxi knew what the Yuan Family people liked, Yang Chen noticed that this wife of his becomes incredibly enthusiastic whenever she bumps into something that could help advance his career.

Simply based on her trait of trying to turn her husband into a successful dragon, Lin Ruoxi could be considered a model for traditional women.

“Alright.” Yang Chen naturally had no reason to decline. He opened the bag slightly to peek inside, and there were labels on every gift with a different name on each of them. Lin Ruoxi seemed to have thought of everything.

Outside the house, there was a white BMW 335i parked. As Yun Ye needed to pick up two people, he couldn’t drive his flamboyant Audi R8 that only had two seats.

Yang Chen opened the front passenger door, and placed the presents at the back seat.

The handsome Yuan Ye who wore a pressed suit seemed a hundred times more charismatic than usual. Seeing the bag of presents Yang Chen brought, he couldn’t help but laugh and say, “I find it hard to believe that you actually brought a bag of presents.”

“What, I can’t give presents?” Yang Chen asked unhappily.

“You don’t seem like the kind of person who considers such things, I was expecting you to have a meal at my house empty handed, then try to return home early.” Yuan Ye honestly answered.

Yang Chen had a straight face as he said, “It’s prepared by my wife, I can’t possibly brush away her good intentions. A youngster like you wouldn’t understand the sense of responsibility in a marriage.”

Yuan Ye laughed out loud. Without replying Yang Chen, he started the engine and drove off.

Half an hour later, the two arrived the villa in the western suburbs where Tangtang stayed. The roads here were covered with dense greenery as usual.

When they were at the entrance to Tangtang’s home, she was waiting there. She wore Japanese-styled black and white dress, and white stockings. Her fresh and innocent face matched with her cute attire, and was remarkably like the maids of wealthy families in Japanese manga, she just lacked the maid headdress. Seeing Yuan Ye arrived, she waved at the both of them.

Tangtang whose hands were empty got on the car and high-fived with Yuan Ye, and greeted Yuan Ye with a smile.

Next, Tangtang angrily said to Yang Chen, “Uncle, you haven’t called me for many days, if it wasn’t because Yuan Ye-ge’s birthday was today, would you have forgotten about me completely?”

“Why would I call you for no reason?”

“Then do you make calls to your lovers?”

“I don’t… hold on! What lovers? What are you mouthing on about, brat!?” Yang Chen pretended to be upright as he said.

Tangtang made a bleh face, “I have seen through you. Uncle, you’re the Wu Qi, Liu An, Chen Shimei of present times!”

“What did they do?” Yang Chen didn’t have much knowledge of things that happened in ancient Huaxia.

While driving, Yuan Ye, gave him a queer smile and explained, “Wu Qi and Liu An both killed their wives for their own benefit, while Chen Shimei abandoned his wife and children……” Copyright 2016 - 2023