Chapter 213-1: Great Grandmaster level

When Yun Miao said that, Yang Chen, Hui Lin, and Lin Zhiguo were all mindblown.

The mood in the tent immediately froze over, nobody spoke.

After some time passed, Yang Chen was the first to return to his senses. He rubbed his forehead, and questioned the authenticity of what was said, “Abbess, cold jokes aren’t pulled off like that, your joke wasn’t funny at all.”

Yun Miao said with a straight face, “Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Yun-er, I’ve already told you that Yang Chen is married to Ruoxi!” Lin Zhiguo retorted.

Yun Miao had an insincere smile as she said, “So what if they’re married? It’s just a piece of paper. They are together only because that girl forced her way through following what her grandmother taught her, and followed the Lin Family’s rules. A marriage like theirs simply has no prior feelings or love in it.”

Hui Lin was panicking to the point that her face was completely red. She stared at Yang Chen in embarrassment, then pleaded with Abbess Yun Miao, “Grandma, how can you be like this? He’s already married, how can I be married to him! Furthermore, this is the first time we’ve met! You say that there’s no love between Yang Chen and his wife, but what about me and him? I’m far inferior in comparison to his wife!”

Hearing what Hui Lin said, Yun Miao surprisingly smiled happily. She said towards Yang Chen, “Did you hear that? Hui Lin said that this is the first time she’s meeting you, and there’s no love between the two of you.”

Yang Chen didn’t understand what she was trying to say, but he nodded.

“You don’t get it?” Yun Miao seemed displeased.

Yang Chen forced a smile, “What is there to understand about this?”

“Looks like you still aren’t well-versed in reading the thoughts of girls. Hui Lin didn’t say that she dislikes you, she only said that since this is the first time the two of you meet, feelings between the two of you haven’t been developed. This means that this girl wants to meet you more in the future, and develop feelings depending on the situation.” Abbess Yun Miao explained.

It wasn’t just Yang Chen who was shocked by this, even Hui Lin was! A perfectly reasonable rejection had transformed into a flirtatious and vague statement!

“Grandma… it isn’t like that……” Hui Lin was about to cry.

Lin Zhiguo also seemed to be in a bad mood, “Why are you doing this, Yun-er? Although Ruoxi and Hui Lin has different parents, they are both my granddaughters! They are blood-related cousins, are you trying to make them be in conflict forever for the sake of a man!?”

“That’s right!” Abbess Yun Miao glared at Lin Zhiguo with anger, “Back then, I was blind and foolish, and allowed you to send my own son and daughter-in-law to die overseas without even their corpses remaining! If it wasn’t because Hui Lin has been kept by my side, who knows where you’d have sent her to! I mustn’t let Hui Lin follow the disastrous path her parents took. Now that Senior Brother Song has passed and sent Yang Chen to us, I will not let the happiness of my granddaughter be surrendered over to that woman’s granddaughter!”

Lin Zhiguo depressingly sighed, “It’s my mistake, it’s the sins I’ve committed, is this retribution from the heavens?”

Hearing Abbess Yun Miao and Lin Zhiguo’s words, Hui Lin was shocked. She immediately grabbed onto Abbess Yun Miao’s sleeve, and said in a sobbing tone, “Grandma, are… are you saying that my dad and mum… they… they were……”

Yun Miao tenderly wiped the tears off Hui Lin’s smooth cheeks, “Hui Lin, Grandma never told you because I’ve been afraid that you wouldn’t be able to take it. However, I think I shouldn’t keep it from you any longer. You’ve grown up, and have the right to know your past and decide your future. I will tell you the whole story in front of you and Yang Chen, and let you see just how great your so-called ‘Grandpa’ is……”

She said that, coldly glanced at Lin Zhiguo, then began to narrate the past……

Forty years ago, Yun Miao and Song Tianxing were two outstanding disciples of the famous Shushan Sect, while Lin Zhiguo was a rising star in the army. When he started serving, he was touted as the outstanding genius of the Lin Family.

After the three were recruited into the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they went through extensive tests, and Yun Miao gradually fell in love with Lin Zhiguo through those missions.

Song Tianxing who had always secretly loved Yun Miao began to suffer inside because of this. However, for the sake of his beloved junior sister and comrade, he gave his blessings.

As Yun Miao was from a prestigious sect, the Lin Family all supported her relationship with Lin Zhiguo. It was also needless to speak of Yun Miao’s beauty. They had went through many life and death situations together, and their relationship advanced rapidly.

It was at that time when Lin Zhiguo suffered an ambush while on a mission in France. He was seriously hurt, and hid in the apartment of a female student studying abroad.

That female student was from a completely different world compared to Yun Miao, but there was one trait they shared, they were both extremely pretty.

The female student sheltered Lin Zhiguo for a whole month, and Lin Zhiguo could no longer forget her. He even decided that when he returned home, he would tell the elders in his family that he wanted to marry this female student.

However, things never went the way he wanted them to. That female student’s family was just an ordinary merchant family, and there were rebels in her grandfather’s generation.

For the Lin Family who was one of the founding fathers of the country and considered their blood to be noble, a woman like that was simply wouldn’t be considered at all!

With the attraction of becoming the heir of the Lin Family and being chosen to be the leader of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, rather than choosing that woman and being kicked out of the Lin Family, Lin Zhiguo chose to marry Yun Miao instead. Copyright 2016 - 2024