Chapter 213-2: Great Grandmaster level

In the end, Lin Zhiguo married Yun Miao, but his heart remained with that female exchange student. In fact, he even went to Zhonghai many times after getting married to date her.

This was also why Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother never married but had a son and daughter-in-law, and had Lin Ruoxi, her granddaughter.

When Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother was pregnant, Lin Zhiguo had no choice but to reveal that he was already married. It was also at that time that Yun Miao managed to gain information from complicated sources as to why Lin Zhiguo was no longer as affectionate to her as before.

After learning of Lin Zhiguo’s infidelity, Yun Miao was very hurt, and voiced out her pain towards Song Tianxing, but when Song Tianxing got angry and wanted to kill Lin Zhiguo, Yun Miao stopped him.

It was at this moment that Song Tianxing knew, no matter how much effort he put in, there was only Lin Zhiguo in her heart. Even though Lin Zhiguo had done such a despicable thing, Yun Miao considered him her husband, and Song Tianxing her brother.

From then on, Song Tianxing disappeared without a word, and although it made Yun Miao and Lin Zhiguo sad, they couldn’t do anything about it.

As time passed, Yun Miao realized that her attempts to pull Lin Zhiguo’s heart back to her was getting more and more unrealistic. Lin Zhiguo had been secretly protecting that woman’s family businesses and helping them grow, and also stopped the old fogeys in the Lin Family from dealing with them. During the same time, their hearts drifted further and further apart. 

Twenty years later, their son had been married for a year and their granddaughter was born. It was also when Hui Lin wasn’t even three months old that Lin Zhiguo sent her son and daughter-in-law who were both in the Dragon Group to Kashmir for an assassination mission.

Lin Zhiguo was famous for being impartial, so Lin Family members were always assigned to the front lines.

But it was this mission that made this young couple from the Lin Family never return again……

After this, Yun Miao was completely heartbroken over the deaths of her children. The years of resentment she built up with Lin Zhiguo erupted due to the death of her son and daughter-in-law.

Lin Zhiguo knew that it was he who was in the wrong, so he could only accept the blame quietly.

Dispirited, Yun Miao resolutely brought her granddaughter, Lin Hui back to Shushan and gave her a taoist monastic name of Hui Lin. Henceforth, their relationship in public was always as master and disciple.

In the past twenty years, Lin Zhiguo occasionally went to the mountain to see them. Hui Lin knew that this man was her grandfather, while Yun Miao never met him again, and went into closed door cultivation every single time.

It was also those many years of keeping clean that Yun Miao gradually recalled how great Song Tianxing was, and how much she owed him.

It was a pity that during those long twenty years, she never got the chance to apologize.

As Abbess Yun Miao narrated her life story, Yang Chen and Hui Lin were in a daze from listening. Yang Chen finally understood why Lin Ruoxi hated Lin Zhiguo so much. From the perspective of the man, even Yang Chen looked down upon Lin Zhiguo. No matter how much he did for the country, he was indeed unfit to receive love from either of the two women who were devoted to him.

Even though he only provided help to their business secretly in consideration of his clan, he didn’t make any involvement during his granddaughter’s entire childhood. To Ruoxi, this was way too unfair.

To Hui Lin, the deaths of both her parents were caused by her very own grandfather. Although it was indirect, it was still too hurtful. Furthermore, this grandfather of hers had always liked some other woman. For her who had always been with her grandmother and considered her grandmother her closest relative, this was enough to make her hate Lin Zhiguo with a passion!

“Hui Lin, Grandma wants you to become Yang Chen’s wife not just to ease the guilt I have towards Senior Brother Song. You’ve also seen today how intelligent and powerful Yang Chen is, there may not be another youngster who is better than him in the whole world. Moreover, he doesn’t give himself airs like other youngsters these days who act arrogant without knowing how to be reserved. Although he has an indecent mouth, it’s precisely someone like that who won’t treat the woman he loves unfairly.” Abbess Yun Miao spoke from the heart.

Hearing this, Yang Chen was overjoyed. Looks like this Abbess is an understanding person, she managed to voice out one percent of my strengths as a person!

Hui Lin blushed and stammered, “Grandma… I know that you care about me, but… but he’s already married, I can’t force him to have a divorce, right? Besides… besides, he may not like me.” Saying that, Hui Lin secretly glanced at Yang Chen.

Yun Miao laughed, then turned her head to ask Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, have you done your wedding ceremony with Lin Ruoxi?”

“Uh… no.” Yang Chen rubbed his nose and spoke honestly.

“Hmph.” Yun Miao sneered, “I knew it, how could a marriage like this be known to the public? This means that your marriage is only known by a handful of people. Since this is the case, our Hui Lin can compete fairly. I don’t think you consider Hui Lin inferior to Lin Ruoxi, right?”

Yang Chen glanced at Lin Zhiguo, seeing Lin Zhiguo so deep in thought and without the inclination to speak, he calmly said, “Of course not, Hui Lin is very kind, pure, and beautiful. I think any normal man would like her.”

Yun Miao nodded with satisfaction, then said to Hui Lin who seemed to be shrinking away from shyness, “Hui Lin, did you hear that? He first said that you’re kind and pure before mentioning that you’re beautiful. This proves that he places your personality first, what’s there for you to worry about?”

Huh!? You can spin it like this!?

This time, it was Yang Chen who wanted to cry. He didn’t know whether Abbess Yun Miao was a grandmaster at martial arts, but her ability as a matchmaker was definitely at the great grandmaster level! Copyright 2016 - 2023