Chapter 212-2: Compensation

Abbess Yun Miao coldly sneered, “Lin Zhiguo, don’t rely on your old age to bully a young man like Yang Chen, he’s a lot stronger than you! If it wasn’t because of him, all of us would have died due to Broken Blade’s schemes! It would have been impossible to recover the Vairocana Dharma Body! It would also have been impossible to defeat the Blue Storm agents!”

Lin Zhiguo suppressed his anger and replied, “I concede to your statement, Tsunami has already reported to me what happened. However, even if he saved everyone and is a great hero, he can’t ridicule his elder!”

“What sort of elder are you? Yang Chen isn’t related to you at all!” Abbess Yun Miao spoke in defense of Yang Chen.

Lin Zhiguo wore a queer smile, “Yun-er, you stay at Shushan most of the time and don’t know what happens outside. This brat has incredible skills. Right now, he has genuinely become my grandson-in-law……”

When he said this, Abbess Yun Miao and Hui Lin were both staggered. They naturally wouldn’t think that Yang Chen was Hui Lin’s husband, even Hui Lin herself wouldn’t think that way, so the only explanation was……

“You’re saying… you’re saying he……” Abbess Yun Miao didn’t dare believe it, she spoke while pointing at Yang Chen with a trembling finger.

Hui Lin on the other hand seemed to generate intense curiosity as if she had found the new world, and she began to reevaluate Yang Chen.

Lin Zhiguo nodded and said, “That’s right, he is married to Ruoxi. Where you accept it or not, Ruoxi is directly related to our Lin Family. She’s my granddaughter and related to me by blood, and this stinking brat is naturally my grandson-in-law!”

Abbess Yun Miao returned to her senses, and had a mocking look in her eyes, “Lin Zhiguo, you’re truly something. Even that beautiful granddaughter of yours who doesn’t accept you as her grandfather has become a rope for you to increase your influence. You must have planned for them to get married for a long time.”

“I didn’t plan anything, I swear!” Lin Zhiguo replied.

Hearing Lin Zhiguo deny it without any hesitation, Yun Miao was taken aback. She understood Lin Zhiguo. This man could pull of many schemes, but he definitely wasn’t someone the type who would swear so easily.

“It really isn’t arranged by you?” Yun Miao hesitantly asked.

Lin Zhiguo shot a glance at Yang Chen. Seeing Yang Chen’s face that implied that this was none of his business, Lin Zhiguo became even more annoyed. He snorted and said, “Stinky brat, tell her what you had done yourself!”

Seeing Yun Miao and Hui Lin look at him so strangely, Yang Chen bitterly smiled as any lies he made would definitely have loopholes that they would uncover, so he said, “Actually, I was also pretty muddle-headed on that night. I was drunk, and bumped into Ruoxi in a bar. She was in a bad mood and drank a lot, and in the end…… That happened……”

That? What’s that? What does it mean? The innocent and kind-hearted Hui Lin was totally confused.

However, Abbess Yun Miao was an experienced person who understood the Lin Family’s rules clearly. She immediately grabbed onto her sword handle, and was itching to pull out her sword and take a few swings. She was angry from being disappointed by Yang Chen’s actions, “And to think you managed to cultivate Boundless Yearning Derivative Scripture to the eighth stage! How could you fail to exercise control over the desires between men and women!?”

“Erm… Abbess, just should understand just by looking at Hui Lin, Ruoxi isn’t any less beautiful than Hui Lin, I went to a bar to look for women, since I bumped into such a high quality one, why would I hold back for no reason!?” Yang Chen couldn’t deal with this accusation, and blurted out what actually happened!

“What!?” When Lin Zhiguo heard this, his eyes opened wide and he cursed, “You stinking brat! Do you think my granddaughter was the sort who worked as a prostitute in a bar!?”

“No no no…… How could I have the guts to say such a thing, old man? I’m just trying to say that I’m innocent!”

“You’ve already done what you did, what’s there to discuss about innocence for a man like you!?” Yun Miao retorted.

This was unacceptable to Yang Chen, he was about to continue explaining, but Lin Zhiguo suddenly asked, “Hold on a second! Yun-er, what did you just say!? Yang Chen is cultivating in what!?”

Abbess Yun Miao gradually calmed down. She looked at him sideways and said, “Boundless Yearning Derivation Scripture, and it’s even the eighth stage. Yang Chen is a direct disciple of Senior Brother Song!”

Lin Zhiguo was immediately dumbfounded, while the silent Gray Robe who stood behind Lin Zhiguo also looked at Yang Chen with shock that he couldn’t conceal.

“Sen… Senior Brother Song…… Has… has he been well?” Lin Zhiguo sincerely asked.

Yun Miao remained silent, then said to Hui Lin, “Hui Lin, tell him.”

Hui Lin obediently nodded. She opened her mouth and nearly said grandpa, but she immediately got scared and changed her words, “General, Yang Chen told us that Senior Uncle Song has already passed on many years ago……”

Listening to Hui Lin narrate the matters of the past she learned from Yang Chen, Lin Zhiguo was forcefully holding back his tears at the end of it.

“It was we who let Senior Brother Song down. It’s a pity that he would never ever be able to hear my apology.” Lin Zhiguo said in a depressed manner.

Yun Miao coldly glanced at him, “I have made a decision earlier. Since we can’t clear away the guilt we harbor towards Senior Brother Song, we will instead do everything in our power to compensate Senior Brother Song’s direct disciple, Yang Chen.”

“Compensate? In what way?” Lin Zhiguo looked up at Yun Miao, then turned to look at Yang Chen who was also bewildered.

Yun Miao’s lips formed a faint grin, “I want Hui Lin to be Yang Chen’s wife!” Copyright 2016 - 2023