Chapter 212-1: Compensation

When they returned to the campsite at the valley’s entrance, there was another dark gray helicopter parked on the ground. There were also several robust guards who each had a presence that could rival a Dragon Group member guarding the tent.

When Yang Chen followed Abbess Yun Miao into the tent, he saw that everyone from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade was standing tidily in a row, and in front of them was a tall man in a deep green army uniform.

“This has been an arduous mission for all of you. There is no problem with the mission itself, but Broken Blade’s meticulous plot for betrayal and the involvement of dangerous characters had all become an onerous test for you all. I am glad that all of you have returned alive……”

This middle-aged male voice was heard by Yang Chen from afar, and he found it familiar.

When Abbess Yun Miao and her disciple walked closer and exchanged glances with the man in uniform, Yang Chen immediately recalled who this man was!

It was actually Lin Ruoxi’s grandfather, Lin Zhiguo!

When Lin Zhiguo saw Yang Chen, he wasn’t too surprised, but when he saw the unenthusiastic Yun Miao and the slightly excited Hui Lin, he was pleasantly surprised.

“You’ve come.” Lin Zhiguo looked at Yun Miao and spoke like it was both a question and a statement.

In a corner behind Lin Zhiguo, Gray Robe who wore a gray-colored robe also noticed Yun Miao, and he seemed relieved.

Yun Miao looked at Lin Zhiguo with complicated emotions, nodded, then said to the others, “All of you may leave, I have something to discuss with the general.”

Sky Dragon and the others didn’t want to leave as they were curious as to why the general and Abbess Yun Miao had such strange expressions when looking at each other, but since they could tell that Lin Zhiguo approved of Yun Miao’s order, they had no choice but to resentfully leave the tent.

Thus, there was only Lin Zhiguo, his inseparable aide Gray Robe, Yang Chen, Hui Lin, and Abbess Yun Miao left in the tent.

It was awkward for Yang Chen as according to reason, this man who still looked pretty young was his wife’s grandfather, which meant he was also his grandfather. However, because Lin Ruoxi had a bad relationship with the Lin Family, Yang Chen also didn’t know how to face Lin Zhiguo.

If he bonds with him, his wife would be unhappy. Yet, it wouldn’t seem right for him to distance himself.

At this moment, Lin Zhiguo was sorrowfully checking Yun Miao’s condition, “Yun-er, it has been three years since we last met. You’re truly cruel, could it be that you aren’t willing to refuse this husband of yours in this lifetime?”


Yang Chen felt a headache incoming.

So it turns out that Abbess Yun Miao is Lin Zhiguo’s wife!? Which means that she’s the legal wife who chased Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother out of the Lin Family!?

But… since she has already taken the role of being the legal wife, why did she become a taoist nun!?

Yun Miao frowned and said, “Don’t address me like this. Also, I’ve already told you that if it wasn’t because Hui Lin was still a pitiful and lonely child, I’d have broken off all relations with you a long time ago.”

Hui Lin whose eyes were brimming with tears pouted her delicate lips. She had an aggrieved look on her face, “Grandma, are you really unwilling to forgive Grandpa? Even I don’t hate Grandpa, why won’t you forgive him? If we could go home together and live together, that would be such happiness.”

“Shut up! What does a brat like you know!?” Abbess Yun Miao suddenly issued a strict shout at Hui Lin, “You’re not allowed to call him Grandpa!”

“But you said that I can call him Grandpa in private, so it goes without saying that I can call him Grandpa……” Hui Lin tried to argue.

“No buts!” Abbess Yun Miao decisively said, “He’s not worthy to be called Grandpa by you. Think about your deceased father and mother, how can there be a father like him!? How can there be a grandfather like him!?”

At this point, Abbess Yun Miao was feeling very emotional, her eyes were red, like they would burst at any time.

Yang Chen who stood there listening was completely stunned!

What? It’s one thing for Abbess Yun Miao and Lin Zhiguo to be husband and wife, but Hui Lin is actually their granddaughter?

According to the details of their conversation, something seemed to have happened to Hui Lin’s parents because of Lin Zhiguo, which was why Hui Lin was brought up by Abbess Yun Miao, and Abbess Yun Miao was unwilling to forgive Lin Zhiguo.

Yang Chen felt a little sorry for this old handsome dude. Of his two women, one was dead and the other didn’t care about him. Of his two granddaughters, one was as beautiful like a fairy, while the other as pretty as an elf, yet neither would stay with him as one hated him and the other was managed by her grandmother.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen felt like he was doing a little better than Lin Zhiguo. At the very least, his women loved him quite a bit.

He couldn’t help laughing foolishly as he stood by the side.

Lin Zhiguo was distressed and had a headache. Hearing Yang Chen suddenly give out such a happy laugh, he immediately scolded, “Brat! What are you laughing for!? Are you ridiculing your elder!?”

“Ah?” Yang Chen realized he made a mistake as this was basically taking a jab at the old man. He stiffly smiled and replied, “No, my brain just wasn’t working, how could I dare to ridicule you?” Copyright 2016 - 2024