Chapter 211-2: Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture

If it wasn’t because he rapidly advanced in this skill and reached the eighth stage a few years back, he definitely wouldn’t be able to control the violent impulses in his brain no matter how effective the medicine he currently had was.

Abbess Yun Miao pondered for a while, then hesitantly asked, “Then…… Where is Senior Brother Song?”

“He has already passed on a long time ago.” Yang Chen regretfully answered, “When I was nine and just learned all there was to learn about the skill, he took poison and died.”

“Is that so……”

Abbess Yun Miao’s knees went soft, and she nearly fell. Luckily, Hui Lin reacted quickly and propped her up.

“Senior Brother…… You weren’t willing to forgive me till the very end, and refused to meet us even once before you died……” Abbess Yun Miao mumbled in pain, tears flowed down her cheeks, and she helplessly wailed.

Seeing Abbess Yun Miao cry in such a sorrowful manner, it wasn’t right for him to continue speaking. He sighed, and walked out of Coiling Dragon Temple.

It was unexpected that this trip to Tibet would solve a mystery he wondered about for years. The man who imparted this wonderful skill to him was actually a part of Shushan. Since Abbess Yun Miao who was an elder in the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, then as her senior brother, Song Tianxing was definitely a high ranker in the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.

However, why did Song Tianxing go overseas and become an extremely powerful assassin in Zero?

He had many questions, but Yang Chen didn’t have it in him to question the grieving Abbess Yun Miao. He had no choice but to wait for her to recover before asking.

When those outside the temple saw Yang Chen walk out, they didn’t ask what he and Abbess Yun Miao talked about inside, and just smiled at him with gratitude. After all, their lives were saved by Yang Chen who didn’t hold a grudge for their previous trespasses.

“Big Brother Yang.” Leaf’s head was filled with questions. Now that she finally had an opportunity to ask, she did, “How did Big Sister Mo and Auntie Ma suddenly get cured? Weren’t they both unconscious?”

Yang Chen had an amused smile, “Let this be my little secret. Anyway, when I sent them upstairs, I had already relieved them of the poison.”

That day, when Yang Chen carried Mo Qianni and Ma Guifang to the room, he had already used his blood to treat them, and he also left a piece of paper stating that he was going out to do something and not to worry.

Although it was a piece of cake for Yang Chen, he didn’t want the matter of his blood being able to cure poison to become known to everyone.

Once they find out that he is impervious to poison, they would already be on guard against that and find other ways to deal with him. He mustn’t reveal too many of his cards. Although he wasn’t afraid that they’d deal with him directly since nobody was capable of catching him and turning him into their lab rat, the people around him wouldn’t be safe.

“Stingy……” Leaf mumbled.

Sky Dragon also came over, he grinned and asked, “Hey, do you still have that ball from earlier? That ball belongs to Venus? Let me take a look.”

Yang Chen shook his head. He spread his arms and said, “It’s gone, a god’s protective talisman can only be used once, and vanishes after use.”

“How enigmatic……” Sky Dragon unhappily said.

Squall mischievously said, “Sky Dragon, didn’t you say you wanted to duel with Yang Chen? Have you changed your mind?”

Sky Dragon blushed from embarrassment. He coughed twice, then took a look at his wrist, “Aye, it’s pretty late, let me go back to the camp to pack up.” Once he was done speaking, he immediately fled.

“How can this fellow check the time if he isn’t wearing a watch!” Squall voiced his discontent.

Right as everyone was happily chatting, Tsunami’s communication instruments recovered its signal, and he received a message.

“Yes, affirmative, we will go over now!”

Hearing this, Tsunami said to everyone, “The general has come to our camp, let’s quickly go over.”

Hearing the word “general,” everyone became excited, and they all began to run towards the camp at the same time.

Seeing Yang Chen stay put, Leaf hastily pulled his hand, “Big Brother Yang, hurry. The general is here, you were the most outstanding in this mission, the general would definitely give you a reward!”

“Whos the general?” Asked Yang Chen.

“He’s obviously the leader of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade! General is our country’s hero, the Group of Eight and Dragon Group both listen to him!” Leaf proudly said.

Yang Chen smiled and said, “Even so, he’s your leader, not mine. In the strictest sense, I am actually a thorn in your general’s side.

Leaf was stunned, only then did she remember that Yang Chen wasn’t actually a member of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. She sadly released her hand and said, “I see, I’m going off first then.”

A short while after Leaf left, the young nun Hui Lin aided the pale Abbess Yun Miao out of the temple. Abbess Yun Miao’s originally graceful looks that appeared under fifty now seemed over a decade older, even the wrinkles on her face became more prominent.

Seeing Yang Chen standing outside, Yun Miao revealed a rare smile, “Let’s go. Even though you aren’t a part of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, you should meet that person.”

Yang Chen didn’t understand why Abbess Yun Miao said that, but he still nodded. At the very least, he needed a helicopter ride back to Mo Qianni’s hometown. Copyright 2016 - 2024