My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 196-1: She couldn’t handle it

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The next day, it was Saturday. After spending the night at ROSE bar, Yang Chen who was renewed with energy just made it back to Dragon Garden at breakfast time.

Like before, Lin Ruoxi wore a flowery pajamas and sat alone at the large dining table, elegantly eating her breakfast. Seeing Yang Chen enter, she indifferently glanced at him, which was considered a greeting to him, then continued eating.

Wearing an apron, Wang Ma walked out of the kitchen with a plate of egg pancakes. Seeing Yang Chen who didn’t return home last night, she didn’t ask where he had been, and instead urged him to take a seat. Smiling, she said, “Young Master, I knew that you’d come back around this time, your chopsticks and bowl are already prepared.”

Yang Chen glanced at the table, and there was indeed a pair of chopsticks and an empty bowl placed. He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty as Wang Ma trusted him so much, despite the fact that it was a mere coincidence that he returned at this time. If it wasn’t because Rose slept like a little pig, he might have went ahead with another round before returning.

“Wang Ma, if I stay out the night, don’t prepare my share for breakfast.” Yang Chen frankly said.

Wang Ma objected, “It’s one matter whether you return or not, while it’s a totally different matter whether I prepare for you or not. Preparing for all is what it means to be family. I have nothing better to do anyways.”

While saying that, Wang Ma happily returned to the kitchen.

Yang Chen sat face to face with Lin Ruoxi. Just as he was about to take a bowl of congee, he realized that this morning’s newspaper was placed beside the rice cooker.

That was a Zhonghai city newspaper. On the page it was opened on, there was a large title in bold: “Fuerdai couple passionately kiss on a sports car, bringing excitement to a night market in the suburbs!”

[TL: In case some still don’t know, a “fuerdai” is a term for young people who have rich parents, they are the “rich second generation”.]

Below the title, there was an image that was zoomed in, which showed an eye-catching sapphire blue car, with a couple tightly in embrace and sharing an intense kiss.

Without mentioning what was going on with that fuerdai assumption, the people Yang Chen saw in the photo was obviously him and Rose!

Even though their faces weren’t taken from the front and there was only an outline and their sideview, people who were familiar with him would definitely be able to recognize him!

Crap! It got onto the newspaper!?

This newspaper was obviously read by the silent Lin Ruoxi this morning, and was consciously placed beside the rice cooker by her. However, she was currently eating her breakfast in silence, without joy or sorrow, as if nothing had happened. This was worth thinking over.

If this had happened in the past, Lin Ruoxi would probably give him some sarcastic remarks and look at him with disdain.

However, after spending their days together, the two had increasingly become more like a real married couple, or you could say they started to have feelings for each other.

Under such circumstances, Lin Ruoxi used the most direct way to show him that she knew he had kissed another woman. It even got on the newspaper, yet she remained calm and taciturn…… Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t believe that Lin Ruoxi didn’t care at all. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t have asked him if he hated her yesterday, and she wouldn’t have become so depressed.

Thinking about it, there could only be one reason she did this. She was implying that she could pretend that she didn’t see this, so he didn’t need to feel guilty, but he also shouldn’t continue clinging on to a mistake she made. She didn’t intentionally put Qianni in danger, she was pitiful and innocent, and wanted to be treated with more understanding by her husband who was evidently “cheating.”

While Yang Chen thought about how cute his wife was for thinking like this, Lin Ruoxi stood up and unenthusiastically said, “I’m done eating.”

Next, she expressionlessly went up the stairs.

Yang Chen recalled the matter he promised Mo Qianni, and quickly said, “Darling Ruoxi, I’m going with Qianni to her hometown next week, just to let you know.”

Lin Ruoxi stopped on the staircase and softly made a sound for affirmation. This was recognition that she understood.

Like Yang Chen had expected, Lin Ruoxi didn’t ask any questions, but he didn’t know that the two ladies had already spoken about this before.

Yang Chen begun to gorge on his food, but a short while later, Lin Ruoxi who went upstairs came back down. She wore a comfortable white dress with embroidered flowers, and held a black-colored handbag made of snake leather. Her hair draped loosely over her shoulders like she was a fresh and innocent university graduate.

He initially thought that this workaholic intended to work all day again, but since she dressed up so prettily, Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Honey, where are you going?”

Lin Ruoxi sat on the steps of the entrance while putting on a pair of pink sports shoes. She replied, “I’m going out. In any case, it isn’t to a night market.” Copyright 2016 - 2024