Chapter 196-2: She couldn’t handle it

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*Cough cough…*

Yang Chen nearly choked on his egg pancake and awkwardly smiled back. Although this chick didn’t want to harp on this matter, she probably still felt stifled inside.

Since Lin Ruoxi had said such a thing, Yang Chen didn’t have the nerve to ask any further. Actually, he had never blamed her, the way he reacted yesterday was just because he wasn’t used to this side of her. Now that his cheating had been seen by the whole of Zhonghai, he felt a little guilty just from being at home.

What made Yang Chen the most speechless was Wang Ma’s behavior. She obviously knew that the one in the newspaper was him, yet she still treated him with such affection. This made Yang Chen feel a little ashamed despite his thick skin.

After informing them, Yang Chen gave Mo Qianni a call. They booked plane tickets to the Sichuan province for a Monday flight, and the way to Mo Qianni’s hometown in the mountains would be settled when they get to Sichuan.

After leisurely watching TV at home for some time and having the flavorsome lunch Wang Ma made, Yang Chen intended to take a nap, but he suddenly received a call.

Checking his phone, Yang Chen realized that the caller was Li Jingjing.

Ever since his previous conversation with Old Li, Yang Chen never made contact with Li Jingjing again, while Li Jingjing didn’t call or message him till now.

He hesitated, but because he was worried that Li Jingjing got into trouble, Yang Chen still picked up the phone, “Jingjing, is something the matter?”

Li Jingjing became rather depressed, “Am I not allowed to talk to you when nothing’s going on, Big Brother Yang?”

Yang Chen silently sighed, “Jingjing, you should listen to your father. If there’s nothing important, it’s better that we don’t frequently contact each other.”

“I… I want you to go to the orphanage with me, is that out of the question, Big Brother Yang?” Li Jingjing said with a hopeful tone.

Yang Chen felt uncomfortable inside, but thinking of how Old Li was practically begging him, he hardened his resolve, “Jingjing, you have to go there yourself, I need to rest.”

Li Jingjing was silent for a while, then said “okay” and hung up the phone.

Yang Chen heard the sound of the call getting cut, and sighed in relief. Rejecting this innocent girl was actually really difficult, especially when he thought of the times they spent together, which made Yang Chen’s heart ache.

However, since he decided to live like a normal person in society, he couldn’t just ignore the opinions and needs of others. If he just did as he felt like just because he doted on Li Jingjing, that would make things difficult for Old Li and his wife, which would be letting them down.

It was only when it was dark and it was dinner time did Lin Ruoxi return home. Seemingly tired, she carried a large black paper bag in.

Yang Chen thought the bag was filled with documents or books, so he just continued watching TV after a glance. However, Lin Ruoxi walked towards him with the paper bag, and placed it in front of him.

“What’s this?” Yang Chen was surprised, could it be for him?

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips, and shyly said with her eyes looking downwards, “The mountains get very chilly during autumn, and the land in Sichuan also has high elevation. Remember to bring this coat with you next week.”

Only then did Yang Chen realize that the word “Burberry” was printed in the corner of the black paper bag.

He couldn’t have expected Lin Ruoxi giving him a present even in his dreams. She even went out to get it for him because he was going out of town next week; and was going with a another woman.

While Lin Ruoxi watched expectantly, Yang Chen obediently took out the Burberry coat inside.

This was a thick and dark trench coat with a large checkered design. The style was Burberry’s improved version of the trench coats worn by the British army. It gave off an air of being calm and steadfast.

Yang Chen knew that a traditional British trench coat like this wasn’t cheap. The one in his hands costed at least three months of his pay!

“This coat seems expensive. Even though Yu Lei’s departmental stores may sell this, you didn’t need to get something so high-end, I won’t wear it often.” Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi with appreciation. It was nice of this woman who had years of being involved with the fashion world choose a coat for her man.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Lin Ruoxi’s brows creased slightly, she softly asked, “You don’t like it?”

Seeing that she was slightly depressed, Yang Chen quickly smiled and said, “I’m just saying that it’s too expensive for me, though I do like the coat very much.”

It was as if there was a load off Lin Ruoxi’s back as her lips slightly curved upwards, “It’s not expensive, it costed less than thirty thousand dollars.”

Once she said that, Lin Ruoxi turned away and went up the stairs like a tornado, like she couldn’t bear being in front of Yang Chen for any second longer.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. A piece of clothing that costed thirty thousand dollars was something only this wealthy chick would call inexpensive. Hearing Lin Ruoxi’s brisk footsteps, it was obvious that she was happy inside, while she also seemed bashful for buying clothes for a man, so she “fled.”

It was then that Wang Ma just came out of the kitchen to call the two to have dinner. Seeing Lin Ruoxi run upstairs like a frightened little bunny, she curiously asked, “Young Master, what’s the matter with Miss?”

Yang Chen grinned, raised his new coat at her, and said, “She couldn’t handle a praise from her husband.”

Wang Ma was a bright lady, and immediately understood what he meant. She couldn’t help but cover her mouth and chuckle, her eyes became shaped like two crescent moons, and she seemed very satisfied.

Yang Chen silently lamented how this shy and cute side of Lin Ruoxi seemed totally different from the one who coldly schemed and brought down two listed companies like and executioner. The heart of a woman was indeed profound beyond measure. Copyright 2016 - 2023