Chapter 195-2: Perfect date

Rose remained in the car from the beginning till the end. Her movements were as smooth as silk, and in a blink of an eye, the person injured had instead become Hao-ge.

It is said that rats abandon a sinking ship.

This was a woman that even their leader feared, and she put him on the verge of death in seconds. How could they possibly dare to stay any longer? Therefore, they immediately fled to their cars and drove off.

Yang Chen also got back into the car, closed the door, started the engine, and drove off.

Nobody attended to the two men who laid on the ground. Perhaps the police would arrive later, but the killer and the victim were both members of the Red Thorn Society. In the end, how the matter gets resolved would depend on Rose, so it didn’t matter if it was dealt with sooner or later.

When the car got onto the expressway, Rose apologetically sighed, and shyly said, “Hubby, I’m sorry. I never thought this would happen.”

“Why say that? It’s not your fault for being born beautiful.” Yang Chen smiled and said.

Rose pursed her lips and forced a smile, “That’s not what I mean. You brought me out on a date for the first time, yet this happened because I didn’t manage my subordinates well, I feel very apologetic over it.”

“Do you feel that a date that begun perfectly and has a bad ending isn’t satisfactory, and is depressing?” Asked Yang Chen.

Rose thought for a bit, then nodded, “A little, but life is just like that, who knows what could happen in the next moment? We can only accept fate.”

“That isn’t necessarily the case.”

Saying that, Yang Chen didn’t drive to the expressway exit that was close to the bar, and instead exited at the closest exit.

Bewildered, Rose asked, “Hubby, where are going?”

“Take a guess.”

Rose smiled and rebuked, “I rarely even leave home, how would I recognize other roads?”

Yang Chen didn’t answer her. He drove past several considerably empty streets, and drove to somewhere that was well-lit. The area had many shops with bright signboards and heavy human traffic. Though the road was fairly spacious, the vast amounts of pedestrians made it difficult to drive.

This was one of the well-known night markets in Zhonghai, and it was a place that would be flooded with people every night.

When Yang Chen drove in the crowds with the sapphire blue Lotus, there were immediately countless envious gazes directed at them, like the car was a shiny attraction in the night market.

Seated in the car, Rose felt rather nervous. She wouldn’t even get this nervous if a bunch of people with machine guns was in front of her.

In her whole life, she had never seen this many people, and had never been to such a bustling place. Furthermore, they had become everyone’s focal point!

Suddenly, Yang Chen stopped the car right in the middle of the night market!

“Hubby, you……”

Before Rose could ask, Yang Chen pressed the button to open the car’s roof.

This Lotus sportscar was a cabriolet, so with just a press of the button, the car’s roof slowly reclined, and folded into the trunk.

Immediately, the sounds from outside the car were heard. There was shouting, music, traffic sounds, and it all entered their ears.

Yang Chen and Rose who sat in the car naturally gained attention from their surroundings. However, as people knew that this car was probably incredibly expensive, most people kept their distance and looked. They wondered what this rich couple wanted to do.

Rose’s beauty attracted many passionate gazes, which made Rose feel uncomfortable as she was used to living in the dark alone. She was rather reserved even during meetings with her subordinates, and rarely interacted with others. Being surrounded by so many fervent stares made her heart beat faster.

The bright lights of the night market lit up the two, and lit up the crowd of people.

Yang Chen turned his head, and looked at the uncomfortable and somewhat helpless Rose with a smile.

“Hubby, why are you doing this……” Rose mumbled with a blush. The many faces which stared at her made her incredibly nervous.

“Because I want to give you a perfect date……”

As he said that, Yang Chen leaned over, and held Rose’s exquisite waist. And right in front of her wide eyes, he kissed her lips……

For a moment, everybody in their surroundings stopped in their tracks, even the shouting peddlers became quiet, and watched this brazen couple.

It was only when she felt his warm breath did Rose come to realize that she and the man she loved was kissing in front of countless strangers!

She moved away her lips with difficulty. With deep blush and delicate panting she said, “Hubby, don’t be like this, everyone’s looking.”

“You don’t like it when I kiss you?”

“No… that’s not it, could we please have the roof back up?” Rose pleaded.

Yang Chen shook his head, “If we put it back up, then why buy a car like this?”

“But we didn’t have to put it down to kiss either……” Rose was so embarrassed that slid her body down the seat.

Yang Chen stroked Rose’s smooth and fragrant hair, then warmly said, “I just want everybody to see that Situ Rose belongs to me, Yang Chen. She isn’t someone who only can live in the darkness, isn’t a pitiful person who has no freedom, and is instead a happy lady who makes other ladies jealous. She’s more beautiful and outstanding than anyone. I love her, and I’m not afraid that others will mock us.

After he said that, Yang Chen once again kissed her.

Their lips interlocked, creating a beautiful sight in the bustling night market.

This time, Rose didn’t dodge. Her beautiful eyes were tightly closed, and sparkling tears flowed out. It was a complex feeling of happiness and sourness.

Countless eyes focused on this couple, and it seemed like everyone in the surrounding had stopped conversing. All that could be heard was the music that some stores played.

After some time, some youngsters began to clap, and gradually, the sporadic claps became groups of people who clapped, and then just about everybody clapped……

Everyone present clapped to cheer them on, and several young couples couldn’t help but kiss as well. The couple in the car was already in their own world, and had forgotten where they actually were.

Amongst the crowd, these two people seemed so insignificant.

But after tonight, some people would continue to remember that passionate kiss in that car, on that night. Copyright 2016 - 2023