Chapter 194-1: One finger

Due to the screams of several lady customers, the manager and several servers of the restaurant realized something had happened, so they hastily ran over.

Seeing that Rose was basically done eating, Yang Chen put down a few red notes on the table and asked Rose, “Shall we?”

Rose had known that Yang Chen wanted to deal with this fellow how didn’t know his place, but didn’t expect him to do it so straightforwardly. Since she was full, she nodded, got up, and intended to leave with him.

As for that fellow on the floor who brought the wine over, Rose couldn’t be bothered with whether he lived or died.

When the restaurant manager saw Yang Chen intending to leave with his arm hooked with the woman who caused all this, he immediately blocked them. With a nervous expression he said, “Sir, you’ve knocked a guest unconscious, how can you just flee like this!?”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “I’m someone who is leaving after I finished my meal, it’s not like I’m not paying. As for the unconscious fellow, that is his problem, what does that have to do with you?”

“This… this is my restaurant’s responsibility, it’s our duty to protect our customers.”

“Am I not your customer?” Asked Yang Chen.

“You are……” Replied the manager.

Yang Chen then asked, “Then why are you getting in my way? You need to protect him, but also need to protect me, so how is a matter between me and him any of your business?”

The manager felt his logic becoming jumbled up, and urgently said, “Even so, the police has to be called!”

“That’s right, you go call the police, while we walk off, you don’t have any right to compel us to stay.” Saying that, Yang Chen stuck his foot forward, intending to walk away.

The manager took two steps back to let several servers block their way, he said, “Sir, I wouldn’t be able to answer to the guest who’s hurt like this, please stay here!”

Yang Chen was rather annoyed by now, he closed his eyes, then opened them again……

That manager stared straight at Yang Chen. Suddenly, he felt a dreadful fear for cruelty and violence in his mind. The manager felt like there was a sharp knife that could pierce his heart in Yang Chen’s seemingly ordinary eyes, it made him feel weak in the knees, and he nearly fell.

“May I go now?”

“Y…yes……” The manager’s head was covered in cold sweat as he cowered to the side.

Watching Yang Chen and Rose walk away, the restaurant’s manager seemed to have lost all strength as he powerlessly sat on the ground.

At this time, the unconscious Jiang Wen woke up, and groaned from the pain……

When they walked out of the restaurant, the moon was hanging high in the sky, and the cold autumn winds blew.

There were quite a number of people strolling by the lake. The willow trees on the bank was already dropping its thin leaves, while the red maple tree was brightly colored and looked like fire under the street lights.

Rose stretched her back in pleasure, then walked ahead, turned back and walked in reverse. With a smile on her face, she said, “Hubby, you didn’t need to frighten them, that restaurant manager is pretty pitiful.”

Yang Chen laughed and said, “I was doing that for his own good, by walking off, this matter would just remain a private issue between that Jiang fellow and I. If it was settled in his restaurant, it’ll definitely affect his restaurant’s business.

“That’s true, I just wonder if that annoying fellow has woken up yet, it’s best if he turned into vegetable.” Rose said without a care.

That Jiang Wen had given Rose an incredibly shitty impression, and a large part of it was because he mocked the man she loved in front of her.

The two strolled along the riverside for a while, then returned to the car park to go home.

The way back was extremely quiet. As this suburban road was spacious and had less traffic, it made the driving experience exceptionally good. When the car approached the expressway’s entrance, Yang Chen suddenly realized that there was a row of eight black cars blockading his path.

Yang Chen had no choice but to stop his car, but at the same time, the eight cars turned on their high beam!

Furthermore, all sixteen were xenon headlights!

The blinding lights made it difficult for people to open their eyes, the cars that were behind Yang Chen had no choice but to also slow down to a stop. Everybody was barred from getting onto the expressway.

Yang Chen glanced at Rose who sat beside him, and she obviously wasn’t happy. She had obviously guessed that this had to do with Jiang Wen.

“Hubby, you should’ve smashed his temples.” Rose angrily said. Copyright 2016 - 2023