Chapter 194-2: One finger

Yang Chen awkwardly smiled, for this lady had truly been enraged. Today was originally the first time the two actually dated outdoors, Rose was incredibly happy, yet they bumped into a fellow who didn’t know his place and kept blabbering nonsense. After spoiling her mood, he still wasn’t done!?

Next, over a dozen people walked over in front of the lights.

Under the bright lights, the man who walked at the very front could be clearly seen. This person had his head wrapped with bandages, and had a pale and malevolent face. This was precisely Jiang Wen who was knocked out and on the floor a while ago.

Beside him was a short-haired middle-aged man who wore a black suit and silver necklace, and he had a large nose. He walked alongside Jiang Wen, seemingly calm.

Jiang Wen pointed at the azure-colored Lotus sportscar, and said to the middle-aged man, “Hao-ge, it’s the couple in this car. That woman didn’t know her place, and the man put me in this state!”

The man addressed as Hao-ge waved his hand, and his subordinates behind him charged forwards with steel pipes, ready to wreck the car.

As the sportscar had been through modifications like tinted windows, the people outside couldn’t see inside clearly. These thugs saw that no one was getting off, so they intended to resort to force.

Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t just watch the car get wrecked by them, so he got off the car and said to the henchman who was walking over aggressively, “Hey, wait wait. You want to wreck the car? Are you even able to pay for it after wrecking it?”

Seeing that someone got off the car, the henchman stopped and turned his head behind.

“Hao-ge, it’s this brat! He’s the one who beat me up!” Jiang Wen grabbed onto Hao-ge’s elbow, and began to curse uncontrollably.

Hao-ge evilly smiled to Jiang Wen and said, “Mr. Jiang, it’s a deal. After this, you have to pay us a million.”

“Don’t worry, as long as you do him in and hand that woman over to me, one million is no problem!” Jiang Wen fervently said, “However, Hao-ge, don’t make me shoulder the blame if anything happens!”

Hao-ge laughed out loud, and patted Jiang Wen’s shoulder, “Brother, have I ever brought you any problems when working for you? As long as the money is received, all will be settled.”

Saying that, Hao-ge turned to look at Yang Chen, and sized up Yang Chen with interest, “Youngster, is this car… yours?”

Yang Chen shook his head and spoke honestly, “It belongs to my woman.”

Hao-ge had an expression of realization, “So you’re in the gigolo profession, youngster. Not bad, you have a face like that but still managed to snag a wealthy woman. However, since things have progressed to this point, I, Ah Hao, have to be accountable for Mr. Jiang. Please have your pretty lady step out of the car instead, it’s has to be stuffy inside.”

“Since you agree to do that Jiang fellow bidding because he’s giving you a million, why not ask if we will also give you money to instead get rid of that Jiang fellow?” Yang Chen calmly asked.

Hao-ge’s eyes shone, “I like this suggestion of yours, if you guys could come up with an amount that could sway me, I might actually change plans.”

Now, Jiang Wen was flustered, and immediately shouted, “Hao-ge! You can’t do this! We’ve cooperated so many times, how could you help an outsider to deal with me!?”

Hao-ge coldly glanced at Jiang Wen, “Mr. Jiang, we work for money, not for you. If you provide more money than them, we’ll naturally remain your brothers.”

Jiang Wen’s face turned flushed, then paled. He was obviously angry that this man had no loyalty, but did not have the guts to say it.

“Well then, youngster, how much do you guys intend to give? If the amount isn’t enough, I might not change plans.” Hao-ge expectantly said.

Yang Chen thought about it, then raised just his middle finger at Hao-ge, “I’ll give you this.”

Hao-ge creased his brows, then asked, “One finger, so ten thousand?”

Yang Chen shook his head with a smile.

“Ten thousand is too little, so it’s a hundred thousand?” Asked Hao-ge

Yang Chen still shook his head.

“One million!? You guys are giving a total of two million!?” Hao-ge was delighted.

Yang Chen felt helpless, and spoke in a sorrowful manner, “Is money all your eyes can see? Can’t you tell that I’m ridiculing you with my middle finger?”

Hao-ge nearly fainted from anger, and his face became flushed by anger. If it wasn’t because he had short hair, he might actually have steam coming out of his head.

“What the hell, you’re toying with me!?” Shouted Hao-ge.

Yang Chen waved his hands, “No way, I’m not interested in toying with men.”

Hao-ge finally lost his patience, with a nefarious smile he said, “I have no interest in wasting my time with you. Since the woman in the car isn’t willing to come out, then I, Ah Hao, will invite her out in your place! I will show you what’s a true man right in your gigolo face!”

As he said that, Hao-ge strutted to the passenger seat’s door, and opened it! Copyright 2016 - 2024