Chapter 193-2: You’ll find out in a moment

Rose sweetly smiled, “Actually, I think I’m not suited to such occasions. Just look, when other women go out, they bring handbags and maybe even a hat, while I just changed my clothes and left home like a country bumpkin.”

“How about we buy you a handbag later? I don’t think I’ve seen you carry one before, let me buy you one.” Yang Chen enthusiastically asked.

Rose shook her head, “If I needed one, my subordinates would have sent me hundreds of them, my everyday items are bought in bulk. I don’t carry one because I don’t need one. If it was a knife sheath or a gun holster, yeah…… I’d be happier if I can get a limited edition firearm that has already stopped production.

The server who led the two to their table had clearly paused while he walked.

Yang Chen knew that this poor fellow had been frightened, so he couldn’t help but smile and say, “Darling, didn’t I just tell you this earlier? Don’t keep thinking about fighting and killing, flower arranging and gardening are better. Shooting guns, shooting in a girl, and shooting alone in the dark are things for men to do.”

Rose rolled her eyes at him and remained silent.

After they sat down, they ordered a bottle of 1983 Lafite. This wine wasn’t cheap by any means, so it made the waitress who served them smile brightly.

But when Yang Chen straightforwardly ordered three steaks, the young lady was stunned.

“Sir, do you still have friends that haven’t arrived yet?” The waitress asked.

Yang Chen shook his head and answered, “No, I’m eating three servings by myself.”

The waitress then left hurriedly in shock.

Rose frowned and said, “Hubby, eat more vegetables, it isn’t good for the body to eat so much meat.”

Yang Chen smiled without a care, “Although scientific research and nutritionists say that eating too much meat is bad for the body, enjoying meat is a habit that I grew up with. All these years, I’ve practically lived on meat and alcohol, yet aren’t I perfectly fine? Furthermore, you should be more knowledgeable about my body than others, darling Rose. I’ve been different from an ordinary human since a long time ago……”

When he spoke to the end, Yang Chen subconsciously had a pained expression.

Rose grumbled, “What are you saying? You’re not allowed to say that about yourself, which part of you isn’t normal?’

Knowing that she didn’t like what he said, Yang Chen didn’t say such things anymore. Once the steaks were served, he began to devour on them with his fork and knife.

Although Rose hadn’t ate at a Western cuisine restaurant often, she was born in a well-off family and had good education. She ate gracefully in small bites, and sipped the wine naturally.

The two chatted over the many things that happened over the past year. Looking back, it wasn’t that long, but there were plenty of things worth reflecting over.

While they were in the midst of conversation, a waitress brought over a bottle of Margaux to the table, and said to Rose with a smile, “Miss, a gentleman had me send this bottle of red wine and some words to you.”

“What gentleman, and what words?” Rose had no idea what was going on.

The waitress said, “The gentleman said that only the royal personality of the Margaux could match your beauty.”

Shocked, Rose turned to glance at Yang Chen. Seeing that he didn’t have any reaction, she turned back to the waitress and said, “Return it, I don’t need this.”

The waitress was sent back, but a short while later, a scholarly man with neatly combed hair walked over. He wore a suit, leather shoes, and gold-rimmed glasses. Holding the same red wine which was worth over ten thousand, he approached Rose.

“Hello Miss, my name is Jiang Wen. I became so bold as to send this bottle of wine because I was entranced by your beauty, I hope I didn’t offend you.”

Rose put down her fork and knife, and her brows wrinkled slightly, “I’ve already said that I don’t need it.”

“Miss, I hope you’ll give me a reason for rejecting me. I believe that if you’re willing to give me an opportunity to know you better, you’ll realize that I’m better than this uncultured man who eats three sets of steak that are twenty two ounces each.”

The man Jiang Wen was ridiculing was none other than Yang Chen whose fork and knife didn’t even pause.

However, Jiang Wen’s way of flaunting himself made Rose unhappy. Rose’s expression had begun to darken.

At this time, Yang Chen had finally finished the last piece of beef, and wiped his mouth with a towel. He burped, then said to Jiang Wen, “Hey, is this wine of yours very expensive?”

Jiang Wen didn’t even turn to look at Yang Chen, he continued to look at Rose with intoxication as he replied, “Lafite may be the queen of red wines, but it’s still a level below this bottle of Margaux, you wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

“That may be the case, but I don’t think I need to know that either.”

Yang Chen stood up with a leisurely expression, and suddenly snatched the wine bottle in Jiang Wen’s hands.

How could Jiang Wen manage to hold onto the bottle with his strength? The bottle was immediately in Yang Chen’s possession.

“Mister, what are you trying to do!?” Jiang Wen glared.

Yang Chen looked at the wine bottle’s label for fun, then grabbed the neck of the bottle and smiled to Jiang Wen, “You’ll find out in a moment.”

As he said that, that, Yang Chen swung the bottle of red wine!


With the sound of the bottle shattering, wine splashed all over. The ruckus made half of the people in the restaurant jump in fright!

The nearby customers looked in shock!

With that swing, Yang Chen smashed the bottle of wine at Jiang Wen’s head!!!

Jiang Wen’s eyes rolled back, he had no idea whether the redness flowing down his head was blood or wine. Staggering, he took a few steps back, fell against a dining table, and fainted!

“Geez, it’s fine that you look down on me for eating so much, but you came over to snatch my woman for no reason, isn’t that asking for death?”

Yang Chen threw what remained of the bottleneck at Jiang Wen’s body, then wiped his hands with a towel.

The surrounding people were all stunned. Without even mentioning the pitiful state of Jiang Wen, over ten thousand dollars was just wasted because he smashed that bottle of red wine! Copyright 2016 - 2023