Chapter 189-2: Truly venomous

Xu Zhihong gripped his wine glass tightly, to the point that it shattered!

“Ruoxi… this move of yours is… truly venomous.” Xu Zhihong didn’t fly into a rage. After thinking it through, he just looked at Lin Ruoxi with a grim smile.

Lin Ruoxi sighed, “I don’t like to do such things, but like earlier, I can only tell you that I’m sorry, I’m a businessman.”

“Well said, you’re a businessman, I’m a businessman, victories and defeat are commonplace in business.” Xu Zhihong shook his head with a bitter smile, “By laying low for so long and being so cold, you managed to make us forget that you’re a businessman. We were too careless, and ended up receiving this fatal strike from you. Congratulations, it seems like for the next ten years, Yu Lei would be the absolute leader in the market for this new product.”

“Thank you, if there’s nothing else, we’re leaving now.”

Lin Ruoxi casually placed the wine glass on a table, then leisurely walked towards the exit as if nothing had happened.

Yu Lei’s executives saw that their CEO have left, while Donghua Science and Technology’s people began to angrily glare at them, so they also followed Lin Ruoxi out of the banquet hall.

Like before, Yang Chen followed Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni into the car.

In the car, the three didn’t speak. Mo Qianni drove, Lin Ruoxi stared at the scenery outside, while Yang Chen reflected on the many abrupt changes that happened on this day.

In a single day, Lin Ruoxi had shocked him quite a number of times, blowing away his impression of her over and over!

Yang Chen saw this woman’s decisiveness to kill and her cold schemes. Her cold countenance which didn’t need to be faked had become her most effective acting skill, which she used to fool outstanding intellectual peers like Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong.

No one would have expected that Yu Lei who was just a participant in this new product would have progressed into becoming the greatest profiteer of it!

While gaining sixty-five percent of the profits, they beat Changlin Media into a trench, and made Donghua Science and Technology receive and enormous setback!

Yang Chen found it difficult to look at this woman as the same one who adorably held a glutinous rice ball with two hands and secretly nibbled on it……

“Why aren’t you saying a thing?” With a poker face, Lin Ruoxi suddenly turned around and asked Yang Chen.

Yang Chen rubbed his head, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Do you find that I’m a venomous woman?” Asked Lin Ruoxi.

“I don’t know, perhaps I just find you different, and haven’t become accustomed to it.” Yang Chen honestly answered, “But I definitely don’t think you’re venomous, that was just a battle of wits for business. When you capitalists battle, there’s no such thing as venomous.”

Lin Ruoxi softly said, “Even if you think I’m venomous, I’d still do what I did. Granny told me that if it wasn’t because she had become an outstanding entrepreneur, she wouldn’t have been able to survive. In this world, defeating opponents of the same level is necessary to survive. Even if there’s no way to defeat them, you mustn’t give them any chance to eat you up. I just want to protect myself, and protect what my granny left for me. If you were in my position, I believe that you’d do the same.”

Yang Chen thought of the time back at the hospital, where he met Lin Ruoxi’s grandfather, Lin Zhiguo. According to their conversation then, Lin Zhiguo seemed very apologetic towards Ruoxi’s grandmother. Although he didn’t know what actually happened in detail, it was obvious that Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother was a pitiful woman.

Looking at this woman who had melancholy in her eyes, Yang Chen felt jittery inside, the many things he had no knowledge of was eating at him, and made him feel irresolute.

“Qianni, stop the car ahead, I want to go out for a stroll.”

At this time, the car was in the downtown of Zhonghai, so Yang Chen decided that a stroll would do him good.

Mo Qianni didn’t ask why, she just complied, and looked for an open parking lot to drop him off.

When Yang Chen got off, he lit up a cigarette for himself, and waved goodbye to the ladies, “I’m going out for a stroll, don’t wait for me to have dinner.”

Watching Yang Chen slowly walk into the distance, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Qianni, does he hate me now?”

“I think he just isn’t used to you being like this. He actually cares about you, which is why he reacted this way.” Mo Qianni felt rather sour inside as she also liked this man, but had to console his woman.”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly stroked Mo Qianni’s hair, “I’m very happy that you’d choose to console me at a time like this.”

“We’re besties, of course I have to stand on your side.” Mo Qianni

“In a few days, you can go to your hometown with Yang Chen, and bring your mother back.”

Mo Qianni’s eyes widened, “Ruo… Ruoxi, how did you know that I want to… I want to bring Yang Chen to my hometown?”

Lin Ruoxi had a depreciating smile as she said, “Don’t worry, though I plot against others, I definitely wouldn’t do that to you…… It was Auntie who told me that you’re going to see her with your boyfriend.”

“My mother?” Mo Qianni covered her mouth with shock.

“She was very concerned as to what kind of person your boyfriend was, while the only person she could contact about you was me……” Said Lin Ruoxi.

Mo Qianni immediately began to panic, for what she was doing was practically a confession, her cheeks felt scorching hot.

“Then… Ruoxi, how did you describe Yang Chen?” Mo Qianni’s heart thumped and beat quickly. She felt that it was shameful to ask, but she couldn’t help it! Copyright 2016 - 2024