Chapter 190-1: Looking for another man

Lin Ruoxi didn’t answer Mo Qianni’s question immediately.

After keeping silent for a while, Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“That’s right. That day when Auntie asked me, I thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t know how to describe Yang Chen, so I’ll let Auntie see for herself.”

Many thoughts cropped up in Mo Qianni’s mind, “I guess so, actually, I don’t know how to describe him either. That’s just how liking someone is like, you don’t know what merits the person has, though you can pinpoint the faults the person has. However, you can’t bring yourself to actually hate those faults, and always feel that if that person changed those faults, it would feel weird. But if that person doesn’t change, he would make others feel anxious. It’s all so vexing.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at Mo Qianni who was thinking deeply with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “Qianni, you seem to have very deep understanding of it.”

“Ah?” Mo Qianni suddenly realized just who she was talking to regarding Yang Chen, and her face became so flushed like it could burst, “I… I’m just casually mouthing off, Ruoxi you meanie, why are you looking at me like that! I… I’m not the type who is hoes before bros! Besides, that fellow isn’t that handsome, it’s better to leave him to you! You’ll have a horrible headache!”

With that said, Mo Qianni turned away and pretended to be concentrating on driving, and drove towards the company.

Lin Ruoxi turned towards the direction Yang Chen left, and softly sighed.

Yang Chen’s mood hadn’t improved since he smoked while strolling alone, he still felt stifled.

Looking around, he unwittingly found himself in Zhonghai’s famous shopping district. There were rows and rows of huge signboards and deafening music, all to attract customers go in to spend money at their stores and restaurants.

In the middle of the street was an area filled with green plants, and alongside them were dark red tables and chairs made of wood for pedestrians to rest at.

Yang Chen wasn’t interested in buying anything, and planned to take a seat to arrange his thoughts. However, right as he was about to take a seat on a red stool, a petite and cute figure charged over!


Wearing a yellow tank top, white jacket, and washed ripped jeans, this young lady looked like a delectable little doll. She leaped into Yang Chen’s embrace, and hooked her arms around Yang Chen’s neck. She was practically hanging on Yang Chen’s body!

Seeing the beautiful face that he hadn’t seen for a while this closely, Yang Chen couldn’t help but blink his eyes several times, he doubted his own eyesight, “Tangtang?”

Tangtang nodded with the both emotions of anger and joy. Releasing her fair arms, she cutely drummed on Yang Chen’s chest with her little hands, “How mean! Uncle you’re so heartless, you haven’t called me out to play for so long! If I hadn’t I bumped into you today, do you plan on never contacting me again in this lifetime!?”

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you studying hard for your finals? I figured that you’re busy, so I didn’t disturb you from your studies, it’s for your own good!” Said Yang Chen.

“Excuses!” Tangtang stuck her tongue out, “Those are just excuses. Do you hate me, hold me in contempt, and no longer consider me a friend!?”

Yang Chen forced a smile, this brat had begun spouting gibberish, “Can you not overthink things? I was just busy with my own matters, and knowing how strict your mother is with you, I didn’t contact you. Besides, I’m not all that great, on what basis could I hold you in contempt?”

“But you can’t stop meeting me for such a long time still……” Tangtang resentfully spoke like a hurt little flower.

Yang Chen casually tossed away the cigarette butt, and counted with his fingers, “I don’t think it has been that long? It hasn’t even been a month.”

“A month isn’t considered long!? Do you know just how many months there is in a year, and how many months a person can experience in a lifetime!? Even if a person lives till a hundred years old, that’s just a mere thousand and two hundred months, what you’re doing has thoroughly hurt my fragile and youthful heart……” Tangtang angrily said.

“Stop right there!” Yang Chen gestured her to stop with his hand, “In the end, what I owed you in my previous life, I will never be able to pay back in full in this life. My dear boss, please bluntly tell me what you actually want.”

Yang Chen didn’t even need to guess that this brat was thinking of a way to make him do what she wanted.

Tangtang laughed out loud, “Uncle you truly understand me. It’s nothing much, I just forgot to bring my wallet out today. Uncle, would you please treat me to a meal? I’m really hungry……”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh and rubbed Tangtang’s head, “After beating around the bush so much, all you wanted was a free meal. Why not just say that from the start?”

“I actually really miss you, Uncle, but as a girl I have to be more reserved. I never expected that you’d be such an ungrateful and disloyal man that wouldn’t even take the initiative to contact me……” Tangtang grudgingly said.

“Alright alright, I was ungrateful to whom? Let’s go eat, what do you want to eat? Just say it, I haven’t had lunch either.”

Tangtang rubbed her chin and pondered, “Let’s have McDonalds then.”

“Can we have something else? They’re both burgers, but I think the local roujiamo is tastier.” Said Yang Chen.

[TL: Roujiamo is a type of burger from china, it typically uses steamed buns and pork, a popular street food]

Tangtang stared at Yang Chen with an expression like she was looking at an alien, “If you can find a place nearby that sells roujiamo, then we can have that.”

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