Chapter 189-1: Truly venomous

When Lin Ruoxi revealed this explosive piece of news, everyone was stunned. Evidently, no one had expected the situation to develop in this direction!

Xu Zhihong’s expression paled, he forced a smile, “Ruoxi, don’t make a joke like this, I am the Green Laboratory’s boss. If Professor Green wants to leave, he’d definitely inform me beforehand.”

“He doesn’t need to inform that to you at all, because you’ve already personally signed to have Professor Green leave your research facility and join Muyun’s. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and ask Professor Green, I believe that he should have seen the dismissal document you signed by now.” Said Lin Ruoxi.

“That’s impossible! I have never signed such a thing!” Xu Zhihong raised his voice a little. He received a phone from Hairy Ball, and made a call.

When the call connected, Mandarin which had an American accent was heard, “Mr. Xu? I’m surprised that you’d actually give me a call at a time like this.”

Hearing Professor Green’s slightly sarcastic tone, Xu Zhihong’s felt a chill down his back. With a rigid smile, he asked, “Professor, what do you mean, have I done something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, it was my work that has left you dissatisfied, and I feel guilty about it. Since you’ve decided to dismiss me from the research facility, then I shall accept my classmate, Professor Li Guangxun’s invitation, and work with him at Muyun.”

“What!? Professor, when have I ever said that I want to have you fired!?” Xu Zhihong was practically shouting.

Green was rather astonished, “It was a lady from your company who handed me the document. It was clearly written there that the research facility would be handed over to my assistant, Gols. I have to leave by the end of next week, and can recognize your signature. To be honest, this made me rather disappointed, after all, I’ve helped you to build up this research facility all these years. Since you no longer need me, I’ve chosen to quietly leave, but I’m very grateful that you’re still willing to give me a call at a time like this.”

What the hell!? What on earth is going on!?

Xu Zhihong contained his emotions, and hurriedly said, “Professor, listen to me, it’s a conspiracy! I’ve never wanted to dismiss you from the research facility!”

“My apologies, Mr. Xu. I don’t know why you’d suddenly say that, but I have personally verified that it was signed by you, and I’ve already booked an air ticket to Hong Kong, where my fellow professor is waiting for me to join. I feel that this is a good ending. Muyun Corporation’s Boss Li has been good to me, and has already brought my family to Hong Kong. I’ve decided that I will work for him. If you insist on your confusing statement, then all I can say is sorry, Mr. Xu. Like one of your Chinese sayings, our predestined affinity has come to an end. Goodbye, Mr. Xu.”

Green said his piece and cut the call.

Xu Zhihong smashed the custom-made phone onto the ground, and it broke into pieces!

“Why? I want to know why?” Xu Zhihong’s eyes began to turn red. Even though he was facing the woman he had been chasing after, he was at a point where it was difficult to contain his anger.

Lin Ruoxi was completely unfazed by him, “What happened was very simple, I gave you a document for firing Professor Green, and you happily signed it, so this happened.”

“You’ve never given me such a document! You must’ve forged it!” Xu Zhihong said with a low voice.

“Did you really not? Think about it carefully.” Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips into a slight smile.

Xu Zhihong began to rack his brain over this, then he remembered that day where Lin Ruoxi suddenly paid him a visit, and mentioned to him about collaborating to beat down Changlin Media who just entered Zhonghai.

Xu Zhihong raised a trembling finger and pointed it at Lin Ruoxi, “It’s… it’s that stack of contracts!?”

That day, when Lin Ruoxi proposed to take advantage of the alliance with Muyun and Changlin to deal a fatal blow to Changlin, Xu Zhihong was very much in favor of it.

He was very clear that as Yu Lei’s CEO, Lin Ruoxi surely didn’t like a powerful company like Changlin Media who was in the same industry taking root here, so it was normal that she would want to beat Changlin Media down.

Lin Ruoxi had also said that although Zeng Xinlin was her senior, at a time like this she had to consider the big picture, and consider the employees under her……

After hearing that, Xu Zhihong naturally wouldn’t have any suspicions. Add on to that, he also really wanted to suppress Changlin Media. He wanted to kick the Zeng Family’s powerful establishment out of Zhonghai before they could take root. Therefore, he accepted Lin Ruoxi’s suggestion to join forces and take down Changlin.

However, Lin Ruoxi was afraid that Xu Zhihong would renege on this deal and do nothing when the stock market war begins, so she took out a stack of contracts that were dozens of pages long, and made Xu Zhihong sign them so that the secret partnership could be set in stone.

In that situation, seeing how Lin Ruoxi was being careful and sly about this plan, Xu Zhihong didn’t think much of it. He casually flipped through a few pages, then carefreely signed on the papers. He hadn’t expect that within that stack, there was a page with extra contents……

Xu Zhihong viewed Lin Ruoxi the same way Zeng Xinlin did. They thought of her as a girl with a cold character with capabilities, but thought that she definitely wasn’t the type to use poisonous schemes. Therefore, both of them didn’t put enough guard against Lin Ruoxi!

Zeng Xinlin underestimated Lin Ruoxi’s cold-hearted side, while Xu Zhihong underestimated Lin Ruoxi’s crafty and incredible acting skills.

He simply didn’t expect that this woman who always spoke with a poker face, who never joined any social events would brew such a sinister scheme which would kill two birds with one stone!

What hurt Xu Zhihong even more was that Lin Ruoxi’s scheme was a gamble that she had no way of losing!

Lin Ruoxi gambled, gambled that he wouldn’t be wary of her, and that he would casually sign the contract without taking a proper look at the it.

Furthermore, even if he realized that something was wrong with the contract, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t suffer any losses. At the worst case, she would just have to settle for lesser profits with the two companies, and the direction of the war as a whole wouldn’t change!

In the end, it was his stupidity that truly allowed Lin Ruoxi emerge victorious in her gamble!! Copyright 2016 - 2024