Chapter 187-1: Crash

“No matter how big the matter, don’t lose your calm.” Zeng Xinlin said with a deep voice.

Lu Tao took deep breaths to forcibly calm his state of mind, and said, “I’ve just received reports that in Hong Kong, large quantities of our shares have been dumped at low prices, which have also caused individuals to also begin dumping them. Right now, the same people who sold those shares earlier are buying more than double of what they had before, if this goes on……”

Zeng Xinlin’s expression became as sharp as the edge of a knife. He picked up a phone, and immediately called the finance department’s manager, Liu Musheng. Liu Musheng had been a part of Changlin Media for many years, and was an internationally renowned stock trader. He has held the helm of the ship named Changlin Media’s shares for a long time.

“Uncle Liu, what’s the status?” Zeng Xinlin tried his best to ask calmly.

A thick and low voice replied, “Xinlin, the shortage of funds is too great, I’ve already ordered people to buyout the shares being sold, but there is too little capital to hold them down. If this goes on, we’ll crash!”


This piece of news was enough to make Zeng Xinlin form a fist in his other hand, he had to urge to smash the phone.

“Okay… I will try to raise money as soon as possible……” Replied Zeng Xinlin.

Hanging up the call, Zeng Xinlin immediately instructed Lu Tao, “Immediately get all subsidiaries to send money to headquarters, all expenditures will only be talked about after this crisis!”

“Yes boss!” Lu Tao knew that he couldn’t waste any time in a life and death moment like this, so he immediately ran out.

Zeng Xinlin took a deep breath, and made a phone call.

“Oh, Brother Zeng, it’s rare that you would call, I really miss ya!” A crisp voice was heard from the other side.

Hearing such warm words made Zeng Xinlin relax a little, “Chief Wang, I’m really vexed right now. This morning, so many media outlets reported negative news of us Changlin Media. The state administration of radio, film, and television is ruled by you, you’ve got to help me on this, it’s too late for what’s already out there, but at least stem the wound.”

“What? Have those media outlets eaten too much and become constipated!? Don’t worry bro, I’ll go take a look at it for you now.”

“Many thanks then.” Zeng Xinlin put down the phone and exhaled. That’s right, I still have connections, and still have the Zeng Family’s status in the government!

However, that naturally wasn’t enough, the most important thing was to fill the shortage in funds.

Zeng Xinlin once again picked up the phone, and this time, it was a lady who answered.

“Sir Zeng, how did you find the time to call me?” The lady on the phone had a mature charm.

Zeng Xinlin cursed her as a seductive fox inside, but flattered on the surface, “How could an angelic bank president like you, Boss Zhuang, have the time to pay a small fry like me attention?”

“Kekekeke…… Sir Zeng’s mouth is as sweet as ever. Speak, what matter made you look for me?”

“It’s like this, there’s an emergency at Changlin Media, so I hope Boss Zhuang could allow me to take a loan.” Zeng Xinlin was feeling anxious so he laid out his thoughts frankly.

Boss Zhuang maintained silence for a while, then said, “Sir Zeng, it isn’t that I’m stingy, you also know of the bank robbery recently, right? Our bank is currently quite messy, and many matters have become inconvenient. Without a mortgage, we can’t lend you beyond a hundred and fifty million, will that be okay?”

“Then I will mortgage! All subsidiaries and estates under be can be used!”

“If you choose to mortgage, the money cannot be transferred immediately.” Said Boss Zhuang.

Damn it! You’re toying with me!?

Zeng Xinlin sighed with clenched teeth, “Alright then, a hundred and fifty million it is!”

A dollar is a dollar, after Zeng Xinlin continued to call over a dozen banks and managed to raise over a billion, but once he went online to check the stock market trends, he realized that this still wasn’t enough. To hold off this horrific assault, he still needed more money!!

After thinking for a good while, Zeng Xinlin dialed a number that he wouldn’t ever dare to dial unless he had no other choice.

The call was only picked up after ringing for some time, and an elderly voice was heard, “Xinlin, I already know of the situation you’re in.”

“Grandfather, I was too careless, but I’ve already borrowed enough funds, all I need is another billion, and I believe I can turn the tides! We are the bankers in this game, and have the natural advantage, I believe that we can do this!” Zeng Xinlin earnestly said. Copyright 2016 - 2024