Chapter 187-2: Crash

Grandfather Zeng maintained silent for some time, then asked, “How much money did you ask for earlier?”

Zeng Xinlin became overjoyed, he knew that despite the fact that the position of Patriarch had been passed onto his father’s generation, the true authority was still in the hands of his grandfather who lived reclusively. As long as he said the word, Zeng Xinlin would be able to attain funds from all establishments of the Zeng Family.

“One billion! I just need one billion. Once this crisis is cleared, I will definitely be able to earn it all back!” Zeng Xinlin nearly choked when he spoke.

“Xinlin, give up. Don’t even mention one billion, I can’t even give you five hundred million. Besides, according to what I know, even if I gave you two billion, you still might not be able to survive this crisis.” Grandfather Zeng sighed and said.

Zeng Xinlin’s face became ashen. Feeling unresigned, he asked, “Why… Grandpa, you’ve definitely investigated who did this, it’s Yu Lei, isn’t it!?”

“That’s right, from the intelligence I have right now, it’s Yu Lei’s Lin Ruoxi.”

“Then you should be very clear to the fact that Yu Lei had also just invested a whole five billion. No matter how rich they are, they can’t possibly pull out another five billion at once!” Receiving confirmation that Lin Ruoxi was responsible, Zeng Xinlin felt jittery inside.

Grandfather Zeng asked, “What if we add on Donghua Science and Technology, add-on the Xu Family’s Xu Zhihong?”

This news was like a clap of thunder, and made the hand which Zeng Xinlin hold the phone tremble!

Xu Zhihong!?

Xu Zhihong, which the three companies are collaborating to fight against is Lin Ruoxi’s ally!?

All of the fog in Zeng Xinlin’s mind had cleared, but at the same time, he became more chilly and frightened than ever before.

This woman… just what kind of horrifying thing has she just done!?

“Xinlin, you’re too young, and have overestimated your capabilities and charisma. In the business world, there is no gender disadvantage, and no deep or shallow friendship. All there is is mutual deception, as long as there are benefits to be had, a successful businessman would never give up any opportunity.” Grandfather Zeng said, “You’ve completely failed this time, because Lin Ruoxi didn’t use any means that were illegal or endangered society. She won beautifully. Even I can’t help but admire this girl’s wise judgement and methods.”

“Grandfather…… I can’t give up, I…… I took great pains to make Changlin stand firm in Zhonghai. Furthermore, I just obtained such an important deal, how… how can I just give up like this!?” Zeng Xinlin couldn’t contain his agitation.

Grandfather Zeng replied in a deep voice, “If you lost then you lost, opportunities will always arise. If you want to defeat your enemy, then never fear defeat!”

Zeng Xinlin’s hand froze, after some time, he sighed and said, “Yes. Grandfather, I understand now.”

At the same time at Lin Ruoxi’s private resort, there was a different atmosphere in the concealed computer room.

Dozens of computers were in the middle of processing at high speeds, nine staff members who wore casual clothing were in the middle of typing at lightning speeds.

On the big screen, Changlin Media’s shares dipped up and down, but trended downwards as a whole, destined for death.

Lin Ruoxi silently stood on a stage at the back with her arms crossed as she expressionlessly stared at the big screen.

Behind her, Yang Chen, Mo Qianni and Xu Zhihong sat by a round table and also watched as Changlin Media’s empire faced their fate of being toppled over.

Wu Yue walked up the stage, pushed up her glasses, and reported to Lin Ruoxi, “Boss Lin, Changlin Media can no longer buy any more of their shares, in a few hours, all investors will stop buying shares and continue dumping them, and Changlin Media will crash.”

“I got it, let the Athena Team continue keeping an eye on the situation. Once this ends, I will bring them to a celebration feast.” Lin Ruoxi spoke with a clear voice.

She brought down a practically evenly matched opponent with one move, but this woman didn’t seem to be happy at all.

A young female member of the Athena Team turned around. She was a European redhead with a lollipop in her mouth, and beaming with smiles she spoke Chinese with an English accent, “Boss, we’ve worked so hard for this job, give us a vacation please?”

Lin Ruoxi revealed a rarely seen slight smile, “Sure, I’ll give all of you a month of rest along with a vacation bonus of two hundred thousand each.”

“Oh yes! Praise my goddess!!!” Several foreign male members happily clapped.

Yang Chen who watched this scene unfold frowned, he asked Mo Qianni, “She gives wages just like that?”

“It’s just two hundred thousand, the salary and bonuses of Athena Team members are at least three million each. You think talents are cheap?” Said Mo Qianni before rolling her eyes at him.

Yang Chen discontentedly grumbled, “Why am I only earning a hundred thousand a year? This isn’t fair, I’m also a talent.”

Xu Zhihong who sat beside them laughed, “Mr. Yang, demanding your own wife for pay isn’t a good thing.”

“You’re just being blatantly jealous.” Yang Chen paid him no more attention after that, and said to Lin Ruoxi, “My wife, asking for money doesn’t seem right, we can privately discuss living off you later. Tell me why this happened.”

After watching all this time, Yang Chen only understood the fact that Changlin had fallen, but as one of the people responsible for the alliance between the three companies, he simply couldn’t wrap his head around why this happened! Copyright 2016 - 2023