Chapter 186-2: Something horrible happened


Zeng Xinlin who came to the office early in the morning hadn’t had any coffee, which was rare. He only steeped a cup of green tea, because what he needed wasn’t more energy, but a serene state of mind.

Because, Zeng Xinlin felt that his emotions weren’t stable.

Half an hour ago, the finance department had confirmed that there was seven billion in the shared Swiss Bank account, so Zeng Xinlin ordered the whole five billion that they had raised to be transferred in.

In this way, this collaboration is set in stone, and nobody can back out. After all, it was written in the contracts that the twelve billion in funds may only be used for researching and producing the new product.

However, it’s exactly because everything had gone so smoothly that Zeng Xinlin began to feel restless.

He wasn’t an idiot, and more so wasn’t a reckless fool. He knew what he was doing, but he supposed that this investment was too big and felt like he couldn’t get over it.

Sitting back at his big leather chair, Zeng Xinlin began to look at the business contracts on his computer. He was full of confidence towards the future.

The family had put a large establishment like Changlin into his hands, and he resolutely chose to move and develop in Zhonghai. Although he expended a lot of human and financial resources to take root, the future prospects in this move couldn’t be overlooked.

Changlin Media was different from other companies who were in the fashion industry. Even Yu Lei International who was the biggest in Zhonghai didn’t have government connections like Changlin Media, this was a phenomenal advantage.

Zeng Xinlin firmly believed that as long as this collaboration succeeds and produces a profit, Changlin Media’s future growth would definitely surpass Yu Lei International.

Lin Ruoxi may be a remarkable businesswoman, but in Zeng Xinlin’s eyes, she was just regarded as a beautiful woman, a woman that should ultimately be conquered by him……

He had nearly succeeded in college. Although she was now with another man, Zeng Xinlin believed that with what he had, he could take her back.

Besides, he had already find “flaws” about that man.

Therefore, Zeng Xinlin wasn’t in a hurry. What he needed to do was to plan every step properly and uprightly. He was Lin Ruoxi’s senior, and in the future, he would also be superior to Lin Ruoxi in the business world!

Right at this point, urgent knocks were heard from the door.

“Come in.”

Lu Tao’s plumped body rushed in, and he anxiously said, “Boss, I just received information that Huaxia Weekly, Zhonghai Daily, Jiangnan News and at least twenty other media outlets have all reported negative news of companies under our Changlin Media, and are all scandals about dirty rules and things happening behind the scenes!”

Zeng Xinlin immediately trembled from fright, but he wasn’t too agitated. He knocked the desk and asked, “Have you investigated the source?”

“Those media outlets have suddenly broke off all connections with us, but we could hold a press conference to clear off these matters as they do not have enough evidence, how… however……”

“However what?”

“Our shares have fallen to the lowest it has been this month, and are in the middle of being indiscriminately purchased by unfamiliar companies. There are also individual buyers purchasing large amounts of shares…… I feel like something isn’t right.” Lu Tao cowardly whispered.

It isn’t right!? Of course it isn’t right!

Zeng Xinlin felt his scalp go numb, he gradually became aware of what the problem was, and shouted, “Immediately raise funds from all subsidiaries, amass all funds possible, do it now!!”


Lu Tao cowardly ran out of the office as if he was thoroughly frightened by Zeng Xinlin.

Zeng Xinlin could no longer sit still, he stood up and paced back and forth for he knew that this was a premeditated war of capital reserves.

A battle like this only had three outcomes, either you die, I die, or we both suffer grievous wounds!

An enemy that would initiate such an attack is definitely one that plans on fighting to the death!

Who is it!?

Changlin barging into Zhonghai had without a doubt offended many other companies in the same industry. Those who want to deal with Changlin could be found everywhere, but the only one who could actually do something about it was Yu Lei!

It’s Lin Ruoxi? That cold and quiet woman who looked like she wouldn’t even hurt a fly!?

That junior who stuck onto me during studies!?

Zeng Xinlin couldn’t believe that a woman like this who seemed keep away from any conflict would be the one to swing the executioner’s blade at him……

After his imagination ran wild, Zeng Xinlin had the impulse to call Lin Ruoxi and ask if she knew about this and whether she was behind it, but after he picked up the phone, he put it back down.

He knew that as long as he asked, no matter what the answer was, he would never be able to attain this woman in this lifetime; he couldn’t ruin his chances of that!


Lu Tao’s shout broke the silence in the office, the fatty entered with his forehead covered in sweat, and sullenly said, “Boss, something horrible has happened!” Copyright 2016 - 2024