Chapter 180-1: Alice in Wonderland

When Yang Chen said the word “date,” Lin Ruoxi was evidently caught off guard, she cautiously stared at Yang Chen without a word.

Yang Chen just thought of it as Lin Ruoxi being unaccustomed to receiving such an invitation. He was too forward and said it out of the blue, so he quickly took it down a notch and said, “Is it too soon? Then how about we just go out for dinner?”

Lin Ruoxi faintly shook her head, then softly asked, “Do I need to change clothes?”

“Change into what?”

“What clothes should I wear on a date?” Embarrassed, Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen finally understood. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go on a date, she just didn’t know how to date. Therefore, he gently smiled and said, “You don’t need to change, you’re fine as you are. But the car has to be changed, it has to be me who brings you for a date, not you driving me for a date.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded with an uncertain heart and drove the car. She drove the red Bentley all the way to where Yang Chen had parked his car. They then got out of the Bentley and entered that white M3.

“Where are we going?” It was her first time going on a date, so Lin Ruoxi was a little nervous, and she spoke with a softer tone.

Yang Chen’s interest was piqued. His normally cold wife had suddenly turned into a shy, young girl experiencing her first love. How could he withstand such an attack? He had the urge to reach out and pat her head, but he was also afraid that she would suddenly throw a temper. He lifted up three fingers and said, “I’m going to give you three choices: watch a movie, go shopping or visit an aquarium. Which do you prefer?”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes immediately lit up. She thought for a bit before replying in a voice that carried traces of anticipation, “Then let’s go to the aquarium. I’ve never been to one. I like tropical fishes, they’re really pretty.”

“It’s too late now, the aquarium’s going to close soon. Pick something else,” Yang Chen said.

“Then… the shopping centre. Let’s go look at the shopping centres owned by my company. It’ll be a surprise inspection.” Lin Ruoxi settled for the next best thing.

Yang Chen shook his head, “Shopping? That’s way too exhausting for me. Don’t take me for a fool. I know that you women won’t even care about the men once you start shopping.”

Lin Ruoxi’s brows furrowed together, “Then where should we go?”

“To the movies then! We can just sit down and watch, how great.” Yang Chen smiled as he spoke.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip as her frustration rose. She puffed up her cheeks and protested coquettishly, “Then why are you still giving me choices!? Couldn’t you just tell me that we’re going to the movies from the start!?”

Yang Chen grinned, “Aren’t I showing some democracy? I gave you three choices; isn’t it possible that you might have picked watching a movie as your first choice? If you didn’t pick it, I who drive the car will control where to go to, so it’s still my choice in the end. Isn’t this what all leaders do? Aren’t you a leader yourself? You should be familiar with it then. Democracy, democracy, hehe…”

“You scoundrel! I’m getting off, why don’t you go and have a date by yourself!” A layer of frost covered Lin Ruoxi’s pretty face as she made a move to get out of the car.

Yang Chen laughed, “It’s too late!”

Right after he finished speaking, the BMW squealed with its tires intensely rubbing against the ground, the car burst out of the car park like a bullet!

Lin Ruoxi who was about to release her seat belt became stuck on her seat due to the sudden g-force!

“Are you mad! I want to get off!”

“My wife, what did you say? I can’t hear you!!” Yang Chen laughed out loud.

On the road that was sandwiched between neon lights, the car drove on it like a streak of white and red, the roaring engine shocked all surrounding pedestrians.

As there were fewer cars in the vicinity of the exhibition centre which had wide roads, the car kept speeding up. Later on on the expressway, he was even able to pull up the handbrake and drift on several bends!

“Lunatic! Stop! Stop!! Crazy guy! Crazy……”

After Lin Ruoxi continued screaming for a while, she could no longer care about stopping Yang Chen. She was afraid that one little mistake could cause the car to smash into the railings, so she covered her face with her hands, sitting there like she had resigned to fate. Allowing her body to sway with the inertia of the car……

Although it wasn’t her first time going through Yang Chen’s racing-like driving, Lin Ruoxi still felt like her soul was being pulled from her body in all directions. This feeling of going at the speed where life hangs on the edge was something that couldn’t be experienced by watching movies.

Only when they had reached an area where there was more traffic flow did Yang Chen slow down the car, and did Lin Ruoxi slowly lower her hands and sigh in relief.

Feeling her heart beating rapidly without any control, Lin Ruoxi didn’t even have the strength to scold Yang Chen anymore. She just looked at him quietly, as if she could strangle him with her gaze.

Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind her at all, “Don’t look at me like this, I just feel that it’s a pity that you do not experience the fun of driving when you have such a good car. Since you’re so young, I’m letting you experience the thrills of speed.

“I do not need such a mad experience.” Lin Ruoxi’s face was pale, and her teeth were clenched as she spoke.

“That wasn’t a mad experience. My driving skills are good. I don’t mean that I drive fast, I mean that while driving faster than others, I drive safer than anybody. If someone with terrible driving skills drive, no matter how slow that person goes, that person would still end up knocking into something. I believe in myself, and hope you can believe me too.” Said Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi sarcastically smiled, “Someone who doesn’t even have a driving license is telling me that he drives safer than anybody, just which part of you should I be believing in?” Copyright 2016 - 2024