Chapter 180-2: Alice in Wonderland

“Look here, madam(monk-style). You’re once again overly attached to appearances. A driving license is merely a piece of paper, and is at most a slightly firm piece of paper. In this world, the education certificate that people spend ten to twenty years to attain can no longer prove the true education level of the person, and it can even be faked. Do you think that a driving license that can basically be attained in a month would prove anything?” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi snorted and looked away, “I won’t debate with you, all you speak of are fallacies.”

“Well well(monk-style), fallacies are also a form of reasoning, this falls in line with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, so why can’t it hold up?”

Since she was a child, there had never been a man who spoke to her with a jesting tone like this. While finding it rather amusing, she turned back and asked, “Do you wish to become a monk?”

[TL: Yang Chen called her “女施主” or madam, which is a form of address to ladies only used by monks. He said “善哉善哉” which is a common phrase for monks which doesn’t really have a better translation than “good,” but I used well well since it fit the context better.]

Yang Chen placed a hand on the steering wheel while his other hand rubbed his chin, “Being a monk is pretty good too. I reckon that a monk’s biggest regret is that despite seeing the body of a nun, they had never seen the body of a lady. I’ve seen a woman’s body, so if I can see a nun’s, I’ll be complete.”

It took a long time for Lin Ruoxi to think about what those words meant, but when she did, her cheeks immediately blushed, and she uttered “rogue” before she looked away from him.

When they arrived at the car park at Zhonghai Cinema, Lin Ruoxi took out her phone, and asked Yang Chen, “What do you want to watch? I’ll get Wu Yue to book a booth.”

“Book a booth?” Yang Chen was perplexed, “What booth?”

“Isn’t it necessary to book a booth when watching a movie?” Lin Ruoxi replied.

Yang Chen asked in detail before understanding that Lin Ruoxi had always been watching movies alone in a VIP booth on the second floor, while her tickets were always booked beforehand by Wu Yue. All she needed to do was to present her identification card, and a specialized employee would lead her in.

It seemed like this chick had never ever seen a movie the normal way before.

“That’s not necessary. Get off, we’ll go to the cinema, and I’ll buy the tickets. Book what booth? Are you watching the movie or the heads of other people when sitting on the second floor?” Yang Chen laughed and said.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t used to this, but she took her bag and followed behind Yang Chen.

There were many people around, majority were young men and women in pairs that came to watch a movie. Lin Ruoxi found it fresh to be in such a lively environment.

When they arrived at the main entrance of the ticket office, there were two rows of movie posters. Yang Chen pursed his lips, then said, “Take your pick, which do you fancy?”

Lin Ruoxi swept her gaze at the posters, and her eyes were fixated on the poster of 《Alice in Wonderland》, she then glanced at the other posters, shook her head, and said, “Anything is fine, you choose.”

Yang Chen snickered inside, for it seemed like she didn’t dare to express which she actually liked for fear of being mocked for her “childish” tastes. Feigning a thoughtful hum, he said, “Let’s watch 《Alice in Wonderland》 then, the poster looks pretty good.”

“Okay!” Lin Ruoxi immediately approved with a smile.

Yang Chen mischievously looked at her, which led her to realize that she had revealed what she actually wanted, so she blushed and looked away.

When Yang Chen bought the two ordinary tickets for the movie, the two walked into the cinema. There were several beverage and popcorn shops in there, and Yang Chen bought a bucket of popcorn and two cups of orange juice before they entered the theatre.

Lin Ruoxi sat on an ordinary seat in the middle of the theatre. She looked at the many men and women who sat around her who were waiting for the movie to start, and found them speaking to each other softly.

When a paper bucket of popcorn was suddenly placed in front of her, Lin Ruoxi turned her head, and Yang Chen looked at her in the darkness, “Here, hold this, you didn’t have dinner, fill your stomach with this.”

“No need, I’ve never eaten this previously.” Lin Ruoxi softly said.

“My lord wife, would you please do me the honor?” Yang Chen spoke like he was hoaxing a child to eat.

Lin Ruoxi pouted, took the bucket of popcorn, and put a popcorn into her mouth…… It was sweet, fragrant, and crispy. It had been too many years since she last ate this, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but eat another.

Seeing her eat with relish, Yang Chen placed the orange juice by Lin Ruoxi’s seat, “If you get thirsty, have some juice, be careful not to choke.”

Lin Ruoxi felt warmth inside. A cheap ticket, cheap seat, cheap food and beverage, and such a noisy ambience. These were all things that she had never even thought about personally experiencing, but such an environment was much enjoyable than she had thought.

Did it feel special because it was a fresh experience, or was it because there was someone to watch the movie with her?

Lin Ruoxi sucked on the straw and drank the orange juice. While she was immersed in this experience, 《Alice in Wonderland》 began showing on the big screen.

Seeing Alice in that fantasy world, on the entertaining journey that felt both real and dream-like, Lin Ruoxi recalled some words that she heard from some drama……

“There’s a disease called the Alice in Wonderland syndrome, it’s like the visual illusion when a telescope’s front part is turned towards you, and like being in a fairy tale world everyday. It’s a magical yet pitiful syndrome.

I have definitely got that syndrome, otherwise, why is it that whenever I’m with this man who has no redeeming traits, the time that I spend with him feels like a fairy tale?”

These words were always remembered by Lin Ruoxi, but she was never able to experience it herself. Yet, this feeling and this situation made these thoughts surface.

As she thought about it, Lin Ruoxi felt her cheeks burning up. They were rosy……

How embarrassing, how embarrassing! Since when have I become so shameless! How can I even think of such corny words……

But she couldn’t stop herself from occasionally glancing at the man beside her, and immediately lowering her head every time she did.

Is this chick alright? Why is her face so red? Does she have a fever?

In the darkness, Yang Chen took note of Lin Ruoxi’s queer behavior, and his head was filled with questions…… Copyright 2016 - 2023