Chapter 179-2: I want to protect you

On the other side, Mo Qianni who had been receiving guests for a while noticed Yang Chen’s arrival. While she was surprised, she just continued to chat with guests like she didn’t see him since Lin Ruoxi was also present.

Yang Chen was delighted to be idle, and just as he wanted to find a quiet spot to eat some fruits, he caught a glimpse Tang Wan who wore a red and black cold shoulder dress. Her resplendence spread far and wide as she walked in from a small door. With a sexy and graceful smile she said, “Mr. Yang, we meet again so quickly.”

Many people recognized Tang Wan. After all, Tang Wan had connections in Zhonghai that one couldn’t ignore, and she was herself was a property magnate. Her complicated background also made people keep a respectful distance. Therefore, when they saw her take the initiative to speak to an unknown man, many people began to guess whether there was some dark secret between them.

When Lin Ruoxi who had been secretly paying attention to Yang Chen saw this, her beautiful brows slightly twitched.

Yang Chen had now understood what it meant for someone to be everywhere. She didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry and asked, “Miss Tang, could you tell me just how many properties you own?”

Tang Wan was stunned, then chuckled and said, “To be honest, I don’t know how many I own either. I would rarely visit even once a year to each place, so I can’t give you an answer. But if you are sick and tired of seeing me, Tang Wan can immediately leave.”

“How can that be? I feel very content that Miss Tang isn’t fed up with seeing me.” Yang Chen believed that Tang Wan had a bad impression of him.

Tang Wan pursed her lips and said, “Mr. Yang, do you remember what you promised me previously?”

Yang Chen pondered over this for a moment, “Have a meal together?”

“That’s right, but till the very end, you didn’t leave me any contact details, Mr. Yang. You wouldn’t leave without a sound again this time, right?” Tang Wan seemed to hold a small grudge over this.

Yang Chen was rather embarrassed, he took out his phone, and exchanged numbers with Tang Wan.

When the other guests witnessed this, their evaluation of Yang Chen immediately increased manifold.

Mo Qianni on the other hand was so angered that she wanted to stomp her feet. This fellow is actually seducing other women in front of his wife! Also, since when did he become so familiar with Tang Wan!?

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze contained increasing amounts of frustration, while she also seemed worried.

As the owner of the bar, Tang Wan was just making a guest appearance, and left the banquet hall soon after. Before she left, she sent Yang Chen a profound gaze, it was evidently a reminder for him to remember their promise.

In the evening when the banquet ended, Yang Chen returned to the car alongside Lin Ruoxi. The engine was started. Lin Ruoxi grabbed the steering wheel, maintained silence for a while, then said, “Yang Chen, can you not be like that with Tang Wan?”

“Like how?” Yang Chen asked in bafflement.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath, stared at the steering wheel, and awkwardly said, “I admit that I can’t promptly accept you, so even though you look for women outside, I won’t forcibly stop you though it makes me uncomfortable. As I never did my duty, I have no rights to stop you.

However… Tang Wan will not do. She isn’t an ordinary woman. You may not be clear about her background, but haven’t you thought about why a beautiful woman like her is always alone? I hope you think about it properly, do not treat her like you do with other women just because she’s beautiful.”

Yang Chen smiled, “Darling Ruoxi, you’re thinking too much, Tang Wan and I are just acquaintances. From the way you say it, I sound like a beast who’s thinking of women all the time.”

“Yang Chen!” Lin Ruoxi suddenly turned her head and gazed at him, “Take it as me begging you, do not be in touch with Tang Wan anymore, otherwise… otherwise……”

“What would happen?” Yang Chen frowned and asked, for he hadn’t seen Lin Ruoxi be so mindful of a woman. She had even used the word “beg” because of Tang Wan, and spoke with a softer attitude.

Lin Ruoxi softly said, “Otherwise, if something happens, it would be hard for me to protect you……”

Protect me!? Yang Chen couldn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

“Some of the people related to Tang Wan mustn’t be offended. Even if I use Yu Lei as a shield, it might not be useful against those people. If they want to harm you because of your relationship with Tang Wan, I wouldn’t know what to do…… So, take it as I’m begging you. It’s fine if you look for other women in the company and outside, I can close an eye, but can you keep away from Tang Wan?”

Lin Ruoxi’s tone already had elements of pleading, the deep worry he felt from it made Yang Chen stunned.

As a wife, she allowed her husband to look for other women, this already gave Yang Chen a headache, for though this was a relaxed and permissive attitude, isn’t it also a lack of intimacy and care?

While this made Yang Chen feel at a loss, he also felt deeply touched that Lin Ruoxi wanted to protect him.

Since he was a child, he had always protected himself, or protected others.

Truthfully, in Yang Chen’s world, there’s practically nobody in existence who could protect him.

Therefore, ever since he had become Lin Ruoxi’s husband, Yang Chen subconsciously thought that he had to protect this woman, even if she wouldn’t acknowledge that he was her husband for real.

Nobody had ever said to him “I want to protect you!”

But he had never thought that in Lin Ruoxi’s heart, she had always wanted to protect him!

From Lin Ruoxi’s point of view, Yang Chen had no money, no status, no connections. He was just a returnee. Although he was good at fighting, two fists would have difficulty dealing with four. Therefore, at critical junctures, she still had to help him out. When they had just become acquainted, she managed to get Yang Chen out of the police station, and Lin Ruoxi had been protecting him since then.

Thinking back at those days, he realized that Lin Ruoxi had helped him resolve various annoyances, and spurred him on to improve himself at the same time. All of that was in hopes that Yang Chen could protect himself better.

She hadn’t seen Yang Chen’s power, but Yang Chen didn’t intend to reveal his other side to Lin Ruoxi either. Therefore, between them, they both had a silent transformation of wanting to protect each other!

There were three types of love between men and women, passion, companionship, and responsibility. Frequently, it is the sweet passionate love that allow couples to be together, but what made couples live to an old age together was responsibility.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were different, they had directly leaped past the sweet parts, there was nothing passionate about their relationship. They directly moved on to responsibility, and they both wanted to be responsible for each other!

Seeing Lin Ruoxi’s beautiful, wide and elegant eyes so close by, Yang Chen felt layers of warm surrounding him. He also felt an intense sense of responsibility for the family, as a man, he couldn’t keep letting his wife feel anxious and worried about him.

He took out a cigarette from his pocket, without a care that he was sitting in an expensive car, then slowly lit it up, and took a breath of smoke. Yang Chen calmed his state of mind, then solemnly said, “Ruoxi, I promise you, I will not allow a dangerous situation like you described to happen. Furthermore, don’t say anything like you’re protecting me, I vow that there’ll never be a situation where you’ll have to protect me, there’d only be those where I protect you.”

“You… you aren’t willing to listen to me, right?” Lin Ruoxi dejectedly said.

Yang Chen smiled, reached out his hand to caress Lin Ruoxi’s smooth face, “My wife, do you have time tonight? Let’s go on a date.” Copyright 2016 - 2024