Chapter 179-1: I want to protect you

The caviar on Yang Chen’s plate were round, plump, bright, and translucent. It even had a golden shine on it.

Caviar like this definitely wasn’t ordinary. Top grade caviar was often called “black gold” precisely because of that.

Xu Zhihong finally became aware that he had overlooked something, he didn’t ask what kind of caviar Yang Chen was going to eat.

Fidgety inside, Xu Zhihong asked Yang Chen with a smile, “Mr. Yang, the caviar you had ordered looks pretty good.”

Yang Chen was in the middle of scooping a spoonful and dumped the caviar right into his mouth. After another gulp of wine, he licked his lips, then said while enjoying the food, “Yeah, the Caspian Sea’s Beluga caviar truly has a unique taste, many thanks for your hospitality, Boss Xu, hehe……”

Caspian Sea’s Beluga caviar!?

Xu Zhihong’s facial expression immediately turned downcast, he was already on the edge of storming out.

It had to be known that in the country that indulge and were most professional at eating caviar, France, there were only the eggs of three types of sturgeons that were qualified to be named caviar.

The three types of sturgeons were Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga. Beluga was the highest class, and there weren’t even a hundred of them being born every year. Furthermore, they had to be over sixty years old before they could produce caviar.

Amongst the Beluga, the caviar from those residing in the Caspian Sea which was between Iran and Russia were the most expensive.

In the market, this type of caviar could easily fetch over 2000USD per hundred eggs!

This meant that within Huaxia, eating such a luxurious product and add on to that various taxes, storage fees and transport fees, the cost of every spoonful was practically the same as gold!

“Mr. Yang, you truly know how to enjoy life……” Xu Zhihong forcibly held back his anger, and spoke with clenched teeth. If it weren’t because Lin Ruoxi was by his side, he suspected that he might truly have Hairy Ball close the doors and punish this fellow who had repeatedly provoked him!

Damned fellow! Hoodlum! Bastard! Xu Zhihong roared internally. It was fine that he had spent tens of thousands, he wouldn’t even mind, but it was for this man who was an enemy of his both on the surface and under! How could he not be angered?

Yang Chen waved his hand to deny it, “Not at all, not at all…… Boss Xu, would you like to give it a try? There are still a few left on my bowl!”

A few… left!? Is he trying to blow me over the top!?

Xu Zhihong nearly spat a mouthful of blood, forcing a smile he said, “That’s not necessary, you can save it for yourself, Mr. Yang.” After saying that, he didn’t give Yang Chen any opportunity to speak, and immediately beckoned the server, “Serve the dishes! Serve the dishes!”

Xu Zhihong had to quickly finish the meal and ask Yang Chen to leave, for he was truly afraid that he would be unable to hold back from pulling out a gun.

Lin Ruoxi who watched Xu Zhihong lose his composure remained expressionless, but she felt great inside. After all, she had been extremely resentful of what Xu Zhihong had done previously. But because of work, she could only talk to him calmly and amicably.

Seeing justice be served, the way Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen eased up a little. She just felt that if Yang Chen could put his mind into work the same way he put his mind into punishing Xu Zhihong, she would no longer need to worry about getting him to be more ambitious anymore.

This lunch was eaten unusually quickly, Xu Zhihong was practically sending the two off urgently, and his smile was even uglier than crying.

This couldn’t be prevented! Oh this couldn’t be prevented! A slight oversight and tens of thousands were swindled away by that rogue again!!

Leaving the hotel, Lin Ruoxi looked like she was released from a heavy burden, “What you did there was actually really dangerous. Xu Zhihong isn’t someone who’s afraid of getting into trouble, if he truly falls out, things could get complicated.”

“Are you worrying about me?” Asked Yang Chen.

“I just hope that you would stop putting your mind into how to give others a hard time. Why not just keep your head down and learn management?” Lin Ruoxi changed topics.

Yang Chen shrugged, “Haven’t I done some work? In any case, the collaboration between Changlin and Muyun was negotiated by me.”

Since this topic came up, Lin Ruoxi reminded, “Next week, Li Muhua would personally bring his team over to Zhonghai to sign the final contract. When that happens, you’re the main person in-charge, you have to be present, don’t be too casual about it.”

“Don’t worry, since I agreed to do it, I will do it well. Where shall we go next?”

Lin Ruoxi thought about this, then said, “Let’s get into my car, I want to go to a certain place.”

Yang Chen didn’t ask where Lin Ruoxi wanted to go, for he believed that wherever she wanted him to follow would be a place that she needed to use him as a shield.

Soon after, the two arrived at Zhonghai’s Di Wang Tower’s entrance. This building was well-known as a venue for the wealthy to patronize. On the floors here, there were either things like high-end televisions, conference halls, or high-end bars.

Following Lin Ruoxi into the building, Yang Chen could see that the employees of the building were all beautiful young ladies with great figure, they all wore cheongsams. On the other hand, the men wore suits and looked suave. From this, it was apparent how much emphasis they placed on service.

“In the bar on the top floor, we have a small scale drinking party to entertain the representatives of the collaborating companies of some large projects. Originally, I had Qianni be my substitute for such events, but since we were able to get out early, I decided to personally come over. I had you come with me because I hope that you could get to know some of the elites of these big companies. It may turn out useful to you in the future.” While walking, Lin Ruoxi explained, “The contract signing next week will also take place here, let me get you familiarized with the way first.”

“In this case, when I go in with you, what identity do I assume?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi stopped in her tracks, pursed her lips, then softly said, “As the project leader of an important project to the company. You do not need to explain the specifics.”

Yang Chen knew that it would be an answer like this, so he didn’t mind at all. If Lin Ruoxi suddenly announced to the world that he was her husband, that would instead be strange.

After all, though the two had progress in their relationship, the barriers between them had also increased.

When they arrived at the bar on the top floor, Yang Chen was a little stunned, because the name of this bar was “Maple!”

It can’t be opened by Tang Wan again, right…… Yang Chen thought. He followed Lin Ruoxi in, went past several refined indoor bonsai plants, and entered the lounge.

At this point of time, there were already dozens of people raising glasses of champagne and cocktails, and they spoke to each other in small groups. Seeing Lin Ruoxi enter, many people revealed joyful expressions, but they were all experienced people in such social occasions, so they didn’t rush up to her and surround her. Those who were closer walked up to her, greeted her, flattered her, then begun to discuss business matters.

Yang Chen’s appearance didn’t receive much attention. Even the few people who did notice him immediately placed their attention on Lin Ruoxi who rarely appeared after greeting him. Copyright 2016 - 2023