Chapter 178-2: Can you save them all

A short while later, on the stage, Mo Qianni had already begun an actual speech, and the other Yu Lei employees also started to work.

Yang Chen was planning to slip away to have lunch outside when his phone rang. When he checked, it was actually Lin Ruoxi who had sent him a message, asking him to meet her at an affiliated high-end hotel close to the exhibition centre.

This was the first time Lin Ruoxi had sent him a text message. In the past, no matter how cold she was, she would still make a call. Yang Chen depressingly accepted that her anger had not been quelled, or perhaps she had been holding it in without any intention to quell it.

But he still had to go. Since he had nothing planned, he just slipped away, drove around the area and arrived at the affiliated hotel’s entrance.

When he entered the grandly decorated lounge, he found Lin Ruoxi sitting on a sofa at a corner waiting for him. Seeing him enter, she picked up her bag and walked over slowly.

“Xu Zhihong has invited me for a meal to celebrate our collaboration for successfully holding the exhibition. I can’t decline, so I called you over.” Lin Ruoxi spoke indifferently, and her emotions could not be deduced.

It had been a long time since he had come into contact with Xu Zhihong. Yang Chen had nearly forgotten about that fellow. This person was getting more and more despicable, it was fine that he had sent assassins, but he didn’t even apologize, yet he now wants to treat them to a meal, does he think they’re fools!?

After a deep hum, Yang Chen stretched out his elbow and hinted towards Lin Ruoxi with his eyes.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a moment, but still held Yang Chen’s arm and put her body close to his. However, she turned her head, and didn’t look at Yang Chen at all.

The two walked towards the room upstairs that had been booked, and Yang Chen said, “Darling Ruoxi, you’re already a billionaire, why not hire some bodyguards? What are you going to do with you come across kidnappers?”

“As long as I am a little more low-profile and do not appear in public so much, nobody will recognize me. My granny never hired bodyguards, so I will not hire any either.” Lin Ruoxi replied.

Yang Chen agreed with this viewpoint, he smacked his chest and said, “Don’t worry, if anybody dares to abduct you, I will save you.”

Lin Ruoxi coldly shot him a glance, “You have so many women outside, can you save them all?”

These words nearly made Yang Chen choke. It has indeed come, she has been sulking!

Yang Chen made an embarrassed smile and had no choice but to back down, sweet words like these can only be spoken when she stopped being angry.

When they arrived at the door of the room, Hairy Ball who had messy hair and beard as usual had appeared. He wore a crappy suit, stood there waiting for them with a smile, and made a welcome gesture with his hands.

“Miss Lin, Mr. Yang, our Young Master has been waiting for a while.” Hairy Ball said with an insincere smile, then sized Yang Chen up with interest.

Yang Chen knew that what happened in Hong Kong had already reached their ears, so it was only natural that Hairy Ball was extremely interested in his capabilities.

When the two walked into the room, Xu Zhihong was in the middle of changing channels of a large LED TV, and on the screen, the internals of the exhibition centre was shown in real-time.

“Ruoxi, Mr. Yang, thank you for coming.” Xu Zhihong welcomed them with a smile, he didn’t seem awkward at all that Yang Chen had come.

Lin Ruoxi simply nodded to acknowledge him, then took a seat. She quietly looked at the scene on the TV. Though she had already left the exhibition centre, Lin Ruoxi was still concerned over the situation inside.

Xu Zhihong understood what Lin Ruoxi preferred, so he didn’t call the servers to bring in the food, he instead left Yang Chen to his own devices, and discussed the condition inside the exhibition centre with Lin Ruoxi. He also discussed follow-up collaborations.

Lin Ruoxi became serious when work was discussed, and began to chat with Xu Zhihong.

As he had no experience with their business, Yang Chen could only sit at a side and stare blankly. In this situation, it seemed like Xu Zhihong was planning to treat him as air, and wouldn’t pay him any attention.

Yang Chen’s lips formed into a smile, then he smacked the table, “Boss Xu, you guys may carry on discussing, but can I order some food to snack on? I’m bored from just sitting here.”

Xu Zhihong had fallen for Yang Chen’s trap before, he who had been bitten once had now took extra precaution by politely asking, “I wonder what Mr. Yang wants?”

“A bottle of ordinary locally made red wine, and some caviar. After the two of you are done discussing, we’ll eat, alright?”

Red wine, caviar. These weren’t truly top grade stuff. Red wine that was made locally was at most a little more than a hundred dollars. Caviar on the other hand may seem high-end, but it was already available all over the world, anything that was fish eggs was often being called caviar.

“You may do as you wish, Mr. Yang.” Xu Zhihong generously said, then didn’t give Yang Chen anymore attention.

Lin Ruoxi glanced at Yang Chen with disappointment, she had originally wanted to take this opportunity to provoke Yang Chen by speaking to Xu Zhihong about business, hoping that Yang Chen would discuss matters of business, or realize his incompetencies and learn some theoretical knowledge from them. However, she didn’t expect that the valuable knowledge exchanged between Xu Zhihong and her couldn’t even compare with a bottle of wine and a dish of caviar.

Yang Chen happily ordered a bottle of red wine and a dish of caviar from a waiter, then sat there enjoying his food.

At this time, Xu Zhihong inadvertently turned around to look, and realized that something was amiss…… Copyright 2016 - 2023