Chapter 178-1: Can you save them all

Originally, he believed that after learning about him and Liu Mingyu, there would be a thunderous storm or a chilly snowfall, but fact was Yang Chen didn’t suffer any calamity. The reason was simple, Yu Lei International’s autumn fashion show had officially begun. There was also others’ fashion products and achievements being exhibited.

Lin Ruoxi simply didn’t have time to give him any attention!

The whole of Zhonghai International Exhibition Centre had advertisements of Yu Lei International. With many faces of the beauties of the company being plastered on the advertisements, said advertisements made both ordinary folk and other company’s employees envious.

Even as the most laid back employee in Public Relations, Yang Chen had to brace himself to work as it was crunch time. However, it was relatively easy for him to work, as all he had to do was to be the interpreter for beautiful foreign models of various languages and the event organizer. To Yang Chen, it was acceptable for him to work his mouth. Besides, he felt rather nostalgic listening to the various foreign languages he was so familiar with.

The centre of attention was naturally Lin Ruoxi who went up the stage to give a speech. Lin Ruoxi wore a black suit, white shirt, and a pink flower in her chest pocket. Her appearance made the audience immediately exclaim and applause, forming a strange ambience.

Truthfully, though Lin Ruoxi receives a lot of attention from the fashion world as Yu Lei International’s CEO, her character and reservedness made the information available about her so scarce that it was pathetic. Several media outlets have tried stealthily reporting some of Lin Ruoxi’s private life, but they incited a grim and straightforward reaction from the woman who was worth billions. It was said that she directly bought those press and media companies and made them a part of Yu Lei’s fashion media outlet.

From then on, very few media outlets dared to post news of Lin Ruoxi without her explicit approval. After all, these celebrity gossip magazines were all small companies, and couldn’t handle pressure from a powerful capitalist. As for those large media companies, who would overstep their bounds to offend a short-tempered capitalist of unknown background?

Therefore, it was the first time many of the audience had seen Lin Ruoxi. Her incredible looks were shown on clearly on the big screen also put them in awe.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the large audience with her usual frigid countenance, she didn’t turn the slightest bit gentle or warm even if many present were her customers and partners. This didn’t make them feel discontent, for she had every right to be so; to be more blunt, money talks! Even if she’s arrogant, it made sense for her to be arrogant, besides, she’s so beautiful even when arrogant.

“Today is the first time that I make a speech ever since I had taken up the post of Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the company.”

As the place turned completely silent, Lin Ruoxi began to speak in a clear voice, “I’m not suited to do speeches, and I also dislike reading a script written by somebody else. Therefore, I’ll keep this short.”

“During the last few years, other than several crucial negotiations that I personally took part of, an absolute majority of negotiations work have been carried out by the Public Relations Department and the heads of the other departments. Therefore, many friends of the company who are seated here have been skeptical and baffled by my behavior, and believe that I do not respect having communication with your companies. I’m here on this stage today to clear the air, the reason why I have not participated in those activities is just because they do not suit my character. I am not good at social interactions. However, I have personally looked over every contract rigorously and have given suggestions for improvement, in an effort to maximize mutual profit. I believe that companies who have collaborated with us should understand this.

For those who can’t understand, you may choose to break off our contract. However, if the reason your company wants to harm the benefits of many is because of me, I believe that such a decision does not conform to the benefits of the team.

As of now, I declare that this exhibition collaboration project would be just like it had been in the past. It would be handled by our Yu Lei International’s Public Relations Department, while the Marketing Department will provide assistance. All will be under our Vice-CEO, who was the previous department head of Public Relations, Miss Mo Qianni. Thank you everybody.”

Once she was done with her speech, Lin Ruoxi took a slight bow, then stepped off the stage and disappeared.

The speech was so short that the audience had not realized that it had ended, there wasn’t even a chance for the audience to clap.

It was only when Mo Qianni helplessly walked onto the stage with a smile and coughed at the microphone twice did everyone realize that the CEO’s speech had already ended!

Yang Chen stood alongside the beauties from the Public Relations Department by the door. These beauties revealed expressions of obsession and infatuation after seeing Lin Ruoxi deliver her “cool” speech.

He then looked at the other visitors here, and realized that there were quite a number who were clapping and praising, but he didn’t know what they were actually praising.

Yang Chen was puzzled, then turned to ask Zhang Cai, “Hey, can that even qualify as a speech? What do you guys like about her?”

Zhang Cai rolled her eyes at him, “You don’t understand, this is called charisma, our Boss Lin has always been like that!”

“I heard that when Boss Lin took up her post, she only spoke one sentence to the board of directors.” A beauty who liked to gossip said.

The other ladies also begun to chatter over what that line was, after that beauty had enough of basking in the spotlight, she cleared her throat and said, “I heard this from a senior. Apparently, when Boss Lin knew that many of the old members and key members of the board of directors didn’t acknowledge her leadership capabilities, she just said this to them. Those who want to work, stay, those who want to leave, I won’t see you out.”

The ladies again gasped in infatuation.

Yang Chen had finally understood, he mustn’t use a regular way of thinking to understand Lin Ruoxi’s working style, otherwise, he won’t be able to take it anymore! Copyright 2016 - 2024