Chapter 174-1: Thousand men rider

The usual place Liu Mingyu referred to was the restaurant that she brought Yang Chen to eat at before. It was also the place where Yang Chen bumped into Li Jingjing’s family and Jiang Shuo.

After giving Wang Ma a call, Yang Chen brought Liu Mingyu to that well-reputed Chinese restaurant.

At a corner of the restaurant, the two sat, ordered their dishes, and began to chat.

But after a short while, Liu Mingyu who was all smiles suddenly showed signs of fluster, and stood straight up from her seat! Her gaze was directed at the entrance of the restaurant.

“Mingyu-jie, what is it?” Puzzled, Yang Chen turned around to look at what Liu Mingyu was looking at.

When he saw the person who was walking in, Yang Chen felt that the person entering was familiar, and after thinking carefully, he remembered that this was someone he bumped into when he first came here with Liu Mingyu. This person was Wang Yue, who worked in public relations in a different company and was addressed by Yang Chen as Matsushima Kaede.

[TL: Matsushima Kaede is a JAV star.]

Wang Yue wasn’t wearing office clothing, she was instead wearing a light pink dress and white heels. With her small figure that matched her face that was adorned with eyeshadow and lipstick, she indeed was full of petite charm.

She didn’t bring two subordinates with her like the last time, and instead hung onto a tall man with both of her arms, looking blissful.

That man wore a fitting Armani suit. His smooth curves and the checkered pattern of the suit made the man seem like he was full of charisma.

The man had a rather big build with pale skin, sharp brows, and bright eyes. Walking alongside Wang Yue, he attracted all eyes in the restaurant.

Yang Chen didn’t understand why Liu Mingyu had such an intense reaction. Even though Wang Yue is an adversary in the same profession, Liu Mingyu had calmly talked smack with her the last time, and wasn’t flustered at all. However, this time, as Liu Mingyu watched the pair slowly walk over, her beautiful pace turned even more pale, and her breathing quickened.

At this time, Wang Yue and the man who was walking over finally noticed Liu Mingyu who was standing.

As she had just taken up the post of a department head, the way Liu Mingyu dressed was a lot more reserved than before. She wore a rather old-fashioned black suit, a pair of black trousers to match, and a pair of flats. However, with her outstanding mature beauty, it wasn’t hard to notice her.

In the instant that the man and Liu Mingyu’s eyes met, the man seemed to be stunned for a moment, but he immediately regained composure after, and continued walking over with a smile.

Seeing Liu Mingyu, Wang Yue immediately glared at her as if she saw an enemy, “Yo, so it’s Yu Lei’s new Department Head Liu, what a coincidence.”

Liu Mingyu didn’t speak a word, her eyes were already turning red and moist as she stared at the man beside Wang Yue.

Wang Yue noticed the strange reaction Liu Mingyu had, and realized that she was looking at the man beside her. She immediately laughed and said, “Seems like Department Head Liu is very interested in my boyfriend. How is he? My Qiqi is really handsome, right? I guess it makes sense, you’ve always been selling it to others, so I reckon you can’t find a boyfriend. Which man would want you… how pitiful……”

Liu Mingyu pretended not to hear this, her gaze continued to be fixed on the man beside Wang Yue, and asked, “Qi Kai, when did you return?”

The man named Qi Kai showed a relaxed smile, “Actually, I retired from the military over a year ago, but I was working in a different province as a manager of a department in a company. I returned to Zhonghai two months ago, and became the director of the branch here.”

“One year ago……” Liu Mingyu slightly shook her head, “Why is it, why is it that I don’t know anything?”

“What do you want to know? Why would you want to know?” Qi Kai found this hilarious, with raised brows he said, “Although our relationship was pretty good during college, it isn’t on the level that I have to report everything to you, right?”

Wang Yue understood now that Qi Kai and Liu Mingyu were acquainted, so she immediately acted coquettishly, “Qiqi, why are you speaking to this fox, I don’t allow you to reminisce with her!”

Qi Kai reached a hand out to rub Wang Yue’s sharp chin, “Fox? You’re the fox here, she’s just an old classmate of mine, why are you getting jealous over us chatting?”

“You’re so bad……” Wang Yue swept away Qi Kai’s hand with a bashful face, as if she was a pure and innocent teenager.

Liu Mingyu bit her lip, took a deep breath and said with a sad smile, “Old classmates? A few years back at the train station, I don’t know who it was that told me that I had to wait for him, and told me that he will come back to live with me forever…… Qi Kai… you truly disappoint me……”

Yang Chen who sat beside them finally understood, this man was the boyfriend in the army that Liu Mingyu had been waiting for, but it seemed like this man had toyed with Liu Mingyu’s feelings!

Qi Kai frowned and said, “Liu Mingyu, we were young and insensible during college. You treat something that is casually said as a promise forever, but how can such things count? I don’t believe that you haven’t looked for a man to deal with your loneliness. Nowadays, it’s normal for beautiful women to have three or four lovers, don’t shed tears in front of me, I’ve seen a lot, and it’s useless towards me.”

With a flushed face and gritted teeth, Liu Mingyu said, “You’re… shameless and vulgar!” Copyright 2016 - 2023