Chapter 173-2: Wasted time

After Liu Mingyu packed up, the two left the office, and headed for the Zhonghai International Exhibition Centre which the company had rented for the autumn fashion show.

When they arrived at the exhibition centre, the project leader of Donghua Science and Technology, Zhang Ming was already waiting at the door. This was a handsome middle-aged man who stood at 1.8m tall, wore a white shirt, and gave off the impression that he was an executive-level white collar worker.

When Zhang Ming saw Liu Mingyu, he was strangely excited, but when he saw Yang Chen who was together with Liu Mingyu, his expression changed.

Liu Mingyu hinted to Yang Chen with her eyes, and Yang Chen understood what was going on in a flash. The reason why she had him come with her was because this man was up to no good. Liu Mingyu had apparently become a lot more careful after experiencing that incident with Department Head Ma.

“Miss Liu, you’re truly a model for managers, it’s unexpected that you would personally come here to inspect the place this late.” Zhang Ming extended his hand to give Liu Mingyu a handshake.

Liu Mingyu gave him a smile as formality, and lightly shook his hand, “The runway for the models absolutely mustn’t have any problems, and it must also go along well with the decorations. Before looking at the result, I can’t be at peace.”

Zhang Ming sensed that Liu Mingyu’s guard was up, and his expression turned from bad to worse. He forced a smile and made a welcome gesture, leading Liu Mingyu and Yang Chen into the venue.

Once they entered the exhibition centre, the strong light effects made Yang Chen feel like he was in a fantasy movie set. On the well defined runway, lines of tall models wore ordinary clothes as they practiced their catwalk as their last bit of practice before the show.

As the model firms are on the international level, many models on the catwalk were westerners who had blonde hair and blue eyes, which made Yang Chen reminisce. After all, an overwhelming majority of his years were passed with seeing western women.

Donghua Science & Technology’s Director Zhang Ming knew that he didn’t have a chance to become closer to Liu Mingyu today, so he gave some excuses and left. Liu Mingyu went a circle around the exhibition centre with Yang Chen, then sighed in relief and said with a smile, “Looks like everything is alright. The stage and lights are at the quality we expected, this project can basically be reported as completed to the higher ups.

“Aren’t you going to interact with the models?” Asked Yang Chen.

Liu Mingyu said with a queer smile, “It’s you who wants to interact with them, right? I noticed that your eyes keep peeking towards the models, men are indeed no good.”

“I am purely admiring the way they catwalk. Admiring beautiful things can’t be a bad habit, right?”

“I hope that’s the case, otherwise, I’d be wrong about you.” Liu Mingyu looked at him with distrust and said, “Don’t chase away the wolf and end up letting the lion in.”

Yang Chen smiled, “Even if I’m a lion, you wouldn’t let me in, right?”

Liu Mingyu blushed as this question was rather ambiguous, so she changed topics, “Honestly, sometimes I envy those models who could always walk with such confidence and look so free.”

“They’re all lacking boobs, what’s there to envy?” Yang Chen grumbled.

“Lacking boobs?” Liu Mingyu couldn’t help but laugh and said, “The reason international models don’t have large breasts are so that it’s easier for them to wear different fashion designs. Being criticized by you, they sound like pitiful airport runways.”

[TL: Airport runway is a derogative term for labelling flat chested women]

“They’re all bones, I don’t feel anything when I touch them.” Yang Chen’s interest remained dull.

“You say it like you’ve touched them before.” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at him in disdain.

Yang Chen chuckled. How could he not have touched them before? He had even touched quite a number, but there was no point saying it.

“Honestly, rather than envying their jobs, how about envying the fact that they could freely express the beauty of young ladies……” Liu Mingyu seemed slightly bewitched as she looked at the models on the catwalk, and said, “I don’t mind if you laugh hearing this. In another two years, I’d really be hitting my thirties. Yet, I’ve never even worn any sexy clothes. I’ve never had a complete romantic relationship, and there’s no need to mention those crazy and exciting things young people do nowadays…… Sometimes I think about it, and realize that I just drifted through the years.”

“Don’t you have a boyfriend that has been with you for years?” Yang Chen remembered Liu Mingyu mention before that she had a boyfriend who hadn’t returned from the army.

Liu Mingyu showed a sad smile, “Yeah…… We knew each other during our college days, he told me to wait for him before he went to the army, but ever since he enlisted, he never contacted me again. Some of my friends say that if it were them, they’d have “defected” a long time ago, but I’m afraid that someday he returns and says I betrayed him, so I never looked for another boyfriend. Actually, though I think of him occasionally, nowadays I sometimes can’t even remember what he looks like…… Am I being too silly?”

Yang Chen felt that it was a waste for Liu Mingyu. After all, with her looks, it was too costly to waste so many years of her youth to wait for a man who might not ever return. However, this was her private matter and it wasn’t good to say too much, so he said, “I think it’s fine as long as you think it’s worth it.”

“Is that so……” Liu Mingyu lightly smiled, “That’s true.”

As it was pretty late, Liu Mingyu suggested, “Since you worked hard as my driver and helped me block a housefly, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“Where?” Yang Chen was also feeling hungry.

“Our usual place.” Liu Mingyu said with a wink. Copyright 2016 - 2024