Chapter 174-2: Thousand men rider

Displeased, Qi Kai coldly snorted and said, “Liu Mingyu, although we were classmates, please watch your manners. I can hold you responsible for saying such words in public. We were never that close, it was just a short relationship during college. The most I did was held your hand, we’ve never even kissed, not to mention touching your body. If you expect me stay loyal to you for so many years and return here to marry you because of that, you must be dreaming!”

“That’s right that’s right.” Wang Yue who understood what was going on was incredibly elated, and continued to satirize Liu Mingyu, “I wondered what your relationship with Qiqi was, so it’s just at the level of holding hands. You want Qiqi to like you with that? Liu Mingyu you’re too shameless! Qiqi only loves me now, an old ex like you should get lost!”

Liu Mingyu held back her tears, and said with a sneer, “Qi Kai, you’re truly intelligent. It was I who was blind and made a mistake. However, it seems like you’re not that good at decision-making, as you’ve taken a fancy to a ‘thousand men rider’ like Wang Yue, I guess this can be considered retribution for betraying me!”

“Liu Mingyu! Who are you calling a thousand men rider!?” Wang Yue angrily replied.

Qi Kai curbed Wang Yue’s agitation, “Geez babe, why get so angry, didn’t you see that Liu Mingyu also brought a lover?” As he said that, Qi Kai pointed towards Yang Chen who had maintained silence, and said with a smile, “Liu Mingyu, your tastes aren’t good either, you let a country bumpkin like this bang you? Looks like you have played with many men in the past years. I heard that you’re now a department head, I reckon that it hasn’t been easy to get to that post. I suggest that you stop playing so dangerously, if you get a disease, I don’t have much money to lend you to cure it. After all, I’m still in the middle of advancing in my career. Take good care of yourself, this is my advice to you as an old classmate.”

“Hahahaha……” Wang Yue happily laughed, “Well said Qiqi, I love you so much!”

As she said that, Wang Yue jumped and kissed Qi Kai’s cheek, she seductively look at Qi Kai with an expression of infatuation.

Qi Kai provokingly looked at Liu Mingyu and Yang Chen, then smiled, “Let me tell you this, Liu Mingyu, now that I’ve returned to Zhonghai, I plan to settle here. You had better not go around spreading this crappy story of yours. I had never made any promises to you, and never requested any promises from you. These random lies that you crafted have no evidence, I think they’re all a figment of your imagination. You should watch what you say, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

While he said that, he gave Liu Mingyu a threatening look, then dragged Wang Yue away.

“Wait a moment.” Yang Chen was seated a moment ago unhappily stood up and called out to Qi Kai.

Qi Kai turned around, then asked with a proud smile, “What, you want to speak up for your woman like a hero?”

Yang Chen glanced at Liu Mingyu who was silent and ashen, then sighed and said to Qi Kai, “I’m an outsider in what happened between you and Mingyu-jie, so it isn’t right for me to intervene. However, you said Mingyu-jie is my woman, so I have to deny this. There’s nothing going on between Mingyu-jie and I. Furthermore, you insulted me earlier, this should be considered a personal attack. You have to solemnly apologize to me right now.”

“Apologize?” It was as if Qi Kai heard a great joke, he happily said, “Brat, do you know what branch of the army I was from?”


“Field Operations Soldier, Special Forces, I specialize in capturing criminals, and have killed many people.” Qi Kai proudly said.

Yang Chen shook his head, “That has nothing to do with me, I’m just asking if you will apologize.”

“Apologize? I didn’t say anything that was wrong, why do I have to apologize!? So what if I don’t apologize, what can you do to me?”

“You should just apologize, I don’t feel like blowing up this matter and affect everyone who is eating here.” Yang Chen said while looking at his surroundings.

Qi Kai coldly snorted and said, “These words of yours are just farts to me! Let me tell you, if you continue to act badass infront of me and ask me to apologize, I will knock you down right here……”

Before Qi Kai could finish speaking, Yang Chen had already moved up to Qi Kai in one step, so quickly that he was like a ghost.

Qi Kai’s vision blurred, and his body uncontrollably rose. After his hand was grabbed by a tremendous force, his body flew forwards!


*Clink clink……*

Qi Kai’s robust body that was over 1.8m tall had abruptly been thrown a curve in mid air over Yang Chen’s shoulder, and crashed hard into the table behind Yang Chen!

The table was broken into halves by that tremendous force, the food and drinks that were on it fell all over the ground, bowls and plates shattered, staining Qi Kai’s expensive Armani suit!

The guests in the restaurant cried out in fear. Many of them quickly left their seats and hid far away to watch what was going on.

As for Liu Mingyu and Wang Yue, the two ladies stood there dumbstruck. It was as if they couldn’t believe that in a blink of an eye, Qi Kai who had been talking with a smile had already been thrown over Yang Chen’s shoulder and slammed down on the ground!

Yang Chen walked over to him, and stepped on his chest. Qi Kai who had been stained by the various foods looked pathetic, he coughed due to the shock, and his consciousness was rather fuzzy.

“If I tell you to apologize, just apologize, do you think it’s easy for me to spend money and have a good meal? It’s fine that you don’t apologize, you even tell me that you’re from the special forces and that you want to knock me down, huh!? I hate being threatened the most!”

After he said that, Yang Chen put a little more strength on his foot that was on Qi Kai’s chest……


A mouthful of blood was thrown up from Qi Kai’s mouth, dyeing his white shirt red! Copyright 2016 - 2023