“Dad…… Why are you here……” Li Jingjing softly greeted.

Old Li stood up from on the staircase with a cigarette in his hand. He had been silently smoking alone, seemingly worried about something.

“I came to take a look because I was worried about you.” Old Li kindly smiled towards Li Jingjing, then turned to Yang Chen and said, “Little Yang, it has been a long time since we last met.”

Yang Chen could tell that Old Li wasn’t very comfortable, and was able to figure out what the problem was. With a smile he said, “Yeah, there have been many things happening these days, I still go to the market to buy breakfast, but never bumped into you.”

Old Li nodded, and hesitantly glanced at the two of them, “What did… the two of you go out to do?”

“Dad, Big Brother Yang brought me out to buy some furniture, and is here to take a look at my house.” Li Jingjing explained, “Don’t overthink this.”

Old Li sighed, “Jingjing, don’t blame me for being nosy. Your mother’s mood hasn’t been good these days. It’s fine that you moved out to live alone, but you can’t just ignore her words. The matter of finding a mate is not a joke.”

Li Jingjing lowered her head and remained silent.

Yang Chen knew that those words were actually directed at him, but Old Li was giving him face by tactfully suggesting that he should leave Li Jingjing alone.

“Little Yang, don’t blame me for blabbing off, Jingjing is my one and only daughter.” Old Li had a grave expression as he said, “I heard Jingjing mention that you’re already married, so you should also pay attention to your image. If the two of you get too close, it would be detrimental to the both of you.

Yang Chen nodded in understanding, seeing the pale-faced Li Jingjing, he felt helpless inside.

In the end, he hadn’t been able to properly assimilate into society. As parents, how could they possibly allow their only daughter to be together with a married man? She was still so young, so beautiful, and so pure.

He constantly simplified matters too naturally, and often neglected the feelings of ordinary people.

In this situation, he indeed shouldn’t make this any more difficult for Old Li and his wife. Perhaps keeping some distance from Li Jingjing would be advantageous to everybody.

“Jingjing, it’s good enough for me to know that your home is safe, I’m going to leave now. Listen to your dad and don’t keep your mother on the edge.” Said Yang Chen.

Li Jingjing’s eyes reddened as she faintly replied, “Okay.”

Yang Chen didn’t linger on, after greeting Old Li, he left the apartment building.

On the way back to the company, Yang Chen thought of the time when he had just came back to the country. The scenes of happy interactions with Old Li and his family flashed past, and he felt guilty towards them. Thus, he made the decision to avoid taking the initiative to contact Li Jingjing for the sake of the old husband and wife.

When he returned to the company, his colleagues in Public Relations were overwhelmed by work. Even the most relaxed of the ladies were engrossed in work or constantly making phone calls as they forced themselves to speak gently to customers.

Yang Chen suddenly felt that he was quite out of place. It was fine on days where everybody weren’t too occupied, but during a busy period like this, it was awkward for an unoccupied person like him.

Yang Chen walked to his booth and turned on the computer. After playing for some time, Zhao Hongyan who sat the closest to Yang Chen placed a document on his table and said, “Yang Chen, help me pass this document to Mingyu-jie who’s in the office. I’ve got to see a client now, thanks!”

After saying that, Zhao Hongyan who wore a red dress picked up her briefcase and hastily ran out.

Yang Chen helplessly smiled, then picked up the document, walked to Liu Mingyu’s department head office, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Yang Chen opened the door. This was the first time he had entered this office since Mo Qianni left this office. The person who now sat on that chair was now Liu Mingyu.

Seeing the poor Public Relations employee who was bullied by Department Head Ma become an executive of the company made Yang Chen lament how quickly time passed.

Liu Mingyu was currently facing the computer screen, and rapidly typed on the keyboard. Seeing Yang Chen enter, she was rather surprised, but immediately followed up with a gentle smile.

“Hongyan asked me to give you this, she was rushing to meet a client.” Yang Chen placed the document on the table.

Liu Mingyu nodded, “Thanks.”

Yang Chen saw that she was busy, so he turned around to leave, but just as he was about to exit the room, Liu Mingyu called out to him.

“Yang Chen, can you help me with something?” Asked Liu Mingyu.

“Of course, I have the most free time in this department.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Liu Mingyu pursed her lips and rolled her eyes at him, “It’s like this, this afternoon, I plan to go to the autumn fashion show’s venue to meet with the person in charge on the Donghua Science & Technology’s side. The models from various companies are already getting familiarized with the runway. I need to verify the venue’s level of completion, and take a look at the runway, can you go there with me?”

Although she was already at department head level, Liu Mingyu didn’t buy a car for herself. On one hand, she had to deal with her expenses at home, and on the other hand, it was better to just take a cab than drive in Zhonghai.

Naturally, Yang Chen didn’t mind. Although he wasn’t clear as to why Liu Mingyu wanted him to go with her, it was better for him to be a chauffeur than to stay in the office as an out of place employee.

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