Chapter 170-1: You’re not a bomb

But no matter what happened, there was still six more robbers left who were close to a state of rage, they all held ominous glints in their eyes, and hated Yang Chen to the bone.

“You can go to hell!”

One of them shouted, and was about to shoot Yang Chen!

But right at that moment where everybody shut their eyes, afraid to see the cruel scene unfold, the situation had changed again!

The robbers who were about to shoot had suddenly stopped like a stuck gear in a machine. In the middle of the movement, they became stiff like statues, and didn’t move an inch!

Their eyes began to lose focus, and the guns in their hands all fell to the ground, producing sounds of metal being knocked.

Following that, all six of the robbers went soft at the legs. They staggered and knelt on the ground, then lied on the ground like dead pigs, twitched, and totally stopped moving.

Just as the hostages were flabbergasted, Cai Ning who was on the stairs of the bank’s entrance withdrew the beautiful hand that she had just stretched out. She then turned back and walked back the way she came from.

This scene was rather peculiar, the people present simply couldn’t understand why these robbers would suddenly faint onto the ground, but it was undoubtedly due to that pretty woman who mysteriously came to their rescue!

However, because everything that happened was too peculiar, they didn’t even dare to exhale, and just watched their savior walk away.

Yang Chen sighed a breath in relief, if he hadn’t detected Flower Rain’s presence earlier, he would be left with no choice but to kill these robbers, and doing that would give him endless trouble. Thankfully, the people of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade were rather thoughtful, and saved him from all that trouble, allowing him to continue passing his days peacefully.

Looking at it this way, it actually isn’t too bad to be watched by them.

What Flower Rain had used was the Tang Sect’s Flower Rain Filling The Sky technique. From dozens of steps away, she soundlessly released six needles that were as thick as the hair of an ox with a single hand. They are usually dipped in poison, but it should be a non-lethal sleeping drug. A disciple of the Tang Sect can have as much of this type of poison as they want, and its concentration is up to them.

These details couldn’t be seen by others, and none can tell no matter how close one stood. But Yang Chen’s eyes could clearly capture all of those details.

Seeing Tang Wan who was by his side still squatting with her arms crossed like she was still frightened, Yang Chen reached a hand out to her and said with a smile, “Is it very comfortable to squat? You should stand up.”

Tang Wan blushed, hesitated, and stood up while holding Yang Chen’s hand. The heat from his hand made her feel warm inside, “Thank you, thank you for saving me.”

Yang Chen pointed at the entrance, “It was that mysterious heroine who saved you, all I did was push my luck.”

“If it wasn’t for you, there would simply be no chance to wait for someone to save us, without even mentioning me.” Tang Wan was successful career woman who had been through a lot in the business world, she quickly regained her trained of thought and her mind was very clear.

Yang Chen felt helpless, she insisted on giving him credit, which made him unintentionally become a savior. This made Yang Chen feel rather good inside.

The policemen outside of the bank had already flocked in, thoroughly shackled the mysteriously unconscious robbers and dragged them away.

The police have suffered like crazy for the past two months due to these robbers. Now that these criminals were seized, while feeling relieved inside, they also secretly vented their anger on the robbers, whether it was intentionally or otherwise.

Inside the messy bank hall, the customers began to walk out while trembling in fear. Several of the management level employees of the bank also cooperated with the police for the follow-up work.

Cai Yan hastily walked into the hall. After she casually signed a few documents, she looked at her surroundings, and suddenly caught sight of Yang Chen and Tang Wan standing together. She was stunned for a moment, then walked up to Yang Chen with a cold expression. Feeling suspicious, she asked, “Why are you here?”

“The bank isn’t opened by your family, why can’t I be here?” Yang Chen found this question funny.

“Every time a mess like this happens, you would be involved, how can I not suspect you?” Cai Yan asked with a sneer.

Twice at Chen Dehai’s case, once at An Xin’s case, add on to that the fact that Yang Chen mysteriously became Lin Ruoxi’s husband. Others may not know, but she was very clear as to what Lin Ruoxi’s true background meant, so she couldn’t help but suspect that Yang Chen had ulterior motives.

Yang Chen was rather angered, this beautiful policewoman seemed to be sticking blame on him. It wasn’t like he got into those cases on purpose, but as she was Lin Ruoxi’s childhood friend, he couldn’t hurt her, so he could only endure it and say, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“No can do!”

Cai Yan directly blocked Yang Chen, with her eyebrows raised she said, “Feeling guilty? Yang Chen, I am now seriously suspecting that you are an accomplice of the robbers, and that the previous three bank robberies had something to do with you! So you will be brought to the police station as a suspect and cooperate with our investigations!”

Chilliness surfaced in Yang Chen’s eyes, he couldn’t offend her, but couldn’t hide from her. A matter like this would anger anybody subjected to it, not to mention the fact that Yang Chen was just involved in a fight, and wasn’t in a stable emotional state.

Right at this time, Tang Wan who was beside them said, “Bureau Chief Cai, I believe that Mr. Yang is innocent. If it wasn’t because he bravely hindered the robbers, I’d no longer be here. The hostages here also wouldn’t be able to wait till that lady came to their rescue. Please do not make things difficult for Mr. Yang.”

“Boss Tang, why are you together with him?” Cai Yan seemed to recognize Tang Wan, and sternly said, “This man is very dangerous, he had entered the police station numerous times for reasons like beating people up or being a suspect for a filthy relationship between man and woman. In any case, he isn’t a good person, I hope you won’t be deceived by his facade, Boss Tang.”

Tang Wan glanced at Yang Chen, and Yang Chen made an awkward smile, which made her aware that what Cai Yan said was true. She wasn’t pleased by this, but once she thought about how Yang Chen had just saved her, she couldn’t just let Cai Yan arrest him. So, she continued to persuade, “Let bygones be bygones. However, it was all thanks to Mr. Yang that I’m still here. Bureau Chief Cai, please do me a favor and let Mr. Yang go.”

Cai Yan was put on the spot. As a daughter of the Cai Family and Zhonghai’s west region’s police chief, she was very clear as to this woman’s background, and the powers she had behind her. Although Cai Yan had the support of the Cai Family, if things between them turns sour, she would not have it easy advancing in Zhonghai.

I really don’t understand, for a woman like Tang Wan who’s known to be wise and farsighted, why would she speak up for a man who obviously isn’t any good!?

Just as Cai Yan was hesitating, her phone rang.

Checking the caller ID, it turned out to be her sister, Cai Ning.

“Jie, where are you? Why did you disappear?” Cai Yan picked up the phone and asked. She was very curious as to why her sister vanished after taking care of the trouble here.

Cai Ning didn’t answer her question, and indifferently said, “Do not make things difficult for that man.”

“Which man?”

“Yang Chen……”

Cai Yan was stunned, even her own sister was speaking up for this man? Are they acquainted!?

“Why? Jiejie, I need to hear your reasons.” Cai Yan stubbornly asked.

Cai Ning remained taciturn for a moment, “Yanyan, listen to me. Do not blow up this matter. In short, I can guarantee you that this robbery had nothing to do with him.”


“No buts!” Cai Ning tone became more serious, “He isn’t someone you can deal with at your level of authority, don’t provoke him in the future either.”

Not someone I can deal with at my level of authority!?

These words made Cai Yan displeased. Could it be that this rogue is a national security member? Otherwise, why would Jiejie speak up for him?

Hanging up the phone, Cai Yan had a rather dejected expression, she raised her head to see Yang Chen’s impatient face, and became even more angered inside. But she couldn’t bring herself to go against her sister’s words, so she took a deep breath, clenched her teeth and said, “Alright, since Boss Tang has made a plea for you, you may leave today. However, if a coincidence like today happens again, I definitely won’t let you off!”

Tang Wan smiled, “Thank you very much, Bureau Chief Cai.”

Yang Chen didn’t want to stay any longer, so he expressed his gratitude to Tang Wan by nodding at her, then left the bank.

Watching Yang Chen just leave like this, Tang Wan wanted to urge him to stay, but she had no idea what reason she could use, so she could only hold it in, upset.

Yang Chen who walked out of the bank wanted to take advantage of the chaos depart silently, but suddenly, a large crowd of reporters holding microphones and cameras charged towards him!

“That’s him that’s him!”

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