Chapter 170-2: You’re not a bomb

Countless shouts came from them, and the people in the surroundings immediately placed their attention on Yang Chen. Camera flashes lit up non-stop, and the scene went out of control.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva. What’s going on!?

The reporters formed a semicircle in front of Yang Chen as they held their microphones towards him, which forced him to take a few steps back.

“Mister, according to the hostages who escaped, you had valiantly stalled the robbers who intended to rape a lady, is this true!?”

“Mister, what’s your name? What is your occupation?”

“Mister, could you please narrate what happened in there earlier!?”

Questions from the reporters continued endlessly, and their voices were sharp. However, this also made Yang Chen understand that it was the hostages who had walked out that spread word of his actions, and had pointed out he was the one.

This world needs good people, but there are many good people since most of the baddies have gone to jail. Therefore, what people need are heroes, heroes are more valuable than good people. Otherwise, why are there always people making comics of heroes, movies of heroes, and people who spend money to see those fabricated heroes?

When a hero of a city appears in reality, how could the reporters let him go? The hype and gossip was enough to turn this news subject into extreme sales numbers!

Yang Chen felt hateful, he had no idea which blabbermouth it was that was forcing him to become famous.

Just as Yang Chen was depressed over what he should do, two cameras in front made exploding sounds, emitted white smoke, and blew!

Before the reporters managed to react, it was as if a chain reaction happened, and the cameras held by the other reporters issued a chain of cracking sounds, and all became junk. It was as if they were blown up by a time bomb!

Spotting a chance, Yang Chen immediately ran away, and at his speed the reporters naturally wouldn’t be able to catch him.

The reporters were all scared silly. What’s going on!? We just took some photos and videos, how did our equipment all blow up!?

What was even weirder was that all of their memory cards in their recording devices had also been destroyed. The mysteriousness of this matter made the reporters look at each other in dismay.

After running from the scene, Yang Chen quickly ducked into the small alleyways nearby. He weaved through the streets for a bit, he arrived at a secluded newspaper kiosk.

At the side of the newspaper kiosk, a woman wearing sunglasses was sitting on a chair commonly seen in cafes. She held a newspaper in her hands and was reading silently.

Yang Chen sat opposite the woman, exhaled in relief, then said with a smile, “I never thought that the Tang Sect’s hidden weapon techniques could do such things, they’re even better than bullets. Their equipment were destroyed yet they don’t even know how it happened.”

“If you want to become famous, I can let the reporters come to film you again.” Flower Rain put down the newspaper in her hands and stared at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen quickly waved his hand, “Don’t don’t, geez, I was just joking and didn’t mean anything else. You sisters are both so serious, if you don’t have any sense of humor, when you have a boyfriend in the future, that man may tire to death.”

A cold glint surfaced on Cai Ning’s eyes which were behind the sunglasses, “I can’t beat you, but that doesn’t mean you can bully me.”

“Shii……” Yang Chen took a slow and deep breath, and awkwardly laughed, “Miss Flower Rain, your words are too serious, I’m thanking you for helping me out.”

“Aren’t you disgusted that we know your whereabouts?”

“I am, but after all, when there’s gain there must be loss. If I was in your position, I wouldn’t let a moving bomb freely go around.” Yang Chen said with a laugh.

Cai Ning grunted affirmatively, then said, “You’re not a bomb, you’re a nuclear warhead.”

Yang Chen’s mouth twitched, “Looks like you have a sense of humor as well, but this joke is a little cold.”

“I’m speaking the truth.” Cai Ning said in an stern manner, “Earlier when I walked towards the bank’s hall, I intentionally used my sect’s qinggong technique, but I was still discovered by you. I truly do not understand why, I had obviously did a perfect job at hiding my presence.”

[TL: “Qinggong” a.k.a “Light Skill” is what martial practitioners use to defy gravity, like in those wuxia films when they step on air and start flying, or jump from tree to tree, or run on the surface of water.]

Yang Chen snickered inside. So it was because the qinggong this chick’s was proud of had been seen through that put her in a bad mood, “Do you want me to teach you how to truly conceal your presence?”

“You’re willing?” Flower Rain held back her excitement as she spoke.

“I’m not. If I teach you, how am I going to act badass?” Yang Chen winked at her.

Flower Rain had been teased twice, and her facial expression turned bad. She got up and walked away.

Seeing this cold beauty reveal a depressed expression gave Yang Chen some mean pleasure. He waved towards her and said, “See you.”

Early in the morning, he wanted to withdraw some money and ended up bumping into a bank robbery. Yang Chen felt that he was pretty unlucky today, and planned to first return to the company since it was nearly lunch time.

But when he got up from his seat, his phone which was in his pocket rang. He took it out and saw that it was Wang Ma who called.

Yesterday, he had just argued with Lin Ruoxi at home, and Yang Chen thought that Wang Ma just wanted to placate him. As she was a caring senior, he couldn’t just ignore this call, so he quickly answered it.

“Young Master, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” Once the call went through, Wang Ma fired questions.

Yang Chen was stunned, “Wang Ma, speak a little slower, what do you mean by hurt?”

“Earlier, the live broadcast of a bank robbery was shown on the television, you seemed to be in there. Miss and I happened to be home, and saw it on the television!” Wang Ma spoke a little slower as she realized that Yang Chen was fine, and felt relieved.

“What could possibly happen to me, aren’t I perfectly fine?” Yang Chen consoled.

Wang Ma suddenly interjected, “Oh no, Young Master! Miss saw that news and hurriedly drove out to look for you, I reckon that she’s on the way now. Are you still at the bank? Make sure Miss can find you, she seems to be really worried!”

Lin Ruoxi’s driving to the bank to look for me? Doesn’t this chick know how to make a phone call? Yang Chen was shocked.

“I got it. Wang Ma, I’ll give her a call now.”

“Alright then, I’ll hang up now.” Wang Ma happily said.

Just after he hung up the phone, Yang Chen was about to open the contacts page to look for Lin Ruoxi’s number, but a problem that could make his intestines hurt popped up; his phone was out of battery! Copyright 2016 - 2024