Chapter 169-2: The gun barrel

The masked man glanced at Yang Chen, then stopped his accomplices who were planning to shoot. He wore a sardonic smile and said, “You have guts to try to be the hero who saves the beauty. I dislike pretty boys like you the most. Today I won’t shoot, I will first knock you down, then play with her, that will show you reality.”

After saying that, the masked robber stretched his hand out, intending to grab Yang Chen’s neck!

In front of Yang Chen, this was simply a clumsy and foolish attack which gave him no pressure at all. He smacked away the robber’s hand with his left hand, then swung his right arm at the robber!


The masked robber was knocked silly by that abrupt and quick as lightning slap that possessed incredible strength!

He felt dizzy and wasn’t able to stand firmly, so he staggered and leaned on the bank counter to avoid falling.

Touching his seemingly swollen cheek that was slapped, he felt at a loss as if he had forgotten how he was hit. He stared at Yang Chen with his mouth open, speechless.

The other robbers were also confused, the speed of Yang Chen’s moves were too shocking for them. At this moment, watching their leader whom they held so much respect for get hit made them forget to raise their guns and shoot at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had been feeling discontented a long time ago. Now that he had stood out, he no longer cared about hiding anymore, and began to rain curses, “F**k your grandmother…… You god damn robbers should also conform to professional ethics alright!? Who constantly robs in the same city!? It’s alright if you keep robbing here, but you should at least wait a little more before doing it again, right!? The people haven’t even deposited enough money and you guys came, that’s being really stupid isn’t it!?”

“Also, it took me much difficulty to come here and withdraw my money, the employee here refused to do the transfer, and I endured it. I was about to see their manager, but you guys came to create trouble!? Huh? Even if you wanted to do a robbery, why choose the time I’m here to withdraw to do it!? If you want to come then fine, if you want to rob then quickly rob, once you’re done robbing, leave. Making such a commotion, are you performing? You think we’re filming a korean drama that would have a hundred or two hundred episodes huh sumida!? Are you still going to let me get my money!!?”

“You said that you now have the money, and you’ve already shot the bullets, now you want to play with women? You come to a bank to play with women, are you savages cavemen? If you want to play with women, fine, why do you have to choose a woman I’m acquainted with!? Huh? Just choose an uglier one and it’ll be fine!? I’d just close an eye and ignore it, yet you chose the one who’s hiding behind my back!!”

“I won’t keep harping on that, but you guys even want to take turns, after you morons all had your turn, the sun would already have set! I still want to have lunch and go back to play games! Why the hell are you guys holding me up!? Let me tell you all, get the hell lost! What kind of shitty robber dillydallies! Are you guys having menopause or have those few days of every month arrived!?”

These words stunned the seven robbers, and made them speechless.

The squatting Tang Wan also looked at Yang Chen with a blank expression, and all of the hostages also looked at Yang Chen, the whole place was silent.

After a long while, a few of the robbers finally returned to their senses, they flew into a rage and cursed, “Motherf**ker, this brat is indirectly scolding us!”

“He doesn’t seem to be scolding us indirectly at all!”

“Riddle him with bullets!”

The robbers immediately raised their guns, and was about to shoot at Yang Chen!

Tang Wan screamed “No!”

She had finally returned to her senses, Yang Chen was standing up for her. If he died just like that, she would have to live with the weight of that on her mind forever.

But how could Yang Chen let himself be shot this easily? At practically the same time as when the robbers raised their guns, Yang Chen pulled the robber who had a large figure and used him as a shield!

The large man couldn’t resist Yang Chen’s enormous strength. After he was dragged in front of Yang Chen, he felt a series of hard blows on his back, and lost consciousness promptly after.

“Carry on shooting, this meat shield can be pierced through with a few more shots.” Yang Chen stood sideways and hid behind the robber and said.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. Rather than set about killing these people, it was more low-key to use one of them as a meat shield for the bullets.

But the robbers weren’t stupid, one of them directly changed his target to Tang Wan who was beside Yang Chen. With a devilish laugh he said, “Don’t you want to protect this woman!? Then I will shoot her first!”

Tang Wan shut her eyes. She was actually very clear that Yang Chen’s resistance was of no use. The enemy had so many people and guns, the little bit of hope that she had was now dashed.

“Shoot your sister!”

Yang Chen absolutely didn’t give him any time to do what he wanted. Before the robber pulled the trigger, Yang Chen had tossed the large robber in his hand at that robber!

The body that was over two hundred pounds was like a human artillery shell as it smashed into the robber, smashing that robber into lying flat on the ground!

“Let me tell you, men can point a gun barrel at women, but that only applies to the barrel between one’s legs!” Yang Chen gave off an honorable appearance and spoke with a lecturing tone.

The scene of the robber being hit had originally made the ladies and gentlemen present feel satisfaction, but this sentence of Yang Chen’s completely broke the mood.

Tang Wan had once again treaded on the line between life and death. Seeing that she was saved by Yang Chen again, she felt thankful and warm. However, hearing Yang Chen ridiculously blunt words made her blush tenderly, causing her to feel ashamed for Yang Chen.

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