Chapter 169-1: The gun barrel

Just five minutes ago, the Cai sisters were chatting outside, while inside the bank, a dramatic scene also unfolded……

After the seven robbers had the police retreat, they had already plundered all that was available, and were about to grab a few hostages and drive away like the way they did on the previous two robberies. The process of their robberies could be said to be natural and smooth.

But when the leader of the robbers caught a glance of Tang Wan who hid behind Yang Chen, an expression of endless greed surfaced on his face, which made him stop and stare.

It had to be said that a woman with such mature charm like Tang Wan was incredibly enticing to an adult male like him. Add on to that the excitement from their three successful heists, the robber’s morale was sky high. The craving to indulge in pleasure was something that was difficult to describe, and he needed to let loose.

At a time like this, the robber was more excited than ever, so the secretion of his hormones also multiplied. When he saw Tang Wan’s mature and elegant face, her skin-tight dress and shapely buttocks, and her attire which looked like an office lady yet also possessing the allure of a air stewardess, it was impossible for this tall man to not feel horny!

He needed a woman!

The other robbers had completed their jobs and were about to leave, but when they saw their leader fix his gaze at a woman, they all looked over curiously. This look was all it took for their evil thoughts to arise.

One of the robbers released a hoarse and wicked smile, “Hehe, Big Bro, if you want to bang this woman, then do it. After all, whether it’s early or late, we’ll still be able to leave. It’s rare to meet such a pretty chick, how about us brothers take turns to have our fun before leaving?”

“This chick’s buttocks are really round, I feel like doing her just from looking at it……” Another robber licked his lips and said.

“That’s just a round butt, look at how tightly squeezed the two balls of meat on her chest are, haha…….”

The group of robbers laughed without restraint, they discussed the figure of Tang Wan from head to toe.

Tang Wan was ashamed and resentful to the point of wishing death, no one had ever dared to point at her and speak such vulgar words before. She felt as if she was referred to like a slice of pork in the wet market, having every part of her judged. They had used such low words as well.

Her originally pale face now had a blush on it, but the fear of death made Tang Wan unable to stand up and resist these robbers. Her identity, status, money, reservedness, and pride all seemed so feeble and weak at this moment.

She had never had the urge to hug a man and cry as much as now. Tang Wan’s eyes became watery. In the midst of despair and fear, the robbers had begun to move towards her.

“Big Bro, put down your gun and play with this chick first, then us brothers will take our turn.” One of the robbers suggested.

The masked robber didn’t reject this, he was long at his limits as he passed his submachine gun to one of the brothers beside him, and he began to take off his leather belt as he walked towards Tang Wan.

The pace of Tang Wan’s breathing quickened, and she subconsciously hid behind Yang Chen, but the fear inside of her became increasingly intense.

Am I really going to be raped by an uncouth robber like that infront of so many people!?

Once she thought about the circumstance she was in, Tang Wan fell into endless despair, and even had the urge to bite her tongue and kill herself!

“Hehe, you’re so shy, you think you can get away? Serve me, your master well, and I assure you that will live past today……” The robber laughed in an unrestrained manner. Greed and infatuation was revealed from the two holes of the mask showed his eyes.

Since things had progressed to this point, Yang Chen who had been squatting all this time had no choice but to do something. He may not care if it’s some random person, but Tang Wan could be considered as his acquaintance. Add on to that, a beautiful woman being defiled by a wild beast like this was unacceptable to Yang Chen.

“Hey, since you’ve taken the money just get lost, do you think you’re a dog or a pig? You want to play with a woman in front of so many people? Don’t embarrass yourself.” Yang Chen casually stood up with a frown and spoke impatiently.

The robbers angrily glared at Yang Chen, “Brat, are you tired of living!?”

They immediately raised their submachine guns and aimed them at Yang Chen.

The teary-eyed Tang Wan raised her head at Yang Chen in astonishment. As she was squatting, the view of Yang Chen’s back looked a lot bigger than usual. Tang Wan was shocked inside, because she had never thought that a playboy that she never thought much of, whom had no good traits other than being a little stronger than the average man would take his stand and scold the robbers in a situation like this where he had guns pointed at him and could be shot at at anytime!

Suddenly experiencing the feeling of being protected by a man made Tang Wan blank out, this feeling was too strange to her, yet was too profound. She just felt like her heart was rested against soft cotton, and she felt a lot more cosy and secure.

People who are put in desperate and dangerous situations would think a lot more than usual. Yang Chen’s performance undoubtedly made Tang Wan believe that Yang Chen possessed incredibly powerful determination to use his own life to protect her chastity. However, the two of them didn’t interact that much, and she was keeping her distance from him, she had even spoke to him sarcastically……

Why is he doing this? Who am I to him? What is he trying to do?

Endless questions that originally wouldn’t exist flowed into Tang Wan’s mind, practically making her forget about the dire situation she was in. Her mind was in a state of chaos that she couldn’t break free from. Copyright 2016 - 2024