Chapter 168-2: Sisters

A policeman nervously ran to Cai Yan’s side, and asked, “Chief, there are at least thirty hostages inside, how are we going to perform a raid!?”

“Have the snipers arrived?” Cai Yan calmly asked.

“They are still on the road, and will reach within ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes!?” Cai Yan was so angered that she nearly threw her pistol away, “That’s so slow. When they arrive, they would still need to get in position and take aim, by that time, before they even fired a shot, the robbers would already have taken a hostage with them and fled!”

An old policeman sighed and said, “Chief, it’s actually pointless even if the snipers came, these robbers are extremely experienced, they hide inside the bank at angles which are impossible snipers to shoot at. Even if the snipers were here, I reckon that they wouldn’t have any chance to shoot. Furthermore, there are seven of them, if a sniper makes a move, it might cause them to panic and harm the hostages.”

Cai Yan didn’t let anger muddle her sense of rationality, “According to your words, do we wait till the robbers grab all of the money and take away the hostage before we pursue them!? When they get to the suburbs, they can hide anywhere. If they have someone to provide support, there’d be absolutely nothing we can do against it!”

“There’s nothing that can be done about that, these robbers obviously aren’t of simple origins. It’s too difficult to catch them with just the police force. Actually, if it’s possible, we should get assistance from the military.”

“To rely on the military for a bank robbery case within Zhonghai!? Then what difference would there be between us and security guards!?” Cai Yan didn’t back down.

At this time, the policemen behind suddenly paved a way, and a tall figure walked over.

Cai Yan turned around, and her perturbed expression immediately changed to one of joy, “Jiejie, why are you here!?”

The lady who walked over had looks that was similar to Cai Yan, but her figure was taller and more voluptuous. She had long hair and wore a skin-tight leather shirt and light blue jeans, which outlined her slender curves. She didn’t look as heroic as Cai Yan, and was more of a graceful beauty.

But it goes without saying that both sisters were outstanding beauties that attract gazes.

This person was none other than the person who had not made an appearance since she was exposed for tailing Yang Chen previously, Flower Rain. She’s a member of the Group of Eight, and is also the twin sister of Cai Yan, her real name was Cai Ning.

Cai Ning indifferently looked at the blockaded bank, and said, “I watched the news of what happened here at home, Dad and Mom talked about this and had me come over to see if I can’t lend you a hand.”

It was as if Cai Yan had taken a breath of relief, she became a lot more confident and beamed, “I’ve really become silly from anxiousness, how could I forget that you were at home, Jiejie? With you around, they definitely won’t get away!”

“That may not be, I’m just an ordinary person.” Cai Yan spoke in a serene manner, her state of mind didn’t change as much as her sister.

This was the first time the surrounding policemen learned that their swift and decisive beauty chief actually had a sister, and that her sister was even a breathtaking beauty. They couldn’t help but discuss that with each other in whispers.

Cai Yan immediately swept a gaze at them in dissatisfaction, “Pay attention! What are you mumbling about!?” The policemen immediately turned their heads away in fright.

“Jie, what do you think we should do now? We can’t charge in, and they would bring a hostage with them when they flee, it’s giving me a headache!” Cai Yan softly complained. At this moment, she was more like a child throwing a tantrum in front of an adult.

Cai Ning was deep in thought for a moment, then said, “Bring a team to guard the outside, don’t close in. I will go in, and will notify you when it’s done.”

“Jie! You’re going in alone?”

“Is there a problem?”

“That’s very dangerous!” Cai Yan anxiously said.

“I know, that’s why I’m going in instead of you guys.” Said Cai Ning.

Cai Yan frowned, then grumbled, “Jie, just what do you work as? Why does Dad never tell me, while our relatives and friends also have no idea?”

“Is that very important?”

“Of course! You’re my one and only sister!” It seemed like Cai Yan had held it in for a long time, “We grew up together, but why was it that you suddenly left our home alone when you were eleven? You rarely come home even once a year, how could I not be curious? Besides, according to what I know, even if it’s the National Security Bureau, it isn’t a post that not even family is allowed to know about. Besides, it’s not like we’re an ordinary family…… Why is it that you can’t tell your own family what your job is? I care about you, so I want to know……”

A gentle smile surfaced on Cai Ning’s lips. She reached out a fair hand and rubbed Cai Yan’s face, “There’s a reason why I’m not telling you, but in short it’s the same as you, I’m working for the prosperity and stability of our country. When one day your security level is high enough, you’ll naturally know what I’m doing. Therefore, you must work hard, I believe my meimei will not fall short.”

[TL: Jiejie stands for elder sister, Meimei for younger sister, Gege for elder brother, Didi for younger brother]

Cai Yan dejectedly nodded, “Alright, I understand you. Be careful Jiejie.”


Cai Ning responded, and walked towards the main door of the bank.

The policemen just thought of this as Cai Ning being some special forces expert, which was why they believed the chief let her enter alone. But even Cai Yan herself didn’t know. Cai Ning’s appearance really wasn’t to actually help Cai Yan face these robbers, it was instead because there was a certain man with the robbers inside, which left her no choice but to rush over. Copyright 2016 - 2024