Chapter 168-1: Sisters

Bank robbers naturally wouldn’t have a good temper. After charging into the bank, they immediately fired all over the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The bullets flew in a random pattern which riddled the ceiling with countless holes.

*Da da da! Da! Da!……*

The chandelier which shattered scattered all over, the sounds of it shattering even managed to suppress the sounds of the women screaming in the hall.

Seven bank robbers entered the hall, and immediately dispersed to a position of their own. Holding their submachine guns, they advanced to those who hid and those who cried and threatened them. They also occasionally fired a few rounds.

“Everybody get down! All of you put your hands behind your back and crouch! Bullets do not hesitate, whoever dares to run or make random movements will be shot by me!” The masked leader shouted.

Yang Chen felt Tang Wan who was behind him trembling. He knew that she was afraid, after all, no matter how strong she appeared, she was still a lady, so he could only placate her by keeping her behind him, and the two crouched under the bank counter. He intended to watch how things go before taking any action.

In this crisis, Tang Wan could only rely on whoever’s available. Although hiding behind this man who she holds in disdain made her feel ashamed, how could she care about that in a critical juncture like this? In this moment, Yang Chen didn’t abandon her, and instead shielded her, which made Tang Wan pretty touched…… This man isn’t too bad……

It was at this moment, that a middle-aged man behind the counter quietly crawled, intending to press the panic button which would inform the police.

The robber seemed to be very experienced, and very quickly discovered the man’s intentions. He laughed out loud and said, “Trying to sound the alarm? There’s no point in informing the police, the police are full of shit, it’s pointless to hope that they’ll save you all!”

As he said that, that robber shot right on the man’s thigh. He didn’t kill him, but made the man roll around the ground, howling in pain. Blood flowed out, causing several women to cry in panic, several timid people even fainted from that.

Yang Chen creased his brows. He could stop and get rid of these people, but he didn’t move. In a situation like this, if the robbers do not casually kill people or attack him, he didn’t want to take action. It wasn’t because he was cold-blooded and didn’t care about the lives of all these people, it was because the moment he takes action under the gaze of this many people, his current life may easily take a turn for the worse, which was something Yang Chen didn’t wish to see.

In the past, he could have carefreely left this place, but now, he was no longer alone.

People are always selfish, and Yang Chen is no different. He wasn’t Batman or Superman, and had no interest in putting on a black cape to punish the wicked and get rid of evil, or putting on a red underwear and be the hero of a city. Yang Chen wasn’t so selfless as to leave the place and the people he liked for some people unrelated people who might get hurt or die.

There were so many innocent people who had died by his hands that it was uncountable. Although he might occasionally feel the weight of his sins, in this moment, Yang Chen just felt that it didn’t matter whether there were a few more or less lives here.

A rather inaccurate metaphor could describe Yang Chen’s current state of mind…… When you look from the perspective from a human, why would you value the life of an ant?

This was no longer the so called humanism, or bottom line of ethics, it was already an instinctive reaction of Yang Chen.

All of the people in the bank hall was put under control, while two robbers charged up to the second floor of the bank, and straightaway caught several of the executives of the bank. They all squat in a corner, so afraid that they didn’t dare to raise their head.

These robbers proficiently assigned three people to ransack the place without restraint, carrying huge burlap bags to every point of the bank where money was kept. They grabbed stacks of red bills and dumped them into their bags.

Approximately five minutes later, there was finally the “wee-woo wee-woo” sounds from the sirens of the police cars outside the bank.

Eight police cars had their lights flickering, surrounding the bank. Dozens of policemen got out from the cars with loaded guns, and had the area completely cordoned off.

Wearing a bulletproof vest and holding a Type 54 pistol, Cai Yan valiantly stepped off a car. Her exquisite face was filled with anger.

This was already the third time these bank robbers were committing a crime. Just a week ago, Cai Yan had declared that if she didn’t catch these criminals, she would retire from her post and never be involved with policing again. To her, this was an oath that was on the level of a military order.

Therefore, this time, Cai Yan meticulously made a battle plan, and even included the strongest personnel and firepower she could. She needed to eliminate these robbers in one go.

The policeman beside her began to shout, while she brought a team of elites to gradually close in on the bank under the protection of the riot police’s shields.

“The robbers in there listen up! You have already been surrounded! We have a perfect anti-terrorism defense deployed, we have an elite police force, and you have no where you can run! Right now, the best choice you can make is to lower your weapons and surrender, and face a just sentence from the law!”

The police’s megaphone unceasingly released resounding shouts which entered the bank’s hall.

The masked leader spat on the floor, and grabbed hold of a female customer close by. He pointed a gun at her head, walked to the door, then wildly laughed and shouted, “Shut your fucking bullshit! Shout one more time and I will kill a hostage!”

After saying that, the man raised his submachine gun towards Cai Yan and crew and shot at them!

The bullets hit the riot police’s shields, which made those nearby frantic. The onlooking people were also angered, but they were too afraid to get any closer.

Cai Yan’s face was dirtied by the dust swept up, and her beautiful face was flushed with anger. However, the robbers’ firepower clearly didn’t allow her to get any closer, so she had no choice but to retreat back to the police cars with her team. Copyright 2016 - 2024