Chapter 167-2: Are you giving it to me or not

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“Sir, I am just a minor employee, and do not have the power to do these, please don’t make things difficult for me.”

“How am I making things difficult for you? I am giving you an opportunity to experience the coolness of transferring a million into another account, just by typing on the keyboard a little, you have the power to transfer a million away, how satisfying is that!” Yang Chen continued to encourage her.

The female teller didn’t want to lose her job, so she resolutely shook her head.

Yang Chen was angered, put on the spot, annoyed. He smacked the black marble counter, “Are you giving me my million dollars or not!?”

These words were spoken in a relatively loud voice, it wasn’t just Tang Wan who was doing her own thing nearby who heard it, the other customers also heard it, and the security guards who stood at the door of the bank also heard it!

Wow! There’s someone who actually dares to extort a million dollars all by himself in broad daylight!? The same words were on everybody’s minds.

Tang Wan was stunned, what’s going on with this man? Although she didn’t think this man was any good, she didn’t expect him to reach the level of snatching money!

A tall man who wore a green security guard uniform immediately walked over. He held a truncheon in his hand, and looked at Yang Chen with a solemn and hostile gaze, “Mister, please do not do anything that’s against the law, or I will immediately hand you over to the police!”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he rubbed his forehead.

The female teller immediately explained, “Don’t be like this, this customer is not trying to extort money, he just wants to do a transfer, don’t use violence!”

With this shout, everybody in the surrounding understood, but they also knew that a transaction of a million dollars required an appointment. So the way they looked at Yang Chen now included disdain, and just believed that Yang Chen was an uneducated upstart who had money but didn’t know the rules of a bank.

Tang Wan secretly sighed, she truly couldn’t understand why the two girls, Mo Qianni and Li Jingjing had taken a liking to this man. He didn’t even know such a basic rule, and had shouted such words in public.

Since they were acquainted, Tang Wan decided to walk over. She suggested, “Mr. Yang, how about you make an appointment with the VIP customer service centre now? It’s usually empty, and is just a short procedure.”

Since Tang Wan had spoken, along with the fact that Yang Chen believed this pitiful female teller wasn’t going to be willing to do the transfer, he could only sigh and say, “Alright alright, quickly make an appointment for me, don’t hold up my lunch time.”

The female teller took a breath in relief, and looked at Tang Wan with a grateful smile. Then, she made a call to the customer service manager for Yang Chen, reporting the situation.

The security guard understood that this was a misunderstanding, he cautiously looked at Yang Chen, then turned away and walked back to the entrance.

But right at this time, there was suddenly a commotion at the entrance of the bank. Screams and shouts erupted, as if something had blew up!

All of the people in the bank heard the commotion, so they looked in that direction, and a scary scene unfolded!

There was a total of eight men who wore black leather jackets and a black mask on their faces. With guns in their hands, they charged into the bank like a hurricane!

*Bang bang bang bang bang bang…….*

A string of firecracker-like sounds was heard, the gun that was in the hands of the leading masked man had yellow gunfire spouting out of it, shattering the bank’s glass doors into fragments, with the shards flying all over!

The security guard who just walked back to the entrance didn’t manage to react at ll when multiple bullets consecutively hit his body, he made a few steps back as he was getting shot, with blood spilling all over as he fell!

The bullets hit walls and floor tiles, bringing about a thick cloud of gray dust, while the bonsai plants which were hit immediately made the bank lounge seem extremely dirty.

In the bank, whether it was the employees or the customers, they were all frightened. Watching the security guard fall, they realized that those were real guns that could instantly take lives, how could they not be afraid!?



A woman’s high-pitched cry was immediately heard, while many people hide in corners, under tables, behind doors and so on. They crouched while hugging their heads as they trembled in fear.

No matter how calm and collected Tang Wan usually seemed, she was still an ordinary woman. Seeing the robbers, hearing the gunshots, and seeing someone die made her face turn incredibly pale. She subconsciously grabbed hold of the man closest to her. She grabbed Yang Chen’s arm, and hid behind him.

Yang Chen was depressed, it wasn’t like a bank robbery was very dangerous to him, it was just that the timing of this robbery was too untimely! I usually don’t go to the bank, today I just so happened to carry a million dollar cheque and make an appearance here. I intended to use this money to help out a girl I like. The process of getting the money was troublesome enough, and have already wasted a lot of my time. Yet you guys have made the great decision to cause problems for me at such a time! Can I still get my money!? Copyright 2016 - 2023