Chapter 167-1: Are you giving it to me or not

An exquisite bodycon dress, with a v-shape collar that showed parts of the breasts. She didn’t wear a bra, there was no sign of anything under in the dress while portions of the her snow white skin on her chest was revealed. She had to be wearing a stick-on bra to stop them from shaking too violently.

She wore flats with laces, which matched her black handbag. Her long, black hair was neatly tied up and she had a blue and white striped beret. She gave off the impression of an office lady wearing a fashionable stewardess’ hat.

Every time he met this beautiful lady Tang Wan whose age was unknown, Yang Chen would have a feeling of seeing something fresh and new. But of course, due to their overly “objective” first meeting, Yang Chen still felt pretty awkward.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Yang.” Tang Wan on the other hand wasn’t awkward at all. It seemed like it was easy for this high-end leisure centre’s boss to face and deal with any stranger.

Yang Chen gave her an embarrassed smile. There was Mo Qianni present the last time, which made conversing with her smooth, but this time he felt a little embarrassed, “I never expected that you would make a trip to the bank yourself, Miss Tang.”

Tang Wan covered her mouth and laughed, “Mr. Yang, these words of yours are really strange, would you reveal your bank account and password to others?”


Yang Chen was tongue-tied, it wasn’t that he felt that he asking a stupid question, it was instead because when he was overseas, Yang Chen knew he was very rich. If the Forbes World Billionaires list had the power to investigate the personal value of people who are on a different level of society, Yang Chen believed that might be one of the world’s richest billionaires. On the other hand, that fellow named Bill Gates might not even make it to the top ten.

However, he indeed had others manage his wealth. Yang Chen now realized that he didn’t even know how much he has, and where it comes from. That was why Yang Chen subconsciously thought that rich people wouldn’t go to the bank to settle such matters personally.

During the time he was in Huaxia, Yang Chen made very few trips to the bank, and didn’t know much about how things worked.

Tang Wan saw that Yang Chen had nothing he could say, and thought that Yang Chen didn’t know of such things because he was just a fuerdai playboy. She didn’t linger on that topic, and instead reached her hand out towards Yang Chen and said, “It’s a rare coincidence for us to meet, let’s shake hands.”

Yang Chen immediately reached out his hand and shook hands with Tang Wan, the feel of her soft and creamy skin felt amazing.

A woman’s age, or how well they maintain their health can be easily deduced by looking at their hands. However, Tang Wan’s hands were like those of a sixteen year old, it was truly mind-boggling how she could possibly have a child in high school.

But that was her private matter, Yang Chen could only quietly lament how Tang Wan’s husband was a fortunate man. To have such a beautiful wife, he must have spent his last hundred lives with kindness.

Thinking of his own wife, Yang Chen felt like swearing. God knows when he will get to hold her hand, there’s no need to even think about having a child attending high school.

After finishing their polite speech, they sat one seat away from each other. Neither of them spoke. Tang Wan had no interest in chatting with a playboy. From her point of view, other than being slightly strong, there was nothing about Yang Chen that was worth appreciating. On the other hand, Yang Chen was too embarrassed to speak.

When it came to procedures done at the bank counter, if it wasn’t simple withdrawals or deposits, it would require a lot of time. After waiting for nearly twenty minutes, Yang Chen and Tang Wan’s numbers were broadcasted.

The two got to their counters at approximately the same time, wearing a polite smile.

“Hello, how may I be of service?” A female teller who had a face full of freckles asked Yang Chen with a smile.

Yang Chen reached into his pocket to take out the slightly wrinkled Huaxia Bank cheque, and handed it over. “Please transfer the money into my bank account.” As he said that, Yang Chen took out his bank card and handed it over.

The female teller had picked up the cheque with a smile a moment ago, but when she saw the string of zeros on it, her mouth and eyes were wide open as she stared at it in a daze.

“Miss, what are you doing? Isn’t it just a million?” Yang Chen urged, he still wanted to hurry on back to Yu Lei to play games.

The female teller quickly replied him with a hush gesture, and said with a stiff smile, “Mister, please lower your voice, don’t let others hear…… Do you not know? Transactions which are above twenty thousand requires an appointment. Transactions above a hundred thousand requires one to go to the customer service manager for one-to-one service. What you have here is a million, which requires you to go to the VIP client service side. If you booked an appointment beforehand, you might still require a director-level employee to settle this, and may need to go through some investigation and checks.”

Yang Chen was displeased as he replied, “What’s all those rules for? The cheque is real, the money is mine, why does your bank care so much?”

“But these are the rules.” The female teller was in a dilemma.

“Rules are set by people. People are alive, rules are dead. Can’t you close one eye for a customer? The customer is god, you seem to be older than me by a few years, why are you so insensible?” Yang Chen was pretty dissatisfied. The money was his, yet it was so troublesome to spend his own money, how could he endure this? “How about this, I will now write a note stating that I personally asked of you to help me transfer the money into my account, if there’s any trouble, it will all be on me. I will give you my signature, fingerprint and whatever, alright?”

The female teller was about to cry. What kind of customer is this? Are all rich people like this these days? Without even knowing how to make an appointment for a transaction of a million, he carried this wrinkled cheque and made a fuss on the counter! Going to the bank, he even talked about writing a note and fingerprints!? Copyright 2016 - 2024