Chapter 164-1: It’s fine to lose

It was already past ten at night when the plane from Hong Kong landed in Zhonghai. Night flights are relatively cheaper, so despite being given business class all the time, they weren’t given daytime flights every time.

After walking to the exit of the domestic airport, Lu Tao bade farewell to Yang Chen and Mo Qianni, then left with his assistant. This business trip had made the fatty go through hardship, he was frightened repeatedly, and had very few opportunities to spend sweetly with his mistress.

Mo Qianni breathed in the cold humid air of Zhonghai, and reluctantly said, “Are you going home?”

Yang Chen nodded, “Do you want me to send you back?”

“Nope, my car is in the car park as well. Furthermore… it’s not good.” Mo Qianni suddenly blinked at Yang Chen, “A third-party also needs to know their place, you haven’t seen your legal wife for a week, I can’t possibly delay your reunion.”

These words itself was full of sourness, and made Yang Chen rather apologetic.

Before Mo Qianni left, she opened her arms wide, gave Yang Chen a hug, and breathed in the smell of the man. She then let him go, took a few steps back, and waved him goodbye.

“Although I hate to part, see you.”

Done speaking, Mo Qianni turned around and pulled her suitcase towards the garage, that graceful rear view seemed confident and independent under the night lights.

Yang Chen ruefully watched her walk into the distance. After tonight, when the two meet in the company, they could only associate with each other as colleagues. To bury emotions like that was unfair to Mo Qianni, but Yang Chen who had never run into a problem like that before could only let nature take its course.

When he returned to the villa at Dragon Garden, the living room lights were still on.

Yang Chen placed the suitcase at the side, he thought that it was Wang Ma who was waiting for him to return, but when he walked closer, he realized that the one sitting on the sofa was Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi wore a pink cotton set of pajamas, with her hair loosely draped over her shoulders as she sat on the moon-white sofa. She held a fashion magazine in hand, and appeared peaceful and gentle, as if her usual cold countenance had vanished without any trace.

Seeing Yang Chen enter, Lin Ruoxi looked up. Under the lights, her face which was flawless like crystal held no emotion, as if she didn’t notice him at all. She blinked, nodded, and that was considered a greeting.

Yang Chen bitterly smiled, he thought that his darling wife had a change of character, and wanted to become a good wife who waited for her husband to return home. Looking at her reaction, it seemed like she didn’t care about him at all.

Yang Chen walked up, and appraised the cute pajamas Lin Ruoxi wore which looked like they were styled for a little girl, “You’re already an adult, and should wear a more sexy pajamas. This pair of pajamas is more suited to be worn by little girls instead.”

“This is something my granny gave me, I’m used to wearing it.” Lin Ruoxi continued reading her magazine without shifting her eyes away from it.

“When you were buying books, you looked like a spendthrift, I didn’t expect you to dress so economically.”

“Today is Granny’s birthday, when I miss her, I wear this pair of pajamas.” Lin Ruoxi placed the magazine at a side, and unenthusiastically said, “Furthermore, I hardly have a need to buy clothes, because the company itself sells clothes.”

Yang Chen suddenly understood, it was no wonder that Lin Ruoxi prepared so many brand new clothes in his wardrobe. It seemed like she didn’t need to put in much effort, and could just have the people from Yu Lei’s fashion departmental store send a batch over!

Lin Ruoxi picked up the cup of coffee which had been brewed some time ago, took a sip from it, and asked, “Are the negotiations successful?”

“Are you asking about the process, or the result?”

“Is there a difference?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“There is, the process is shocking, scary, and complicated, but the result is smoothly completing the mission way above quota.” Yang Chen answered.

Lin Ruoxi stared at him for a moment, then said, “Could you tell me more about the shocking, scary, and complicated part?”

“Oh, actually it wasn’t much, there was just a small issue with the Li Family internally, then there was the little scoundrel Xu Zhihong who created a minor inconvenience for us as our competitor.” Yang Chen casually said.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly stood up, glared at Yang Chen with a cold expression, and spoke with a much haughtier voice, “Assassination at midnight, biochemical bomb, kidnapping and extortion, Li Mucheng shot to death, that’s a small issue!? Encountering gun attacks from three hitmen at Nine Dragons Western Restaurant, that’s a minor inconvenience!? Yang Chen, do you think I know nothing and could be fooled like a little girl!?”

Yang Chen gave a slight smile, “As expected of Yu Lei International’s CEO, you didn’t go to Hong Kong, yet you seem to be well-informed of every activity that had taken place there. You’re right, but since you already knew, why bother asking me?” Copyright 2016 - 2023