Chapter 163-2: I knew this would happen



The continuous autumn rain colored the skies gray, and the ground was damp all over.

Xu Family’s Donghua Science & Technology’s Building.

The door to Xu Zhihong’s CEO office was suddenly opened with great force.

Hairy Ball had a cigarette in his mouth as he walked on a pair of rubber boots on the exquisite carpet made of sheep wool in big strides in the office.

Xu Zhihong raised his head to look and Hairy Ball and said, “I’ve said this to you many times now, knock before you enter. Also, I do not mind that you enjoy wearing those crappy rubber boots, but can’t you take them off before entering my office? Do you know how many boots this carpet is worth?”

Hairy Ball grinned, he was used to being criticized by his boss and didn’t mind at all. “Why knock on the door? It’s a waste of time. It’s not like you’ll bang your secretary, boss. Even if I caught you banging your secretary, it’s no big deal, we could always bang her together. About the carpet, I Old Hairy don’t need it, I just want my rubber boots.”

“Thick-skinned……” Xu Zhihong dejectedly murmured. He felt helpless towards this subordinate of his, but when shit comes to shove, he truly couldn’t lack him, so he went back to business, “What news is there from Hong Kong?”

“Unsuccessful. It’s unknown where that white chick who killed that husband and wife came from. She’s godly at shooting, tsk tsk… I wonder if her skills in the bedroom are as godly……” Hairy Ball was incredibly curious.

“A Caucasian……” Xu Zhihong thought for a moment, “Find out who that Western lady is, also, don’t stop the monitoring on Muyun’s research facility, do not neglect any chance of capturing Li Guangxun.”

Hairy Ball agreed, “Alright, then. Boss, do you want to send another few assassins? That Yang fellow is one tough nut to crack, he doesn’t die no matter what we do!”

“There’s no need.” Xu Zhihong stood up, walked to his window of reinforced glass and gazed out towards the cold rain that poured on the concrete jungle of Zhonghai, and said, “Hong Kong is the Li Family’s base, they are the tyrants there. Hongxing, East Star, and Dagger Society are all their allies. We only had one chance, if we make another attempt, we’ll just be a laughingstock.”

Hairy Ball scratched his head in disapproval, “Are we just going to give up like this?”

“Of course we can’t give up. However, for certain things, it’s alright as long as we do it. It doesn’t have to be a success to be considered a success.”

“You’re saying things I don’t understand again.” Hairy Ball murmured, then stepped out of the office in his rubber boots. He even forgot to close the door.

Two nights later, in the Li Family’s Twilight Villa’s coffee shop, Yang Chen and Jane were by a coffee table in the corner. The unadulterated smell of the Blue Mountain coffee lingered all around.

“You can’t possibly have called me out here just to drink coffee, right?” Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask since Jane remained silent.

Jane pursed her lips, “What, you already miss Miss Mo? Don’t worry, I won’t take up too much of your time. Besides, you’ll be returning to Zhonghai tomorrow, and I also need to leave Hong Kong.”

“That’s not what I meant. Qianni may be someone I care more about, but we haven’t reached that stage of relationship.” Yang Chen knew that Jane was just joking, and didn’t really mind.

“I’m just hesitating as to whether I should give you the present I have spent the last two days researching.” Jane took a deep breath, and revealed a wise smile, “I’ve decided, I should give it to you.”

As she said that, she took out a dark yellow plastic bottle from her pocket, there was no label on the bottle, and it was very small, approximately the size of a thumb.

“What’s this, medicine?” Yang Chen picked up the bottle, opened the cap, and found approximately a dozen black medicinal pills inside.

Jane had a complicated expression, “I’ve spent the past few years trying to research how to control and eradicate your strange sickness. Although I have not been able to think of a perfect solution, through sufficient number of tests, I have understood some fundamental principles. This medicinal pill is the product I researched last month. I didn’t give it a name, because it doesn’t need one, it’s only for your use.”

“How do I use it?” Yang Chen softly asked.

“When you are unable to control yourself, it can forcefully calm you down, however… the more you use it, the less effective it becomes. Furthermore… it might bring about a side effect of causing your next flare up to be even more violent.” Jane slowly spoke.

Looking at it another way, this was a type of slow acting poison, it will let him feel less pain in the short term, and not go crazy. However, in the end, it may cause him to completely lose his sanity!

Yang Chen remained taciturn for a while, then bitterly smiled, “Are you trying to kill me or save me?”

“You can choose not to use it, I brought it out because I don’t want to hide it from you.” Jane looked at Yang Chen expectantly.

“You know me, I can’t reject this, though I wish I don’t need to use it.”

As he said that, Yang Chen stuffed the bottle into his pant pocket.

Jane sighed, “I knew this would happen.” Copyright 2016 - 2024