Chapter 164-2: It’s fine to lose

“I wanted to know if you would tell me the truth.”

“And now you know I lied.” Yang Chen shrugged, “But I think it doesn’t matter. Since it’s such a small matter, it shouldn’t make our Boss Lin feel troubled at all.”

Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen’s indifferent attitude, and felt aggrieved. She had been incredibly worried about them, and even had nightmares in the past few days. It was fine that he didn’t tell her the truth, but he even answered her so provokingly.

“So many things happened, why didn’t you give me a call?” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes began to turn red as she calmly asked.

With a straight face, Yang Chen said, “The one who was attacked and in danger were us, and not you. If I gave you call, what can you do? Would you have sent us back to Zhonghai straightaway? Or would you have rushed over to Hong Kong to accompany us in being under the threat of bomb and bullets?”

“But I am your superior! After such an important thing happened, shouldn’t you report to me!?” Lin Ruoxi said with extreme anger.

“My apologies, if you’re requesting that of me with the identity of a superior, I believe that the only thing I need to report is regarding work. Regarding work, I have already finished my report, the mission was successful and way above quota. As for those events that I suffered, those are my personal affairs, I believe there is no need for me to report them to you, Boss Lin.” Yang Chen paused, then continued to speak, “If, you’re asking in the capacity of a wife, then I think that in the event where your husband’s life was in danger and you happened to find out, the one who should make a call to ask if I’m safe and sound should be you, and not me. I didn’t tell you, because I didn’t want my family to worry, while the fact that you didn’t call me to ask about my condition isn’t my problem, right……”

Yang Chen’s words were lightning strikes, startling Lin Ruoxi. Although she had been worried over the safety of Yang Chen and Mo Qianni, she hadn’t thought about calling them first.

Since she was a child, it was always others who showed care to her, while she had practically never thought of taking the initiative to call others and console them. First, it was because of her outstanding capabilities, she was able to control most situations. Second, was because her heart which was enshrouded by ice and snow, which made it difficult for her cold and detached character to take initiative to care for others.

This reverse psychology made Lin Ruoxi feel incredibly uncomfortable, she frowned and stubbornly justified, “I was concerned about you guys with good intentions, how can you speak to me like this!”

Yang Chen sneered, “Boss Lin’s concern is truly special, but I, Yang Chen am just an insignificant mutton skewer seller, and it wouldn’t matter if I died in Hong Kong. Instead, it would help relieve Boss Lin from having a burdensome and stupid husband, so it would be better if you kept your good intentions for yourself, Boss Lin.”

“Yang Chen! You… you……” Lin Ruoxi was incredibly angered, under her pajamas, her chest heaved repeatedly. She looked at Yang Chen with misty eyes, but couldn’t say anything in return.

He had originally thought that he was going to have a peaceful sleep at home. He hadn’t met Lin Ruoxi for so many days, and missed her a little, but he didn’t think expect that they would start arguing after a few sentences.

Yang Chen was no saint. He managed to tolerate the woman’s coldness, ridicule, and contempt over and over, but when something that became a matter of life and death happened, Lin Ruoxi still wanted to look at him as someone lower, and asked him what happened with the bearing of a superior. Fact was, she already understood everything that happened, and that made it even more difficult for Yang Chen to endure.

Perhaps she didn’t like this cheap husband of hers from the very beginning, so it was fortunate that nothing happened to him. However, Mo Qianni was her close friend, and she didn’t even think about consoling her. This enraged Yang Chen.

To put it bluntly, this woman was too insensible!

Yang Chen endured the urge to go up to Lin Ruoxi and smack her butt. Taking in a deep breath, he spoke with a deep voice, “Whether who’s right and who’s wrong, you should reflect on it yourself, everyone makes mistakes, but what’s wrong is being unrepentant. You have money, you have looks, but that doesn’t mean everybody must give way to you, and let their world revolve around you. At the very least, as a husband, it’s fine to lose a wife like you!”

Saying that, Yang Chen turned away and walked towards the door.

Seeing that Yang Chen who had just returned home was leaving, Lin Ruoxi felt a sharp pain in her chest. That’s right… I’m may be his superior, but more importantly, I’m his wife……

She gradually became aware that she made a mistake, she spoke too unreasonably. However, the pride entrenched in her heart it impossible for her to ask Yang Chen to stay.

“Go on and leave, it’s better if you never come back!” Lin Ruoxi softly said while sobbing.

Yang Chen had sharp ears, although the voice was soft, he heard every word clearly. He turned around with a sneer and said, “Don’t worry, other women are even begging me to go over.”

With that said, Yang Chen walked out without even looking back, and closed the door with a slam!

In the living room, Lin Ruoxi heard the sound of the door closing. Her whole body became limp, like it had expended all of its energy, and she directly sat on the fluffy carpet, bawling her eyes out. Copyright 2016 - 2024